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I am the perfect work of The Father ...
... His Immaculate Conception
... for He gave Purity to creation.
The Son now brings Truth through His Teachings; through His Church.
The Spirit brings Love and Harmony.
You are given Truth for you are the tiny key to the new era ...
... my little warrior.
Your time has begun. Walk, in Peace.'
> 9-Dec-97. For I Am Created ONLY For Jesus    'Son - beloved.
Warrior ...
... for God
... of God.
You know that God is triune: The Holy Trinity: The Father: The Son: The Spirit. You know that you are a son of God ...
... that you issue from God
... that you resemble God
... that you are His image.
You know that ...
... you are the son of The Mother
... that you resemble The Mother
... that you are bathed
... and consumed
... and transformed
... by my Immaculate Conception.
Today, especially today, do I bestow upon you; do I bequeath to you, my son and heir ...
... my Immaculate Conception.
Yes, indeed - yes, truly. For I am created ONLY for Jesus, my Adored Son and God, and you are ONLY created for Him, your Brother ...
... and for souls for Jesus.
Let us seek out souls ... every soul ... billions of souls ...
... for Jesus The Christ ... God made Man.
... so that we might draw many, many, many souls to Him.'
> 1-Jan-98. We, Together, Look To The Father    'Son, so tiny. My tiny champion. 'Tiny', I say, but that is in the eyes of the world. In the Eyes of The Heavenly-father you are not tiny at all. Indeed, He reaches out for you, wanting to share His great Gifts with you ...
... wanting to share The very Virtues of The Creator with you
... and The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Son, He delights in you. How? You ask. Because you ARE TINY. Yes, your littleness, your humility, makes great 'space' available in you for the Graces of God.
How a mother loves her tiny baby! Yet that baby can not speak; can not do a thing for itself! Yet, all who pass, look at that tiny baby and admire it, for it IS TINY. The Father offers you everything for He looks at you and loves you and He 'sees' you looking at Him, loving Him.
In the same way do I love you, sharing all that is mine with you. Joining you to me, in my Immaculate Conception and in The Sacred Heart of Jesus, reflecting The Love and Harmony of The Spirit ...
... we, together, look to The Father.'
> 5-Jan-98. . My Children Should Look To The New Era Of Love    'Son. Beloved ... my espoused.
Always ...
... be, in Peace.
I bring Jesus to the world. I bring Peace to the world ...
... and from this
... comes the new Era of Love and Harmony.
Yes, I am bringing Peace, even now; for the Triumph for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ...
... is mine
... and yours
... and all of my children.
Yet, the worst is to come, for in his frenzy of final defeat, the camel will lash out in hatred and in terror ...
... for his time is complete.
His days are finished and thereafter his only adobe is hell, with the rest of his evil horde. No more will my children even hear of him. No more foul temptations. No more of his deceit and lies. No more of his hatred and of his living-death.
However, his final agonies will be short - and that final agony is about to come upon the world. My children should look to the new Era of Love from hereon in and battle in my Immaculate Conception.'
> 7-Jan-98. Yet, The Great Majority Will Repent And Turn To God    'Son. Beloved son of The Mother.
God has given me The Child, Jesus, my adored Son. He has given me many other children ...
... beautiful children
... exquisite children
... children of The Immaculate Conception
... children of the crosses
... children of Peace.
These children are my lights in the world. When you see these children of The Mother, you see The Mother. These children are found all over the world, in every street of every city or town, for they are scattered far and wide so that every one on the planet will find a light to follow.
I have placed my children as lights in the darkness, everywhere, so that each and every man, woman and child may go to one of them ...
... and be led to me
... to my Immaculate Heart
... their only refuge
... from whence I will lead them to Jesus, our Saviour
... for Whom only, were we created.
These children, my little lights in the darkness, will be available, but so many will not go to them! So many will, instead, go to the eternal-fire.
Yet, the great majority will repent and turn to God in their very person, and be saved.'
> 8-Jan-98. 'Little son ... child of The Woman. You are pleased to call me The Woman of Scripture. This is as The Father desires; as The Spirit dictates to His prophets. I am The Woman of Scripture.
Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, ensures that anyone who reads His Words in Scripture, realises that He, Himself, at crucial moments in His Work of Salvation, calls me ...
... Woman.
For a son to call his mother 'woman' is quite unique in history, but our Saviour called me 'Woman' at the beginning and at the end of His public life.
He did so, so that all may realise that I am ...
... The Woman of Scripture.
The teaching of our Church rely on Scripture and Tradition and, with respect to me, its greatest teachings are to be found in Revelation's ...
... 'The Woman clothed with the sun',
... where it is clear that I am The Mother of Christians and of all who believe in God;
... where it is clear that I am likened to The Church for these words also apply to our Church;
... where it is clear that I am The Mother of The Christ.
In my Immaculate Conception, which is seen in the words 'Full of Grace', these words also apply to the head of the army against the dragon.'

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