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Holy Mass English Translation

I read numerous comments about the new translation of Holy Mass, Old Sage.
Yes--some good, some evil.
At first I though that the changes were insignificant but there is a lot of dissatisfaction from some quarters.
The post-modernists have not yet realised that the Day of Modernism is now part of infamous history, being anti-Christian.
So the changes must be important?
Certainlt, and I think one of the most important is the fact that The Church has asserted Herself and cleansed Holy Mass from erroneous and misleading translations.
Yet the new translation is very much the same as the 1960 pre-Vatican version.
True, while much of the 1960 wording has been removed, what remains is close and even identical.
Deep consideration is now given on Liturgy wording.
And that is an excellent result and shows that God still brings Truth out of deception. Real-Catholics are now appreciating Mass wording more then ever--more then they would have otherwise appreciated it.


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