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our great astonishment, it is achieved.
In Heaven, little son, what can I ask for but that it will be achieved?
Already, I have God, my Creator, from Whom I issue and so does all of my Children! If I ask for something else, then I ask for something less then what I have already got! Be at ease, most cherished of my tiny sons, for I am your Eternal-mother and Queen and I have 'eyes' for you and yours. I have 'ears' for all of your prayers, even though you would ask the impossible (and you do).
Yes, son, the 'news' I have for you is stupendous and it is such that I must reveal it to you over a little period, for you are only human.'
> 28-Jun-98. Mankind Will See Its Mother And Queen In A Clear Perception    'Little son - my especial child. All is coming to fruition. My great Triumph for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, is to be proclaimed ...
... all will know of this.
The camel will be deposed for ever and mankind will see its Mother and Queen in a clear perception, where there will remain no doubt. All of my children, from every nation and from every race and from every religion, will hail their Mother ...
... and hail their Church
... The Catholic Church
... also their Mother.
These who are not my children will be few in those early days. These will raise themselves in a new pride and deception, totally of their own volition. They will indeed be evil people, knowing of God's existence and of His Lamb, and of the Mother, but still they will not accept obedience to our Creator. They will refuse recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of their Creator.
Indeed, they will resent the truth that they are created from nothing; that all they have, has been given to them and a new insanity will thus arise. Yet, in those days there can be no deception and all will perceive the good and the evil. All will perceive my Immaculate Conception and my tiny Straw; and the new Adam will be true to God.'
> 2-Jul-98. The Eternal-Son Perceives You In The Light Of His Mother    'Son, so beloved by Heaven. Yes, by all Heaven; yes, by all of The Living Creation.
In the light of my Immaculate Conception, all creation views you, for in this Gift from The Father, do you stand for all to see. It is in this light, which is the very reflection of The Goodness of God, that gives you beauty and glory ...
... greater knowledge and wisdom and understanding,
... greater balance and harmony
... greater share in The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son
... for you share to the greatest capacity, The Virtues of The Creator.
In this light, do you proceed into battle against the camel; against evil. In this light, do you carry your tiny cross and in this light do you pray to our Father. The Holy Spirit perceives you in this light and so fills you to overflowing. The Eternal-son perceives you in the light of His Mother and Queen and reaches for you. In this light, in this reflection of The Father, will you proceed, and I will increase your capacity. For it is time, little one. It is time for you to stand and be counted and for this, I draw upon you every Grace - every strength. You may walk without fear and in Peace.'
> 10-Jul-98. Words You Use To Interpret My Communication, Which Is Of Truth, Are Not Infallible    'Son. My beloved. I 'speak' to you; to your very heart; I, The Immaculate Conception. I 'speak' to you in your very person, that which issues from The Eternal-father; that part of you which is His Thinking-of-you; that part of you that The Father always knew in His Mind, so to speak. What I 'say' to you is of things of permanent value - of the spiritual - of Truth. This type of communication, were it unhindered by the body and its senses, would be a total communication, as experienced in Heaven. As your senses do affect what I 'say' ...
... in so far as you are capable of bringing to mind 
... and then putting words to it
... then what I 'say' 
... is what is finally filtered through you 
... to the paper on which you write.
Yet, it is a true communication and one from The Mother to her tiny warrior, the little key to the gate to the new era; the tiny Straw that broke the camel's back. Yes, it is I, The Mother of Jesus Christ, who 'speaks' to you - by Love, through Truth, in Goodness; I, The perfect Reflection of The Eternal-father, in creation. Be at ease then, and recall that what words you use to interpret my communication, which is of Truth, are not infallible. The message written, in its basic communication in what you write, is of Truth, yet remember that you have filtered the communication into words as perceived by you. Be, in Peace.'
> 13-Jul-98. Saving Souls Is A Sure Way Of Thanking Jesus    'Son. Beloved.
Beloved - so gracious a word - so full of meaning. To your Mother, it means that you are covered with my embrace and my Immaculate Conception; that you are my tiny champion and warrior; that you are my subject but my friend and confidante, too; that you are my betrothed. Yes, all of these and more. For I have given you much to do and to accomplish, so that we, you and I together, are able to save a great number of souls for Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
I have given you rest these years. I have given you comfort amidst the many little crosses that you have carried for your Queen, following The Cross of our Saviour and God. There remain, still, some crosses for you to bear, but, be at ease, for I will give you joy in your embracing them. They will delight you for hence, souls are saved.
And, as you perceive, saving souls is a sure way of thanking Jesus and His Eternal-father; of thanking The Spirit of Love and Harmony; of making the most effort to repay all that has been given to you. To repay your Guardian Angel, your special patron, Assunta, and your Friends, how better then to save souls in co-operation with them? Be, in Peace, for it is time for you to rise up and be counted; to come forth and be seen for what you are: the Straw-of-God.'
> 20-Jul-98. Because It Is The Father's Will    'Son. Dearest child of mine. Truly, you are a child of my Immaculate Conception.  Yes, son. It is not that you do not have many temptations towards impurity and against Goodness, but you do have a basic reflection of The Eternal-father, which is, indeed, exactly what my Immaculate Conception is:
... reflection of The Father.
It is not that you do not always keep away from temptations of impurity, sometimes placing yourself in a position of temptation, but as you realise, your Guardian Angel has done great thing for you. It is not that you have kept yourself clear of all sin; indeed, you have offended our Creator too many times! 
It is that you have placed yourself before The Father, always looking to Him ...
... always seeking His Will, whether you know it or not; whether you agree with it or not.
It is that you desire perfection for yourself, 
... not because of the glory or power of it, 
... but because it is The Father's Will; 
... because this will give eternal delight to The Son, 
... for whom you, and I, were created; 
... because this will bring other souls to The Son, 
... my Son; 
... The Saviour of all creation: Jesus, The Christ.
So, son of The Immaculate Conception, I lead you and shape you to perfection, delighting in you, in what you are, what you do and what you have.'
> 24-Jul-98 Be Grateful To The Father Who Gives All And Who Shares All    'Tiny one ... little, little child of The Mother. You are a child of my Immaculate Conception and so you, too, reflect the very Goodness of The Father.
Do you not really believe that I share, with you, my Immaculate Conception? Have you refused this Gift from The Father to The Son and so, through my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, to you?
Then, you DO share this Gift with me!
I 'see' your incredulity, which in your case, is really humility, because you do perceive that, if I give something, it is given, and given, totally. And if the Gift is accepted, then the sharing is complete.
You do perceive this and indeed, realise the truth of this, and it is in your littleness that you are astonished.
Be grateful to The Father who gives all and Who shares all. He shares all so that His children (and mine) will become perfect Gifts to The Son, Who has redeemed us ...
... through Jesus' Infinite Merits
... by The Love of The Spirit.
So, as a Mother, I have raised you to this - this full sharing of Goodness - and of Truth - and of Love ...
... so that you might take your place upon the world's scene ...
... and this time has come.
Yes, truly. You are ready, for your crosses are heavy and you follow The Cross of Redemption. 
My son. My beloved.'

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