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> 9-Jan-98. Join Me, Yet Again, In The Sacred Heart Of Jesus    'Son and beloved. Truth is to be delighted in, just as is Love. Goodness is to be delighted in, just as is Truth ...
... for Truth is God
... for Love is God
... for Goodness is God.
I give you ...
... Truth and Love and Goodness
... for I am The Mediatrix of all Graces.
So too, do I share with you The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ...
... for I am Mediatrix.
Thus does God's Divine-will work in creation ...
... for He delegates His Power and Authority.
For this reason you are able to save others for Jesus ...
... your prayers are able to work miracles.
Thus we all share in Christ's Redemption of creation. In our freewill, given by God to us as a means to exercise and share in His Power and Authority, we are enabled to assist Christ in saving souls ...
... first of all our own.
For this reason also, does He give me The Immaculate Conception, and, as Mother and Mediatrix, I share this with you also, as I exercise this Power and Authority. Join me, yet again, in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and let us renew our effort to save souls for Him.'
> 11-Jan-98. It Is The Marvel Of Heaven And It Is Based On Sharing    'Son, so very dear to me, your Mother and Queen. You do not comprehend the total care that we have for one another in Heaven; the total giving; the total sharing.
In The Goodness of The Father, we share totally in His Goodness through The Truth and by The Love of God. So too, do we share The Truth of The Son and The Love of The Spirit. Yet we remain totally distinct from The Persons of The Trinity and of the persons of each other. Each of us remains himself, yet shares, to his total capacity, each other.
It is the marvel of Heaven and it is based on ...
... sharing.
Thus the greatest commandment of God, in Heaven and on earth ...
... is that we share.
We share with our God, first of all, all that we have; all that we do; all that we are, and then share, likewise, with out neighbour. Thus we, first, share Love with God and then with our neighbours: second, we share Truth with God and then with our neighbours: thirdly, we share Goodness with God and then with our neighbours. In This sharing, we give of our material possessions to our neighbour in accordance with his needs. Thus, do I share my Immaculate Conception.'
> 23-Jan-98. I Also, In This Way, Mend Your Many Wounds And Heal Your Many Hurts    'Son - so loved. My tiny beloved - my betrothed. I am proud to have you as my little betrothed and I know you are proud to be my beloved. You are a timid child. You are somewhat shy ...
... and so you are slow to advance towards your beloved in Heaven
... and deeper into my depths
... where you will find perfect access to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Soon, The Eternal-father will release the shackles that have had you bound and helpless for all these years. Soon, He will clear your mind and loosen your tongue. Soon, The Eternal-father will open you to the world and then shall we be at and in The new Era of Love and Harmony. Yes, for you are His tiny key to the door of this new Era. Until then, I lay upon you my Immaculate Conception which ensures your survival and protects you from total deterioration ...
... from death
... and I also, in this way, mend you many wounds and heal your many hurts.'
> 28-Jan-98. Everything You Do Is Given Colour And Sound And Action And Aroma Because Of Your Crosses    'Son, so very tiny ...
... so, so small
... so, so loved.
Embrace your little crosses, my child, for here you have treasure ...
... for here is the dynamic of your prayers
... for here is the opening of doors from Limbo to Heaven
... from Purgatory to Heaven
... via the loving embrace of The Immaculate Conception.
On your prayers the Holy Souls enter through my embrace! Thank you for this. Thank you for your crosses. I embrace your prayers and your efforts; even your joys and delights ...
... but most of all
... with the greatest delight
... do I embrace your crosses.
Everything you do is given colour and sound and action and aroma ...
... because of your crosses.
Yet, all of this is only possible because you are faced towards The Eternal-father ...
... transfixed with Jesus on The Cross
... acted upon by The Spirit of Love and of Harmony
... stationed in my Immaculate Heart.
I bless you, then, beloved, in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit.'
> 1-Feb-98. - Each The Father Will Make Uniquely Perfect    'Son - beloved tiny one - my little warrior. It is a fine thing to admire the Saints of past ages. It is not so recommended to compare yourself with them, perceiving your unworthiness and their exquisite beauty. No, little son, each person is so perfectly unique - each The Father will make uniquely perfect, amongst His creation ...
... by Love
... for The Eternal-son.
Always be, in Peace. Carry your crosses ...
... look always to The Father
... relying totally on The Spirit
... ablaze in my Immaculate Conception
... for Jesus
... and be, in Peace.
Whom would you exchange places with? Would you change The Father's exquisite Will for you? No, His Will for you abounds with a new divine Generosity ...
... no, I hold you most deep in my Mother's Heart
... no, The Friends would have you raised to new heights.
The Spirit of Love and of Harmony fills you, one moment to another.
Surely, little son you can ...
... be, in Peace.'
> 5-Feb-98. Yes, Salvation Is Possible Only Through Him, But We MUST HELP    'Son - dearest. Well done, little one. I congratulate you on what you have achieved. You know not what I speak?
Be, at ease ... in Peace ... for I speak about your saving souls for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. For Him do we save souls. Through Him, do we save souls. In and through and by His Infinite Merits do we save souls, but He needs our co-operation.
There are souls who would NOT be saved without your help ...
... without my help
... without the help of my children.
All things are possible through Jesus, Who is Truth and Wisdom, but these must be sought after and these must be sought after with co-operation. All that we do, we do for and through Him, yet it is for us to DECIDE to do this and then to DO this. Yes, salvation is possible only through Him, but we MUST HELP.
So, today, on Agatha's feastday, I tell you 'you have done well'. Yes, even in these days when your prayer life seems to have shrunk. It is

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