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Musings 2001/152

What a most awful, awful dilemma!
It is nightmare stuff!
It is my honest opinion that such a Priest MUST be in a sorry state of malfunction. His mind must be proceeding towards a twisted wreck.

Is it any surprise then,
that a modernist Priest
- no longer capable of common sense;
no longer capable of applying
the wisdom and reasoning power of The Church -
violently attacks those Catholics
who have retained The Faith!

while he ignores the seeming obscenities of 'nuns'
who probably have
the exact same intellectual and faith problems
as does he!
The Real Catholic
Is it any surprise then, that he actually builds up a hatred towards the real Catholic, welcoming any and every scurrilous insult that he can lay upon such a real Catholic who comes within range of his shaking, loaded pistol?

On the other hand, however,
what a blessing for The Universal Church
that She has real Catholics
in every Parish
in every nation
of the world.

It is the real Catholic that carries the Cross of The Church.
It is the real Catholic who will save the souls of Priests such as I have described - if he is saved.

It is the real Catholic who will save The Church.

The real Catholics, led by the supreme real Catholic, Mary, The Mother, will save The Church - of this there is no doubt.
The Pope himself is a real Catholic. All of the Bishops of The Church united to the Pope, are real Catholics.

Jesus Christ is the supreme Real-catholic.

Jesus carried The Cross 2,000 years ago
and His Church,
as His Mystical Body,
now carries a Cross
equally as heavy
and equally as vital.

Thus the real Catholic of today
is the real Christ of today
for the salvation of the world.
The cross of The Church
If we are becoming aware of who carries The Cross of The Church - that is the real Catholics - then the next question is who are they who make up this cross?
There have always been satanic attacks upon The Church and these have been crosses to bear. The worst crosses for The Church have been those that erupted from within.
Those that split and divide and destroy.

The unreal 'Catholics'.

What is the old military rule? Divide and conquer.
Pope Pius X in 1917 detailed precisely the make-up of The Cross of The Church. I have quoted him many times. His condemnation of
modernism was not only of astonishing insight but also so comprehensive and so prophetic, as were his proposals to defeat this greatest of apostasies.
The simple answer as to who forms The Cross of The Church then, is modernism, the unreal Catholics..
The Laity
While modernism comes under many names and has many accomplices and even has diabolical groups pulling the satanic strings that guide it towards imposing the worst possible wounds upon The Church,

the fact of the matter is
that this Cross would not be possible
if the laity did not succumb.

I thus suggest that it is the laity who have been deluded; that they are inseparably a part of The Cross of The Church; the laity who feel there is something wrong going on in the Parish, but who do nothing about it; the laity who have been educated so badly in Catholic schools that they are easy prey for any institution that promotes any decisive teachings (which seem so attractive in comparison with 'Catholic' modernist murky grey nonsense).
The Premeditators

The died-in-the-wool modernist
is a pathetic carrier of deceptions
when viewed alone.

Exposed on a stage
with his evil qualities
and his evil intentions
and his evil manipulations
the modernist would be quickly expelled
from The Church
and laughed out of town.
It is only that he attracts people to himself who call themselves 'Catholic', that he is able to manufacture and propagate The Cross of Catholicism.
The Popes, the Prophets, the Fathers.
But if we ponder back in sacred history (or any other history) and view God's true Representatives upon this earth, we find that, always, we have divine direction given us, we who are the laity; who are Israel.
Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Job, Ruth, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zechariah, the Maccabees, Peter, Paul, Jerome, Augustine, Leo the Great, Dominic, Louis de Montfort, Thomas Aquinas, Therese of The Infant Jesus, Pius X, John XXIII, John Paul II - to race through such a multitude of great ones.
If we just ponder for a minute upon the past centuries and recall the devastating and satanic attacks upon everything good and everything decent,

but also upon God's Graces
that He showers upon His creation,

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