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representative. As The Church is crucified in this era of rebellion, you must be my representative under the Cross of The Church. Others may betray and desert and deny, but the children of The Mother will taker her place at the Cross of The Church, just as The Mother took her place at The Cross of Jesus, her adored Son.'
> 6-Apr-98. The Path Of Jesus Christ Which Shines With My Immaculate Conception    'Tiny son of The Mother. Be, in Peace. Do not be worried, little one, but allow The Peace of God to radiate from you and be very sure ...
... that I bring you Truth.
Yes, I do bring you Truth. It is no new Truth but an insight to Truth that has been given you over the years. Be confident in all that I 'tell' you and never take yourself from the path that I lead you along ...
... The Path of Jesus Christ
... which shines with my Immaculate Conception.
Let us continue to save souls, you and I, and all of my children. Look to these souls already saved and you will find untold treasure ...
... untold support
... unnumbered Friends.
With these, my Triumph for Jesus quickly draws to its final battle, a result of which will be the permanent possession of hell by the camel and all the evil horde. Yes, no more will he prey upon my children, who will be opened to their absolute capacity to obey The Father and be like Him in Goodness; to know The Son and share His Truth; to share The Spirit of Love and Harmony and grow perfect for Jesus, my adored Son. Be, in Peace.'
> 8-May-98. Achievement Before God Is Swiftest By Way Of The Cross     'Son - so beloved - so deep in my Heart - so firm in The Father's Embrace. Son - so beloved by Heaven - by Purgatory - by Limbo ...
... by Purgatory and Limbo, because of the numbers that reach Heaven because of your prayers; because of your position before The Father; because of your status as ...
... the tiny Straw-of-God
... the tiny key to the new era
... the little radiator of Peace.
Yes, of Peace - Which is Jesus, Himself.
Peace is Jesus. You are to radiate Jesus, and Peace then comes. So Heaven holds you as most dear because it is by your co-operation that the new era comes upon us. The Eternal-father has decided that it is you who will be the final impulse by which the new era comes to man; you who will trigger this event.
So, you have a multitude of especial Friends in Heaven who always look to your advance towards God and seek the shortest way for you and the greatest results. So, you have your crosses to bear, for achievement before God is swiftest by way of the cross, especially when united to The Cross of Christ, my adored Son. So, I will always shower upon you my Immaculate Conception.'
> 22-May-98. Be A Beacon For Your Mother    'Little child - be, in Peace. The time has begun, little one. The count down, so to speak, is under way; so close is the time to the beginning of the new Era of Love and Harmony. So very close.
For you, my son so dear, matters will begin to happen - things will start to move. Trust your Mother who continually leads you and showers you in my Immaculate Conception. I bless you and all that is yours, in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit.
I bless you and all that is yours in The Goodness of The Father, through The Truth of The Son; by The Love of The Spirit.
I bless you and yours in and through and by The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son; in and through and by my intercessions and the intercessions of all of your Friends. Be, in Peace. You are to reflect my Immaculate Conception everywhere, upon every one; all the time.
Be a beacon for your Mother and beloved - a beacon that brings everyone to my Immaculate Heart, which is the sure refuge of these days and of the hard days ahead. Shoulder your little crosses; turn them into saving Graces for many souls.'
> 2-Jun-98. Having Caressed The Creator As A Child, In My Arms    'Son and beloved - most beloved. I am The Immaculate Conception. I am The Mother of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. I am The Woman of Scripture. Thus am I The Perfect Reflection of The Eternal-father. Be at ease, little son.
I know that you are aware of these marvels of our Creator, but you do not realise that these beautiful Truths are so rare and are known by so few, so very few. You suppose that these Truths are common knowledge, but so, even those you presume would know, do not! Continue along the path I lead you, tiny one, carrying your tiny crosses, doing what you think you should, caring for The Church of Christ as you do, being my tiny warrior ...
... but expect nothing!
... expect nothing even from those you would expect everything
... for I have given you Insight that they do not have
... but remember, everything you do, and they do too, will reap untold rewards
... will save millions (yes millions) of souls.
Be patient. Be, in Peace. Hold my hand, my beautiful hand which is beautiful having caressed The Creator as a Child, in my arms.'
> 5-Jun-98. Continue With Patience, In Peace    'Little son. Tiny warrior.
Yes, I see your smallness, your tininess, your ignominious situation. I see your little crosses and your efforts and your failings: your sins and offences: your indulgences: your pride and your ignorance. Yes, you have learnt much and you will learn more and more, but still you remain ignorant before God. The Truths I have given you are in you, but you do not comprehend, and what you comprehend, you do so, poorly.
Do not fret about this. No, persevere. Continue along the path of The Immaculate Conception towards Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son - towards the New Era of The Spirit of Love and of Harmony. Continue with patience, in Peace. Hold my hand, always, for I am, as you say, The Woman of Scripture. Child, I have told you so much, but you are amidst a world of violence and hatred; of deceit and cruelty; of horror and of apostasy. Your senses draw you away from me but I reach out and bring you back. I do not take you out of this world of greyness and murkiness, into pure light, for I would have you unknown and unheeded, even amongst your friends. Be, then, in Peace, for I ensure that you are always in The Father's Eternal-will and that you are in His Presence ...
... for the sake of Jesus, for Whom we are created.'
> 11-Jun-98. Those Who Praise Me, Praise The Father    'Child of mine - child of The Mother; of The Woman of Scripture. It is true, as you perceive, that I am The Father's perfection reflection in creation, for I am The Mother of His Eternal-son and I reflect His Eternal-goodness in my Immaculate Conception.
Yes, I am His perfect reflection. I am His. I am His Queen; His Handmaid; His Mediatrix; His Woman clothed with the son. I am His. Those who praise me, praise The Father for He has created me and given me all that I have ...
... for His Eternals-son
... and then, for all creation.
In praising the creature, you praise The Creator, just as in praising a work of art, you praise the artist. Those who do not praise me, out of their own decision and deliberation, do not praise Him Who made me! The Father then, receives much praise from you, tiny Straw-of-God, for you never cease to praise me and so, when you face The Father, my light always shines upon you and The Father sees yourself bathed in His Own Reflection ...
... by The Love of The Spirit, Who now comes.'
> 15-Jun-98. How I Love This Vicar Of Christ, This Son Who Champions Truth    'Son of God. My little son. Always (I 'say' it yet again) be, in Peace. Reflect Peace. Radiate Peace. Share the Peace of God, for Peace leads to Harmony ...
... The Harmony of The Spirit
... The Harmony of The New Era of Love
... which is descending upon creation
... first of all upon The Church in its loyal members - my children ...
... and then upon the world.
It is by way of my children in The Church of Jesus Christ, lead by the wonderful John Paul, that Harmony is coming to creation. My faithful son, the beloved of God, John Paul, is a great leader for the Faithful; a true son in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
How I love this Vicar of Christ, this son who champions Truth, not neglecting Love and Goodness; who champions The Mother of Truth; who reflects my Immaculate Conception far and wide!
And I love you, tiny one, for loving and supporting this wondrous Vicar of Christ. Be, in Peace.'
> 26-Jun-98. I Have Good And Wonderful News For You    'Son of Heaven, I 'said' to you 'I have good and wonderful news for you'. You replied 'Everything you say is good and wonderful, beautiful Mother'. That being so, and because of your great love for The Immaculate Conception, I now 'say' to you 'my news is even greater and even more wonderful!'
It is a wondrous thing in Heaven. Should I desire something, our Lord and Saviour already knows and it is fulfilled. If we desire the impossible (to us) and know it will be fulfilled and then, even seek a greater impossibility (so to speak), our Father knows already and to

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