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Musings 2001/152

we will easily perceive
the wonders and the marvels
that he has given us
by these men and women
who are agents of The Almighty.

How wonderful it is that God ALWAYS provides guidance - sure and positive guidance - to all peoples of all ages,

of The Truth, of The Goodness, of The Love,
that God makes available to His creation.

It is no surprise that God has given to Peter and to Peter's successors this same privilege of guidance and of positive certainty;
that God has presented His creation with TRUTH.

And who can preach about Love
if he has not Truth in him?

And who can preach about Goodness
if he has not Truth in Him?

And who can preach about Truth
if he has deception and compromise in him?
Beware of compromise.

Beware of compromise.

How easy to compromise! How easy to give away our Faith by continuous, persistent erosion of everything we have been taught.
I say 'how easy' but I once would have thought that this would be close to
impossible! I once thought that that would be totally impossible, until it happened to me!

What seems like little things are proposed to us, e.g.
shouldn't we cease insisting on
praying the Holy Rosary
so that Protestants will welcome us more easily?

What total deception is this?
The very prayer that many Saints and indeed Popes have stated, in clear terms, would be THE prayer by which the world will be saved - that is, saved by praying The Rosary!
I mention this particular deception as proposed by modernism in The Church, because this same proposal
was virtually accepted by me. I am absolutely ashamed of this, and I perceive in this a modernist deception directed towards the eternal damnation of my soul. I am embarrassed that my capacity to see deception was so easily overcome and betrayed!
What frail creatures we are.
It was suggested by some Priests, in a vague way, that perhaps Catholics just might limit their demand for The Rosary because Protestants find it so hard to understand this prayer.
This perception of Protestants - in the main - is true and consequently, at first glance many a Catholic, out of perceived charity, will be accommodating and will demote this great prayer in his every-day life, particularly if this is suggested by a Priest.
He will actually believe that he should not promote The Rosary, the prayer that will actually determine the fate of Christianity! Of the world!
I say loud and clear -

How often has the Pope stated
that ecumenism must be based on Truth?
How can it be based on anything else?

Has anyone in authority come along and said to a Catholic: this is what I want you to do. I want you to water down your Catholic Faith! I want you to give away almost everything you used to believe as a Catholic! I want you to do this because if Catholics give up their Faith and if we can get Christians altogether, to give up their beliefs, we can then get the other religions to give up their faiths too
and we will all live happily ever after!
That is the simple, black-and-white fact.
Not that the apostates need to go that far, for all they have to do is destroy Catholicism - nothing else - and they will have defeated Christ,
for Catholicism IS Christ.
But they are not so stupid as to tell us their diabolical schemes in easily understood language. No, no, not so. Catholics and all other Christians have been gradually encouraged, minute step by minute step, to give up just a little of their beliefs here and there, year by year, decade by decade.
And, mind you, there are 'meaningful' reasons for all these deviations and deceptions which are proposed to the unwary. They  appear 'meaningful' but they are just delusions and excuses and temptations.
From within, therefore, the fatal sickness has spread like a cancer and when a part of the cancerous growth is discovered the apostates have excuses and reasons and set 'solutions' for the cure. Look at the lack of priestly vocations caused by their apostasy! How we have meetings and discussions on how to live without Priests, failing to consider the real reasons for the lack of vocations.
BUT when the cancerous growth becomes so advanced that everyone can observe its disgusting seeping sores -  such as the pro-witchcraft 'nuns' - what then do the exposed apostates do?
Surely that is the end of them? a sane person would reply - and expect!
Sorry. Not so, for insanity still has its grip upon The Church -

the ultimate deception is spewed up:-
the healthy sections of the body,
that remain,
being reduced
to small portions or remnants,
here and there,
are proposed as being the cancer itself!    L
Here we have reached
the pinnacle
of deception

Now, at first glance, to give an example, this profound spread of cancer would suggest to a deceived surgeon, that these small remnants should be excised from the body!
But that is a further deception easily proved by
obtaining a second opinion.
That first opinion from the blinded surgeon is obviously doomed for rejection. After all, he is cutting away the healthy members.
There are such surgeons. They would be found amongst those who take satisfaction in their murderous talents against the absolute defenceless human - the unborn and the dying.

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