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your spirit of poverty and your pitiful situation, coupled with your insatiable ambition for The Divine-will, and so to save souls.
It is with delight then that I fill you with my Immaculate Conception.'
> 19-Feb-98. In Purity, Through Truth, By Love    'Son. Please ...
... be, in Peace.
Be my radiator of Peace. I will indeed, lead you to be a perfect radiator of Peace ...
... with my Friends
... your Friends.
Yes, FOR Jesus, my adored Son ...
... for The Divine Will of The Father
... for The Love and Harmony of God.
Truly ... truly ... truly. To save your soul and to save BILLIONS (yes, billions) of souls, I lead you and all of my children to be radiators of Peace ...
... but to you especially, does my call go forth.
To you especially, the tiny Straw-of-The-Father ...
... that HAS broken the camel's back.
The camel's back is broken and we are so close to his final and absolute defeat ...
... it is a matter of days, so to speak.
His defeat will be forever and his influence on God's creation will only be a memory ...
... and so we, my children and I, will be allowed the full freedom to enter the greatest depth of The Sacred Heart ...
... bathed in my Immaculate Conception
... in Purity, through Truth, by Love!'
> 12-Mar-98. In My Immaculate Heart, You Find Your Way To Jesus Most Easily And Most Surely And Most Intimately     'Son and beloved. Joined with my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ, you too become a saviour ...
... a saviour of souls.
In His Sacred Heart, you are enabled to save many souls. Joining your little crosses with The Cross of Salvation, you are enabled to save many souls. In my Immaculate Heart, you find your way to Jesus most easily and most surely and most intimately. That is why I shower you in my Immaculate Conception, ensuring that, when Jesus looks upon my tiny son, He sees you clothed in magnificence and glory ...
... and He longs for you and your embrace.
I am given this power, to make my children exquisite and perfect in His sight, for I am your Mother and Queen. Being carried in my Immaculate Heart, you become like Jesus for its was beneath my Heart that He was conceived and from there He came forth for our Salvation. Be then, in Peace, for I give all that I possess to you.'
> 15-Mar-98. The Influence Of The Devils And Demons Upon Man Will Be Over    'Child of The Father - tiny issue of The Father - son of God. God calls you to greatness - He calls you to Eternity. He calls you to find a permanent place in His Embrace.
But also, you are my child. You are a child of my Immaculate Conception for, by this power and authority of The Mother, I have raised you; succoured you; guarded you; saved you for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ...
... only for Whom were we created.
Yes, you are a child of my Immaculate Conception and thus extraordinarily special ...
... special to God
... special to me
... special to The Living Creation
... special to the world.
So you are The tiny Straw that has broken the camel's back and so concluded my Triumph for Jesus, as The Woman Clothed with the Sun. Soon when this Triumph is total and the final skirmish is complete, the influence of the devils and demons upon man will be over. The senses of man will be cleared and freed; the intellect of man will be unhampered and fully available for his use; the physical powers of man will also be unhampered and available for his full use. The spiritual powers of man will bloom as it did for Adam and Eve, for soon we enter the new Era of The Spirit.'
> 19.3.98. Yet, Will He Refuse Even That?    'Son. Beloved one. How small is my beloved son! How hidden is he! How unknown and unheeded! How unnoticed!
It is The Father Who does notice you and so, child, that is everything. The Father in fact, takes a most special notice of you for you have appealed to Him in your youth and from thence, you have turned your very person towards Him. He has 'spoken' to you with a great power and Love, rarely done.
He has noticed your prayer and how impossible it is.
Yet, will He refuse even that?
For nothing is impossible to Him and He will raise you to the Heights of Heaven, beside His Queen. Indeed, already, He raises you there, even while sojourning in the world. He is pleased to see you bathed in my Immaculate Conception for His Gift is the very reflection of Himself and thus He 'sees' you as becoming perfect for His Eternal-son, attracting, more and more, The Spirit of Love and Harmony.
Let me bless you, beloved one of The Mother, in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit. Amen.'
> 21-Mar-98. And It Is The Person That Issues From The Father    'Son. Beloved. Little child - so small - so hidden.
You are The Father's hidden treasure! Yes, you are seen, even by yourself, as a coarse creature with great distance between where you are and perfection. You have much to learn and a long road to travel, but The Father sees your very person and He sees your soul.
It is your very person that is all important and the soul reflects the person and the body reflects the soul. Yet, to see the body and its many flaws, in the physical sense, detracts from the soul, for you can not judge the soul by eyesight of the body. And even looking, with your intellect (so to speak), at your soul, you have the same type of problem, in perceiving the person. How difficult to perceive the soul while on earth! How much more difficult to perceive the person! And it is the person that issues from The Father - that issues DIRECTLY from Him! He perceives your very person and this is steadfastly faced towards Him ...
... towards His Eternal-son
... encouraged by His Spirit of Love.
That does not mean that you should neglect the body, but you must persevere in life, doing all that you think best, as we guide you at every moment, in every way, using every power we have, your Mother and your Friends.
Embrace my Immaculate Conception and embrace your crosses, for I lead you to perfection ...
... to my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ.'
> 23-Mar-98. The Holy, Wondrous, Eternal-Will Of The Father    'Beloved child of mine ...
... mine.
You have consecrated yourself to me and I have accepted this, totally, and so, you and I, are one in heart, in soul, in will ...
... and together, we are One in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Truly. How it delights me to be one with my children, especially with this little Straw-of-The-Father! How it delights me to share my beauties and powers and virtues with my children, especially my Immaculate Conception!
It is a delight to give, but it is greater delight to share.
The Father shares with The Son and Both share with The Spirit, eternally equal and eternally One. The Trinity shares with us The Children, with and in and for Jesus Christ.
What marvels! What wonders! What awe and delight and astonishment! The Will of God is all these and more. The holy, wondrous, Eternal-will of The Father ...
... which we share!
Glory to God. Praise to God. Thanks to God. Let us give ourselves to God, as He has given Himself to us! Let us worship Him! Let us recognise, acknowledge and appreciate Him.'
> 2-Apr-98. 'Son, so beloved. My most precious son.
How much do I rely on you! How much do I need you! How much do I love you! Share with you!
Work for God, with you! Bring souls to my adored Son, in working with you! Yes, and so much more. I lay upon you ALL that I have and do and all that I am! Yes, not only do you consecrate yourself to me ...
... but I, to you!
Of course. Do I love you less? Am I less generous then you?
Truly. I lay upon you my Immaculate Conception. You walk upon the earth robed in my attire! You reflect you Mother's gifts to you! That is why I ask of you, again and again, be my little radiator of Peace! Be patient. Be understanding. Be kind and generous. Be my

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