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insanity? Yes, most assuredly, the denial of God and His Christ, is most surely insanity ...
... the insanity of pride and disobedience.
So, it is true, that you and all of my children must be totally obedient to The Vicar of Christ, my son, John Paul II. Yes, you know little one, how much I love you and you glimpse how much I love this Pope!'
> 19-May-99. But You Are Also Motivated By Your Own Ambitions    'Son. Beloved. I 'call' you 'son'. I 'call' you 'beloved'. These and much more, you are to me ...
... to God
... to the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls
... to all creation.
You perceive your own insignificance - you truly do - yet you try so hard to gain victories and advances and forward movements, of your own accord. Yes, it is true, you must do your utmost for The Father's Will. Yet also, you must recall two things   
1. you are motivated by The Father, but you are also motivated by your own ambitions (even if they are for God) which are sometimes not really as He would want   
2. you must move along in life, doing all that you are capable of, under the circumstances, and you must have the grace-filled attitude that saturates your personality and character - an attitude that is of Peace ...
... relaxed in your very person.
Yes son, I cover you and I envelope you with my Immaculate Conception, so that you will, in your very person, be of Peace - be of Harmony - be of Goodness ...
... be of Purity, Truth and Love.
And in fact, this has been achieved! Yes, truly, it has. At this time your great Gift of Peace, in your person, is about to explode from this inner sphere outwards to your soul and your body. Be ready for this, my son.'
> 30-May-99. . Not That We Do So By Our Own Power, But By The Power Of Christ     'Son, so beloved. Thank you, little one, for opening up this page to me, your Mother, The Immaculate Conception.
Thank you for 'listening' to me, The Woman of Scripture ... ... for I 'speak' to you of Truth ... of Love ... of Goodness ... so that we, you and I, might save many, many souls for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Yes, we must save a great multitude of souls. Not that we do so by our own power, but by the Power of Christ. Yet, without our assistance in pouring this Power upon the world, those souls would not have been saved! God truly shares His Power and Authority and Responsibility, just as He shares His Divine-virtues. It is our total freewill that is given to us, that is the key and it is by our decisions that many are saved ...
... or lost.
Just as it is easy to decide to take away a life, by abortion or euthanasia, so is it easy to throw away a soul to hell. We have the ability to assist souls to Heaven and the ability to move souls towards hell. Such is the value God places on each one of us. Let us pray that we save souls.
> 4-Jun-99. Let Us Praise God For This Gift Of The Immaculate Conception Given By Him To Creation Using Me    'Son. Beloved. Be, at Peace . Always, be, in Peace. Peace of Spirit - Peace of Person - being filled with The Peace that is Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Yes, Jesus Christ is Peace. He is the only Peace that this world can find - can achieve - is offered by God. Only in Jesus Christ, will Peace come to the world - only through Him - only by Him. There is no other peace, except The Peace that is The Lord and Saviour - Jesus Christ.
I am the avenue through which He brings Peace to the world; the only avenue. When I accepted the honour to be the avenue through which He came into the world, I accepted the honour of being the avenue through which He brought all that He is and has and does, into the world. Jesus is everything to creation and He came to creation through His Mother and Queen ...
... His little handmaid
... created only for Him.
I am the little creature of and for Jesus, Son of God, and He has raised me to be the most perfect reflection of His Eternal-father and to be the representative for all creation ...
... making me His Immaculate Conception
... which I share with you
... with all of my children
... especially those children of The Rosary.
Let us praise God for this Gift of The Immaculate Conception given by Him to creation using me, His handmaid, as its recipient on behalf of all.'
> 9-Jun-99. . God Has Given You To Me, But Most Surely, Do I Give Myself In Return     'Son. Beloved one. Beloved one. These words of mine, even though they come from my very person to you, these words 'beloved one', are surely meant with fervour and sincerity from me ...
... your Woman of Scripture
... God's Woman of Scripture
... creation's Woman of Scripture.
With such great Love, The very Love of The Spirit, do I give myself to you, my tiny one, my little, little warrior, and I share with you God's marvellous Gift to creation: my Immaculate Conception. God has given you to me, but most surely, do I give myself in return.
He has given you to me and I bring you to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. Yes, I take you into the depths of His Sacred Heart. Indeed. Indeed. Yet, He has given you to Heaven; to Assunta, my beautiful, gorgeous Princess of Heaven; to this most exquisite and powerful Guardian Angel, whom you call 'Joe', but a name that Heaven has given to you for him. He has given you to all the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls, amongst whom you have such especial Friends.
You have Treasure in Heaven, my son and we keep it secure for you and we aim, as you do, to multiply this Treasure ...
... for the love and the gratitude and the glory of God.'
> 29-Jun-99. It Is In Sharing One Another And What We Have, That We Resemble God    'Son. Beloved one. I am your beloved one, as you are mine. I am The Immaculate Conception.
The Immaculate Conception is mine alone, given me by The Father, so that I may be a perfect Gift to The Son. By The Spirit does He raise me to be His perfect reflection ...
... for in my Immaculate Conception I reflect the Goodness and Purity of The Father;
... for in my Motherhood of Jesus, The Christ, I reflect the parenthood of The Father.
Yet, dear one, in Jesus, my adored Son, I share all that I have and do and am, with you - He has given me to you ...
... to all of my children.
... I give myself to you.
It is in sharing one another and what we have, that we resemble God Who is The Sharer, par excellence ...
... He shares The Godhead.
He shares existence - He shares wisdom - He shares Love. All that we have, He has given us - all that we have that is good. It is in sharing that He is enabled to raise His creatures to the heights of Heaven. So, He shared His Purity with me and I share with you ...
... and you share with all.
Yes, share what I give you to all. These notes you write, putting down on paper what I 'say' to you, will need to be shared. Be patient. Be, in Peace.'
> 9-Jul-99. Not So, For Our Saviour Has Died For The World And The World Belongs To Him    'Son. Beloved child. It is by Love that I 'speak' to you. It is through Truth that I 'speak' to you. It is in Goodness that I 'speak' to you.
I DO 'speak' to you. I, The Immaculate Conception. I, The Mother of Jesus, The Christ, The Adored Son. I, The Woman of Scripture. I, your own betrothed.
Most truly. Most truly. Be then, at ease. Be then, in Peace.
Peace. Peace. Peace.
Peace is what the world yearns for - agonises over - must have - will have ...
... or perish.
For the world has reached its height of evil and decadence and rebellion. The world wallows in its anti-God mania - its insanity - its pornography - its disgustedness. The world would seep in its own pride and disobedience and would destroy itself.
Not so, for our Saviour has died for the world and the world belongs to Him. It is for Him that the world is created - only for Him. The camel would steal all away from The Sacrificial-lamb but the camel has already been defeated and is already destined to the eternity of hell. The camel is resigned to the realisation that he will no longer have access to God's creation, but he will leave with the greatest

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