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... where man will decide in favour of his Maker.
The new era will come in great turmoil as The Universal Church would appear to be dead - this is as it appears now, so vast is the internal rebellion; the apostasy within. Out of this turmoil will come The Church, resurrected - filled with new Life and Power and it will conquer the world.
Yet again, from within, there will emerge giants of men and women, in beauty and intellect; they will, in the sure knowledge of God, defy Him and His Church.
The conflict between these giants and The Church will be the final one between good and evil. In Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, The Church will prevail. The Church in this Era of Love, will be the new Adam, one who conquers temptation and evil. Whereupon, the final destiny of mankind will reach fulfilment, in The Holy Trinity ...
... sharing my Immaculate Conception.
> 9-Jan-99 . Should You Thrust Them From You, What Crosses Will Take Their Place?     'Son. So beloved. So tired and weary. Yet, you do see that the little crosses that our Heavenly-father allows you to bear, are especially chosen for you ...
... because these you are able to bear
... because these bring great Graces upon those for whom we pray, you and I, and my children.
Accept these crosses, my son - embrace them. Should you thrust them from you, what crosses will take their place? Be assured my tiny betrothed, that your crosses are those destined for you - these crosses that you now bear, are those I would have you accept. Do not look to have them removed! No, but accept them in gratitude and humility, for these crosses are the key to the new era - to the door of the new era.
I am this door to the new era. I am open to my tiny son and his key, so precious to me and to all Heaven that I lay upon you my Immaculate Conception. I am so close to you - we, all us from Heaven, from Purgatory and Limbo, are there for you; beside you; offering EVERYTHING to you ...
... For The Father's Will;
... for souls for Jesus;
... for the opening of The Door of The Spirit.'
> 11-Jan-99. I Have Explained The Fullness Of The Mystical Body Of Jesus Christ    'Son. Little one ...
... so troubled.
The Eternal-father places everything before you, for you to embrace and accept. Yes, He has given you His Eternal-son! He has given you The Spirit of Love and Harmony! He has given you The Woman of Scripture, The Immaculate Conception - your Mother ...
... ME.
I give myself to you. Yes, truly. Of course. The Eternal-father has given you EVERY Saint, EVERY Angel, EVERY Holy Soul!!! Of course, and they have given themselves to you!!! The Holy Trinity share ALL that the Godhead posses, with you! The Saviour of creation shares ALL that He has, with you! I share all that I have, with you! All of The Angels, Saints and Holy Souls share ALL that they have, with you!!!
Yes, indeed. Truly.
And my son, my little warrior, I know that you perceive The Truth of this! In these words, I have explained the fullness of The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ. We become One in Him, my adored Son, and in Him, we SHARE The Eternal God-head. Son, be, in Peace.'
> 15-Jan-99. The Spirit Of The New Era Reflects Himself On The Mother And Her Children    'Son - so loved by Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo. Yes. Truly. So loved by me, your Mother and Queen ...
... your beloved
... so loved, that I lay upon you my Immaculate Conception.
This Gift of The Father for The Son - I fill your very being with it. This Gift, by The Spirit of Love and Harmony - I pass onto to you, so that all of creation, in seeing me, see her tiny son, too ...
... so that The Son, seeing me, sees you
... so that The Father, in seeing His Eternal-son, see in Him, The Mother and her son
... sees all of her children.
The Spirit of The New Era reflects Himself on The Mother and her children, and they become One in The Christ, my adored Son.
For the time is come ...
... the time that creation, in its innermost desire, has long awaited; has reached out for; has languished in waiting; has needed so desperately ...
... the end of the father of lies and his evil horde!
Yes, this final conflict will see the end of the camel and its evil body. No more in creation, will these awful creatures spread their corruption of lies, hatred and death! How the earth will respond in relief and gladness - in joy and health and renewal. How the earth will cry out in its new found life in The Holy Trinity - in Purity, Truth and Love. What wonderful relief from the continuous blackness and horror of evil that has placed itself everywhere! What wonderful fulfilment.'
> 20-Jan-99. Success Relies On The Prayers Of All Of My Children    'Son - so lonely; so deserted; so ignored. I have also been so. Our Lord and Saviour has also been so. It is by these little but magnificent crosses that we, you and I, will open the door, myself, to the new era, by using this tiny key, yourself. We will soon achieve this and our success relies on the prayers of all of my children ...
... those in The Church
... those outside the parameters of The Church;
... those in Heaven, in Purgatory, in Limbo.
Yes, tiny one, baby-warrior of mine, so soon is this to happen, and I will make sure you are aware of the time. So, be, in Peace, and delight, as you have done, in my Immaculate Conception. As you so delight, so do I delight, in you, my child; child-of-The-father, and I bless everything you do, in The Name of God.
I bless you and yours, all that is yours (given you by The Father) and all that you do, in The Name of The Father, of The Son and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Son, continue - persevere - for my Triumph is won and its confirmation is soon to be made known to the whole world. Yes, the whole world will have no choice but to realise the fact of my Triumph for Jesus. Many will turn away in disgust and anger and in hatred, but the great majority will find relief that the world has been preserved from evil and to know that some sanity and good guidelines and holy courses to follow, have come upon the world - forever.'
> 17-Feb-99. He Gives Us, Each And Every One, A Work, A Duty, An Obligation, An Authority    'Son. Beloved. I speak to you as a confidant - as a friend - as a person involved with God in His Plan of Happiness for creation ...
... yes, His Plan of Happiness.
The Father has created all things through and for His Eternal-son ...
... Jesus The Christ, my adored Son
... by The Power of Love and Harmony.
His Plan of Happiness is that each and every one of His Children (my children) should share in The Godhead!!! What wonder! What astonishment! That we, creatures brought forth from nothing by The Hand of God, should be OFFERED AND GIVEN THE CAPACITY to share in Eternity! The Father does this by joining His Children as One in His Christ! He does this by me, The Woman; The Immaculate Conception; His perfect reflection. Yes, truly, little child ...
... beloved child of The Father.
He gives us, each and every one, a work, a duty, an obligation, an authority ...
... He delegated His Own Power
... to us
... so that we may use the wonderful and exclusive Gift of Freewill ...
... The Gift of Freewill.
Yea or nay! For God. The world, NOW, is called to give its 'yes'. Each person is NOW called to GIVE his 'yes'.'
> 17-Feb-99. In The Eyes Of Heaven, Every Good Intention Is A Treasure    'Son. Beloved one of Heaven. True son of The Eternal-father. True son of mine. How we love you! Yes, even though we perceive all of you, including your sins and weaknesses - we do share with you The Love of God, in our care and attention for you.
Truly do we recognise, acknowledge and appreciate you. You seem to do so little in your own mind and what you do, seems so pitiful!
Indeed, this is so, in the eyes of the world, but alas for the world and its eyes!
In the eyes of Heaven, every good intention is a treasure; every tiny thought for God can move mountains; every minute desire for God's Will is a great call for Grace and God always answers this call; every little hope to save souls for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, is a great moment and it rings throughout Heaven; every look of devotion to your Mother, The Immaculate Conception and to the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls, is savoured by all of us!
Yes, we love you dearly, truly! Walk forward then, in Peace and persevere for The Christ; do so in our company and by our prayers and

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