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Spouse of The Spirit, as the perfect reflection of The Father, abound and become perfect ...
... for we, YOU and I, are about to make a profound effect upon each and every man, woman and child.'
> 7-Mar-00 'Son. By His Own Request, I Share Myself With All Of God's Children     Truly beloved one. I yearn for you. Yes. This is true.
Do you think I do not yearn for God's Will in Heaven? Indeed, we all do, Angels, Saints and Holy Souls. We do know that The Father's Will will be absolutely achieved and we do co-operate to our total capacity and this co-operation encompasses a yearning for souls for Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
My yearning for you is more. Like you I yearn to fulfil our companionship but also to complete the work you and I share. It is my pleasure to share myself with my Son and Lord, for I am created only for Him and by His Own request, I share myself with all of God's Children. Thus, it is my pleasure to shower upon you in a most special and unique way, my Immaculate Conception. Because our work reaches a most rewarding point in its success, when my Immaculate Conception and Motherhood will be made clear to all peoples, my yearning for you and your fullest co-operation increases. I embrace you. We all embrace you. Peace, little one.'
> 16-Mar-00 The Woman Of Scripture. This Is A Wonderful Title Which I Lovingly Embrace    'Son. Tiny one of mine. 'Of mine', I say, for in every way, I perceive you as belonging to me - friend, companion, confidant, betrothed, son, warrior, saint, child of God, my little Key, my tiny Straw, my especial Radiator-of-Peace. As I have often explained I give of myself totally and I perceive that you do likewise for me, whom you so dearly call The Woman of Scripture. This is a wonderful title which I lovingly embrace, in embracing you.
As The Woman of Scripture, I bring you to The Son of God, my Son, The Adored-one, The Saviour of all creation which was created only for Him. In Jesus Christ, you and I and all of my children, form The Mystical Body of Christ and this Body faces The Eternal-father.
The Spirit of Love enlivens and perfects this Body, This Spouse, this Church. I, to whom is given so much in my Motherhood and Womanhood, give my all to this Body which reflects my Immaculate Conception. This is The Mystical Body that is The Communion of Saints - It is The Church Militant, The Church Suffering, The Church Triumphant. The Church - The one, holy, catholic, apostolic Church - The Church of Rome lead by my so beloved son, John Paul II.'
> 25-Mar-00 The Father's Will Required This Dignity Not Only For The Woman But For All Of Her Children    'Son. Beloved. Come, let us adore Him, Jesus The Christ, my adored Son - Saviour of the world - Saviour of all creation ...
... created only for Him
... given Him by The Father
... given Him and in Him, for creation
... for my Children.
Therein is the story of creation.
I am part of that story for, in His Redemption of creation, I spoke on behalf of creation when I was asked to be The Mother. My 'yes' was crucial to the redemptive act. I was prepared to be The Mother by my Immaculate Conception which perfectly reflected The Infinite-purity of The Father, so that Jesus might issue from me, in creation and from The Father, in eternity. The Spirit of Love overshadowed me in the moment of my acceptance and The Son was in the world ...
... The Son Who is the Hand of The Creator
... grasping me, The Woman, who is the hand of creation.
I thus co-operated absolutely in the redemptive act because The Father's Will required this dignity not only for The Woman but for all of her Children who, in their turn, also take a part in the Redemption of Christ.'
> 31-Mar-00 There Is No Prayer Or Communication But That It Is Shared    'Son. Beloved. I call you 'son' and I call you many other things, because you are many thing to me.
In The Love of God, the giving of one another in sharing this Love, is a most complete thing - so complete that each gives everything to the other. There is no thought but that it is shared for the benefit of all and the glory of God.
There is no prayer or communication but that it is shared. The very Gifts of God to each one is shared amongst all of The Mystical Body of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. The rewards for the good use of freewill and of every action of the mind and body, is shared with all.
One shares the wonders and the delights of all others, too. Yet, the individuality of each is absolutely maintained, for this is the obvious Will of The Eternal-father in giving us each a freewill and a certain authority and responsibility. Each is a beautiful and exquisite member of The Mystical Body - each member is not able to be replaced in his position in The Body. Thus The Mystical Body of Jesus, The Christ, is composed of marvellous persons, each exquisite and unique and important and irreplaceable! And each is bathed in my Immaculate Conception and in this sharing The Mystical Body shares The Goodness of The Father and The Truth of The Son.'
> 6-Apr-00. Your Very Person Issues Directly From The Father 'Son. Beloved. 'Son' means that you issue from me. You do issue from me, your Mother. Yes, you issue from The Father, for all creation issues from Him and in a most particular way, do His Children, in Christ, issue from Him.
You issue from The Father in the most wondrous and delightful way, as do all of His Children. You issue directly from Him in your person. That is to say, your very person issues directly from The Father. Indirectly, of course, through your parents and theirs, back to the initial point of creation .... (This was not finished for some reason, but I am positive that the last sentence was to have been completed something like this:-     
' ...., your body and soul also issues from Him.'
The point being made was that the PERSON of each issues directly from The Eternal-father while the BODY and SOUL issues from ancestors, but also, in the long run, from The Father as well.)
> 14-Apr-00. I Will Be Ensuring You Fulfil The Father's Will Perfectly    'Son. Beloved one. Please, tiny one, always be at ease - in Peace. Be not concerned about money, about affairs, about the future - be sure I will be looking out for you. I will be ensuring you fulfil The Father's Will perfectly, for as long as you remain my little son and betrothed ...
... and that will be forever.
Is that not so? Yes, indeed. The Father's Will for you is enormous, for you have taken on an attitude (a clothing so to speak, around your soul - around your very person) that appeals to Him. He observes that you seek His Will and that you would, were that possible, surprise Him and do more then He asks!
Yet, you are so small and so lost and so unknown! You would ask Him, nevertheless, for His Will and more then His Will, for you and His creation - one impossibility upon another (it would seem). So He particularly loves you my son, and delights in you, in spite of the offences you incur against Him in your weaknesses. It is His desire then, that I continue to shower upon you my Immaculate Conception and to increase again, your sharing in this ...
... The Father's Gift to me 
... and to my children, 
... which is the perfection reflection of His Eternal-goodness; His eternal-purity. Be, in Peace.'
> 21-Apr-00. Jesus Came Upon Earth For That Cross - For That Death     Good Friday 'Son. Dear One. Today, the anniversary of The Cross, of the day of Redemption for the world - for all creation. It is the death of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, that brought Redemption. Jesus came upon earth for that Cross - for that Death 
... but while with us, He brought with Him
... Truth.
For He is Truth personified. He is Wisdom - He is Understanding. He brought the Truth of Love
... The Truth of The Spirit of Love
... The Truth of Goodness.
He taught The Holy Trinity: Goodness, Truth, Love. Jesus is Truth and whoever forsakes Truth forsakes Jesus. With Him, comes His Mother, for Truth comes through The Mother  and The Mother issues from Goodness, perfectly 
... so perfectly that The Church truly defines my conception as Immaculate.
The Son, Jesus, comes by the power of Love. It is Love that brings forth creation, for The Father would provide a Gift for His Son:- creation. By Love comes Christ as He pays the price of our betrayal and wins for Himself all creation.'
> 27-Apr-00. The Church Is The Result Of The Son's Work    'Son. Beloved. Come, let me refresh you in The Spirit of Love. Let me take you to Him, so that He might fill you with Divine-harmony.
I shower you in my Immaculate Conception, sharing all that I am and have, with you, for I lead you
... to Divine-harmony
... Which is God's Gift to mankind
... in this, The Era of Love.
This Era of The Holy Spirit is upon the world, upon creation. This is the final era at the end of which will come Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. This era will see mankind reach his pinnacle of perfection upon the world - but also his pinnacle of imperfection. Those who reach this earthly perfection will be those whom Jesus takes to His Kingdom. Those who reach this earthly imperfection will be those whom the camel will welcome in hell.

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