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> 6-Aug-98. In, Through And By, The Infinite Merits Of Jesus Christ, Have I Won The Conflict    'Child. Tiny warrior ...
... of The Victor for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
I am The Victorious Queen. By God's Grace, have I won the conflict.
In, through and by, The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ, have I won the conflict. With the help of my little children around the world, have I won. As leader of The Army of God, have I won.
With the Archangel, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, co-leader, have I won.
The camel is defeated ...
... defeated totally.
The camel is to be retained in his own place, hell, with all those of evil character. The camel, then, will never again give pain and loss, to mankind. The camel's final conflict is over and never again will he be released from hell.
The proof of my victory and of the camel's defeat, will soon be provided to every person on the earth. Then my little children, in every country, will be asked to receive those other children of mine, who have been in darkness through no fault of their own. Once these other children realise that my children of The Rosary reflect my Immaculate Conception ...
... the very reflection of The Goodness of The Eternal-father ...
... then they will go directly to you, son, and to my other children of The Rosary.
In the darkness of these days, you will shine forth as a beacon of light, of refuge, of Truth, of Love, of Goodness.'
> 24-Aug-98. Jesus, It Is True, Is The Hand Of The Creator, Reaching For Creation    'Child of God - tiny, tiny child; my very little warrior, but my favourite warrior. Be always, at Peace. Radiate Peace. Please, little son.
I do look after your family, indeed; all of them. I too, care for them. To Heaven, they will go; let us ensure this ...
... by prayer and fasting;
... through your crosses;
... joined to The Cross of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Be at ease. I am, most truly, The Immaculate Conception and I thank you that you now perceive clearly that I am - under this title and the title of Mother of The Eternal-son - ...
... The Perfect Reflection of The Father.
It is a privilege given to me, for I am the hand of creation that reaches for The Creator.
Jesus, it is true, is The Hand of The Creator, reaching for creation. Thus, in me, did Jesus find His Humanity ...
... in accord with The Father's Will
... The Father's infinite Will
... which we, you and I, adore
... and which all creation is coming to adore.'
> 13-Oct-98. For My Divine Child IS Peace And We Are One In Him    'Little one - my son. Peace is a Gift to you and to all of my children, for my divine Child IS Peace and we are One in Him. Peace, then, is a Gift you are to share to one and all and soon, there will be many with whom to share ...
... for the time is upon the world
... the time of the announcement of my Victory for Jesus
... the time when The Woman and Mother will be recognised by everyone.
Yes, in recognising me, The Immaculate Conception, all else in The Universal Church must also be recognised. This time is upon the world which has gone to its limits in turning against its Creator and in carrying out the desires of the camel. But of course, the camel can not win, for even when it is obeyed, the resulting suffering brings mercy from God
... and there is always suffering when the camel has his way.
So, the time of entry into the new era of Peace is upon the world and it remains for my tiny key to open the gate to this era.
I am the gate to this era. You are the little key to this gate.'
> 30-Oct-98. The Son Reflects The Father In Eternity And I Reflect Him, In Creation    'Son. Beloved.
Truly, most truly am I, ...
  ... The Immaculate Conception  and, together with being
... The Mother of Jesus Christ
... I am
... the Perfect Reflection of The Father.
The Eternal Son issues from The Father and He issues from me. He issues from The Father in eternity. He issues from me, in creation. Because I am The Immaculate Conception, living and falling asleep in The Lord, and assumed into Heaven, I am, in creation, goodness and purity of existence. The Father is Goodness and Purity of Existence in eternity.
So, I perfectly reflect The Father. Yet, in Eternity, it is The Son Who issues from The Father; Who perfectly reflects The Father in Eternity.
The Son reflects The Father in Eternity and I reflect Him, in creation. So it is, that I also perfectly reflect The Son.
I tell you this again, for I desire to raise you to a new height in Truth. Jesus is Truth and so I reflect Truth perfectly. I reflect Truth upon all creation, upon all my children of The Rosary especially; upon you, in particular. For I have shared totally with you, my Immaculate Conception and now I would share with you, The Truth of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.'
> 2-Nov-98 His Followers, He Said, Would Likewise Suffer    'Son - most beloved son.
Be, in Peace. Look at my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ, Who suffered all sorts of indignities; Who persevered under, and in spite of, all sorts of lies and defamities ...
... not to mention all of the many sufferings that tortured His intellect and His sense of fair-play 
... which still does not include His enormous physical torture.
His followers, He said, would likewise suffer ...
... and so you, His especial follower, can not but expect the same
... in accordance with your capacity.
Be, in Peace. My Immaculate Conception enwraps you and lights up your being and lights up your path. I am The Mother and The Queen and The Woman of Scripture ...
... and I
do share with you, my every glory
... my every beauty
... my every power
... my every authority
... my
Be, in Peace.'
> 31-Dec-98. We 'Speak' About The New Eden    'Son. Beloved one. You belong to me, your Mother - your Queen - your betrothed ...
... The Woman of Scripture
... The Immaculate Conception.
I would like you to 'listen' closely, so to speak, about what I have to say, little son; not just today, but from hereon in. When the time of an era is to pass and another is to be heralded in, the preparation becomes more intense as the time comes closer.
Humanity is now at the door to the new era, not knowing it, yet having a deep seated suspicion that something is afoot. Quickly, we approach the final hours - then the final minutes - the final seconds ...
... and as we approach the time when the door to the new era is to be opened and the key is to be inserted to open it, the final details are about to be relayed
... for we 'speak' of my Triumph for Jesus
... for we 'speak' of entrance into The new Era of Love and Harmony; The Era of The Spirit 
... we 'speak' about the new Eden when The Church, the new Adam and Eve, will be put to a new test 
... a test that it will pass with frying colours
... but not without adversity and strife and danger
... for in this Era of The Spirit, the perfections of mankind will reappear for the glory of God
... yet some will abuse the newly realised perfections and in full knowledge, will turn against The Church and against God.'
> 4-Jan-99. Filled With New Life And Power And It (The Church) Will Conquer The World    'Son - beloved warrior, so tiny, so blinded as you follow me to the new Era of The Spirit ...
... the second Eden
... the new created paradise

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