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possible menace.'
> 30-Jul-99. The One And Only Way To Become One With God Is To Become One With Jesus    'Son. Beloved. Beloved one. It is you, indeed, with whom The Father shares His Love, by The Spirit of Love. With you, does He share His Wisdom, through The Eternal-son.
The Holy Trinity thus shares all that It has with you and only your capacity limits what you receive. Yet, in receiving of The Holy Trinity, means you share The Godhead, and in sharing The Godhead, you have given up yourself to God.
In receiving The Gifts of God, you receive God Himself, but in doing so, you become One with God. The one and only way to become One with God is to become One with Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ...
... Who has given Himself to you, totally.
If you receive Jesus Christ, in His great action of giving Himself, then you become One in Him ...
... that is to say, you have given yourself totally to Him.
For two to become One, it is not enough that one Person gives Himself and the other to hold back. No. Not at all. To become One both must give himself to the other. To give yourself totally and most properly and most worthily to Jesus Christ, I shower you in my Immaculate Conception. I take you by the hand and together, we give ourselves to Jesus.'
> 13-Jan-00. . The World Will Perceive My Immaculate Conception    'Son. Beloved son. My son ... yet unsure of himself in his Mother's arms! Be totally at ease, little one, for I do hold you close to my Heart and I do shower you with my Immaculate Conception.
I reflect The Goodness of The Eternal-father in my Immaculate Conception and so, when I share this Gift with you, you also reflect The Goodness of God. Soon, you will see my words fulfilled for  I 'speak', not of the past or of the future, when I 'say'
we are in The New Era of Love and Harmony. I speak of the present.
Be content to await the miracle which The Eternal-father will give to creation -  a miracle which will show creation the wonder of His little handmaid whom He has made so perfectly. The world will perceive my Immaculate Conception and in this, it will become aware that I have triumphed for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. This Triumph is done. It has been achieved by The Woman of Scripture and her children - by The Church Universal - it has been achieved in, for and through Jesus Christ. I have led the triumphant army by the power given me by The Holy Trinity and my army of little ones has conquered ...
... has conquered
... praise The Lord, it has conquered.
Be, at peace, son. What I 'say' will be opened up to you, shortly, and you will be astonished.'
> 21-Jan-00 When Jesus Gave Me To All Of The Father's Children As Their Mother, I Was Reflecting The Father    'Little son. Beloved one. I who 'speak' to you am ...
... The Immaculate Conception.
This Gift to me from The Holy Trinity, is the pinnacle of The Father's Work, leading to the time of Christ, Who is Jesus, my adored Son. This Immaculate Conception is the perfection reflection, in all creation, of The Father ...
... of His Goodness
... of His Pure-existence.
The Gift to me of Motherhood of His Eternal-son, by the power of Love ...
... by The Spirit
... is also a perfection reflection of The Father, from Whom all creation issues.
When Jesus gave me to all of The Father's Children as their Mother, I was reflecting The Father.
The Father was The Parent to Jesus, and I also was parent to Him. So the Gift of My Immaculate Conception, although a unique Gift to me, was also a Gift to all creation for I am The Mother of The Mystical Body which comprises Jesus and all of God's children. This Gift then is most unique and most precious and so valued by The Holy Trinity and so valued by creation. Thus no one is able to say 'I am The Immaculate Conception.''
> 30-Jan-00. Truth Is So Very Important In This Temporary Era Of Deception    'Son. Beloved one. Be, at ease. Be, in Peace.
Be, through Truth. Be, by Love. Be, in The Goodness of The Eternal-father.
I, The Immaculate Conception, come to you at every moment, because you are the tiny Straw-of-God and so play an important role in my Triumph. I come to you because you are my little Radiator-of-Peace, and it is Peace that we  bring to the world ...
... it is Harmony that The Spirit brings to the world and this Harmony, even now, pours out all over the world.
This Harmony of The Spirit is taking hold everywhere. I come to you, to bring you ...
... Truth.
Truth is so very important in this temporary era of deception. Truth is what my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, brought to the world.
Indeed, The Era of Christ IS The Era of Truth ...
... so difficult to comprehend in these days of deception!
But Truth has taken hold in every nation of the world - in every city and town - It will again shine forth and give a new beauty to the planet. The Spirit of Truth has built on The Spirit of Goodness and on both, The Spirit of Love NOW builds.'
> 9-Feb-00. . I 'Say' These 'Words' The Same Number Of Times That You Need To Hear Them    'Son. Beloved. Be, at ease. How often I 'say' these 'words'. I 'say' these 'words' the same number of times that you need to hear them. Are you not my tiny child? You are not my 'tiny child' in so far as only by a meaning of words, as if to say you are actually an adult, but I call you 'tiny child' as a mere form of endearment from Mother to son!
Not at all - you ARE a tiny child. MY tiny child and I AM your Mother. There are no symbols here - there things are fact. And being a tiny child, I, The Mother, constantly repeat my advises to you. I 'say' a thing over and over, because children forget or ignore their parents - or become so agitated as to let the wisdom of  The Mother's 'words' slip away from memory. Do not consider how it will appear in printed form - these 'words' I use. No. Just be a little child who listens very closely to his Mother ...
... who blesses you in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit ..
... who blesses you with the very light of her Immaculate Conception.'
> 18-Feb-00 I Share Truth With You So That You Will Remain Stable And Solid    'Son. Beloved one. Always, always be, in Peace. I lay my hands upon you and I bring you to my Son, Redeemer of all creation, God-made-man; I bring you ...
... Peace.
You must become, fully, my little Radiator-of-Peace. I totally share with you my Immaculate Conception so that you will reflect Peace everywhere to everyone ...
... particularly to my little children
... who suffer so much
... at the hands of the evil modernism.
I share Truth with you so that you will remain stable and solid, for these are needful to one who reflects The Peace of God. It is this Peace of God that will usher in The Harmony of The Spirit. Harmony comes out of Peace. We, being in The Era of Harmony and Love, now move forward so that the great things of this era will quickly eventuate, when the world will perceive my Immaculate Conception and realise my duties in The Plan of God ...
... and in realising this
... all peoples will turn to The Holy Trinity
... which in turn will lead humanity to a renewed and exalted existence
... one of wisdom
... of new capabilities in every way.'
> 26-Feb-00 I Have Sought You: Be, At Ease    'Son. So dear - so beloved. I have sought you: be, at ease. Be, in Peace. Do not be concerned that you have been at ease - in Peace! I would have you thus, for soon, very, very soon, will you begin the work I have set up for you ...
... the work The Eternal-father has wrought through you
... has set aside for you
... for His Eternal-son
... by The Love of His Spirit
... Their Spirit.
The work I have for you is a work for the sake of my Immaculate Conception ...
... that it be made known throughout the earth.
This is the reason I shed my light upon you; this immaculate light ...
... that reflects The Eternal-father.
You do not need to plan ahead. Continue in what you do and as you proceed along the path I have set you upon, you will perceive, more clearly, day by day, the destiny to which you proceed and the way you are to proceed. Let your trust in me, as Mother of The Saviour, as

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