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Three Days of Darkness

How do you see this business of
the three days of darkness, Old Sage?
I see it as inevitable.
Can we not avoid it by prayer and sacrifice?
It seems to me that God would certainly stop the progress towards such a catastrophe, if enough people appealed for help.
How many people does He need for this?
If you consider Sodom and Gomorrah where The Lord would have intervened if only five people were righteous, we get an idea.
So that's about 1% of the world--about 70,000. Surely there is that number of righteous people around the world?
Yes. One would think so.
We are changing from one era to another. This is significant. We are entering into The Era of The Spirit, where the world will become a new Eden.
As God intends that the greatest number of souls will be saved, perhaps He needs a much, much greater number of righteous?
Perhaps then, the three days can not be changed?
I suspect that this is the case.


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