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This is a marvellous era in which man will be renewed to his original perfection but, indeed, reaching a new height of perfection 
... by way of The Father's Work: Goodness;
... by way of The Son's Work: Truth;
... by way of The Spirit's Work: Love.
I am the result of The Father's Work. The Church is the result of The Son's Work ...
... and now we are in The Spirit's Work.'
> 12-May-00. You Know How Truly I Give Of Myself In Imitation Of Jesus, The Christ, My Adored Son!    'Son. Beloved. You know it - I have given myself to you absolutely - all that I am, all that I do and all that I have. This you give to me, in return. Thank-you for your gift of yourself and thank-you for accepting me. Yes, so many refuse to accept me!
... their Mother
... their Queen
... the Woman of Scripture
... when I would give to them what I give to you: my Immaculate Conception!
You know how truly I give of myself in imitation of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son! He gave not only His Life but also His Divinity as a result of coming amongst man. Yes, He resumed His Divinity - bringing us with Him - yet so will we too obtain everything if we give of ourselves, totally. So, it is as a Mother and as a Partner in your life and career that I share with you all that I am and have, and guide you towards the perfect fulfilment of The Father's Will, in yourself and for The Kingdom! I give of myself to you for I would ready you for the time, so very immediate, when you must step forward - step out ...
... and take up the position The Father has planned for you
... and reveal to the world my Immaculate Conception
... so that The Universal Church, The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, might emerge before all creation, rising from the dead to Her glory.'
> 21-May-00. The Holy Spirit, My Divine-Spouse, Already Takes Possession Of This Era    'Son. Beloved. I come to your presence yet again, and I do so with great Gifts ...
... as I always do
... but more so, today
... for the time is upon us, you and I
... the tiny straw of God and The Immaculate Conception.
It is the time to bring the whole world's attention to that great Gift to me - and to all creation ...
... this Immaculate Conception.
I build your courage and your prudence, your wisdom and your understanding - all of your virtues - so that, just as soon as the moment comes, you will be ready to arise and go forth. You pray for the Virtues of The Creator, which He shares without limit, and you pray for The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, which He shares, also without limit.
Therefore I help you expand your capacity to share these divine Gifts. Be at ease and at Peace, even though our time is virtually here. All is in readiness. Everything is prepared. The Father's Divine-will is about to be made known - He awaits only for the sake of saving the greatest number of souls for His Son. The Holy Spirit, my Divine-spouse, already takes possession of this era and His Light shines favourably everywhere.'
> 3-Jun-00. Obedience To God Is Not Servitude It Is Co-Operation    'Son. Beloved. I do 'speak' to you - whether you are in sin - whether you would prefer to do something else - whether you are sober or have been drinking ...
... not that I approve of sin or of self-indulgence
... no
... because I am always there for you.
God is there for each and every one in His creation, but He has given freewill to each and this freewill is able to resist God's communications. God will always communicate to anyone ...
... to everyone
... regardless of the person's state or sinfulness
... regardless of the person's religion or politics
... only this does He require
... that the person listen to Him.
To achieve His Eternal-will, God has given the ultimate gift to all of His creatures ...
... freewill
... because freewill is the ultimate thing which will give my children eternal-life
... it is the way of obedience
... and obedience to God is not servitude
... it is co-operation
... it is the way to sharing Divinity.
You know this, my tiny one, for I have 'told' you before. But I 'tell' you again, for you so need to be reminded, and I am your Mother ...
... and I am she who gives you
... her Immaculate Conception.
Be prepared, son. Open yourself to me, for our time is at hand. The Spirit requires His Spouse and her tiny straw to take action and this action is to make known my Immaculate Conception.'
> 9-Jun-00. It Is To Share That We Were Created     Son. Beloved one. It is Truth that I share with you - The Truth that is God; that is Jesus Christ.
Yes, it is Goodness and Purity that I share with you - The Goodness that is God; that is The Father. And yes, it is Love that I share with you - The Love that is God; that is The Spirit.
God has shared His Divine-virtues with me and I share with you. He has shared them with you and you share with me.
It is to share that we were created.
It is to share that God created. He is The Sharer, for all good things come from Him. He is The Source. He is Divine-virtue. He is His Virtues.
The virtues of creation issue from the Divine-virtues: Goodness, Truth and Love. The human virtues of faith, hope, compassion issue from the Divine.
When Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, became Man, He embraced the human virtues and took them to Himself. In so doing He made them divine and these divine human virtues comprise His Infinite Merits, which He shares, also, with the whole of creation which was brought forth as a gift to Him from His Father, by the power of their Love.
The great gift of my Immaculate Conception, is yet another sharing from God to His little 'handmaid' which she shares with her tiny son and with all creation.'
> 21-Jun-00. Peace. Peace. Peace.    'Son. My own beloved.
Peace, little one. Peace. Be, in Peace.
Be, in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Peace. Peace. Peace. Sleep - work - play - eat - do everything in the Rays of Peace, that is Jesus, The Son of God. Embrase Peace. Let your soul Immerse itself in Peace. Let your very person be seeped in Peace.
Let Peace flow throughout your body. Let Peace reflect from you, upon all and everyone. Let Peace light you up.
Peace, I bring to you. I, The Mother, The Queen, The Woman, bring Peace to you; to the whole world. Yes. I, The Immaculate Conception, reflect Peace upon all creation. To reflect me, little one, you must reflect Peace. Peace.'
> 24-Jun-00. Think Of The Unity Of God's Children In His Mystical Body    "Son. Beloved ...
... you are the betrothed of The Immaculate Conception ...
... and this is no small honour, given to my beloved only by The Eternal-father. You are, I 'say' again, the betrothed of The Immaculate Conception.
Already, and many times, I have confirmed to you that we, you and I, are betrothed. Do not think of the marriages of the world in regard to you and I, but think of the unity of God's Children in His Mystical Body ...
... think of the fullness and the wholeness and the total intimateness of the persons of The Kingdom of God. The marriages of men and women and the intimacies they enjoy in their co-operation with their Creator in pro-creation and in expressions of love and compassion and loyalty ...
... are not to be compared with the total intimacy, person, soul and body, of the citizens of The Kingdom.
It is in this light that I call you my betrothed and my beloved ...

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