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... something shared by all of my children, for I give of myself to everyone whom The Father has invited to The Kingdom.
Yet, my tiny one, I do allocate to you a most special and precious intimacy with your Mother and Queen - with your Woman of Scripture, for you are the one who adores The Will of The Father; who is to make known my Immaculate Conception; who is the tiny key to my Heart, which is the door to the Era of Love, now upon us ...
... upon creation."
> 5-Jul-00. For This Era Of Love Is Also The Era Of The Eucharist    'Son. Tiny one, so loved by me; by Heaven. Always be, in Peace. Never be concerned. Remember that you are following the path that I have prepared for you and what you do, you do your best, under the circumstances. Therefore, be not concerned. Indeed, be sure that I will delight you - I have many delights to shower upon you and that will continue to include ...
... the light of my Immaculate Conception.
These past 10 days of your life, during which your friends died and their family mourned, have been a source of great Grace for your Parish - for your country - for the world. What wonders have occurred over these days ...
... wonders from God's Hand!
What miracles have occurred! What steps have been put in place for ...
... the actualisation of God's Will!
You have felt the wonder, over these days, of God's Touch upon your very person ...
... upon many people.
Be, at Peace. Jesus, The Christ, is on His way to creation, and His Way is of The Eucharist ...
... for this Era of Love is also
... the Era of The Eucharist.'
> 8-Jul-00. How Pleased He Is To Observe Some Of His Children Who Recognise, Acknowledge And Appreciate His Will For Creation    "Son. Beloved. You do not like being called 'son'?
... being called 'Beloved"?
Be, in Peace. I do 'call' you these endearments as a sign of my loyalty to you; of my giving of myself to you; of my total support for you ...
... for the Love and the gratitude and the glory of God ...
... so that many, many, many billions of souls can be saved.
I look to my little son who does not know how to limit his requests of God ... who would ask the impossible (were that possible) of God. I need this little child who would save the whole planet, excluding no-one ...
... for this little son so adores The Will of The Father.
Adoration of The Divine-will is most welcome to our Creator for He shares of all that He has and is and does.
He does this by His Divine-love.
He does this through His Divine-truth.
He does this in His Divine-goodness.
How few adore His Will, the Will that decreed my Immaculate Conception which I share with you, my son! How few consider God's Gifts to creation and His decision to that end!
How many cry out against His Will! How many question and undermine, amongst the citizens, The Divine-will! How pleased He is to observe some of His children who recognise, acknowledge and appreciate His Will for creation."
> 13-Jul-00. That Is, Not In The Body Nor In The Soul, But Person To Person    'Son. Beloved. I 'speak' to you ...
... from person to person.
That is, not in the body nor in the soul, but person to person. The person of The Immaculate Conception to the person of my tiny key to the new era.
Yes, by the spirit to your body, comes all that I 'say' to you. What I 'say' to you in person, via the soul to the body, you attempt to write on paper.
What you write on paper is what you 'hear' which is the essence of what I 'say', but not always fully and not always completely accurate ...
  ... for I 'speak' to you what you are able to comprehend and what you are able to appreciate.
There is much, much more for me to 'say' to you and everything will be made clear to you, in due course.
As the new Era of Love develops (and this development will accelerate), you will perceive more and more, open up to me more and more and be capable of accommodating much more of what I would have you know. Be assured that I
do 'speak' to you and that what you write is of the essence of what I 'speak'. Be, in Peace. Be, in Love. Be, in Goodness.'
> 20-Jul-00. Peace In You Is An Acceptance Of The Father's Holy-Will    'Son. Beloved one. Be, at Peace.
I, The Immaculate Conception, truly need you to be at peace; to be, in Peace; certainly when I 'speak' to you, I need your soul and body to be in Peace, so that my 'words' will be most clear and so that your understanding might be more full.
Peace is not necessarily what is normally thought of as peace. Peace is Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. Peace in you, is the same as Jesus in you. Your body and soul may not appear to be at peace, but Peace can still be in you. Having Peace in you does mot mean that the eyes or ears or any of the senses are in peace - that the senses recognise Peace. No, the senses may or may not recognise Peace in you. Peace in you is an acceptance of The Father's Holy-will - this is a sure sign of the presence of Peace in you; of Jesus in you. This is The Peace I would bring you - develop in you ...
... for this Peace is the swift method into the fullness of this Era of Love and Harmony.
This Peace is the sign that marks the Children of The Mother. This Peace is the password, the key to fullness, the assurance that fullness of being in The Holy Trinity, is upon you.'
> 21-Jul-00. The Worries Of The World That Take Up Your Thoughts    'Son. Tiny one. Yes, I would again 'speak' to you, for I see your interior suffering - the blackness that seems to consume you - the worries of the world that take up your thoughts. I have 'said' before: Son, be, in Peace. Trust your Heavenly-mother. Trust in The Immaculate Conception, the light of which I pour over you and yours. Be at ease.
There is no need for haste and concern and worry. What is your main aim in life?
True, it is The Eternal-will of The Father, The Source of all creation - your source and mine. This is your objective my tiny son, my little warrior. Yes, indeed. And do you follow The Father's Will? Of course you do. Yes, you do stumble as you are accosted with many difficulties and problems. You do feel discouraged because of the continued appearance of the world ...
... as though I had not conquered the camel at all!
Do not fret about this. No, for I hear your prayer for all people: every man, woman and child. Let us miss no-one in our aims for the new Era of Love and Harmony. Embrace your crosses and make the fullness of this Era come all the sooner.'
> 29-Jul-00. It Is The Immaculate Conception That God Is Using To Forward His Plans On Earth    'Son. Beloved one. I am Mary, The little Handmaid. I am cousin to Elizabeth. I am the Virgin of Scripture. I am she ...
... The Immaculate Conception.
It is The Immaculate Conception that God is using to forward His Plans on earth, and in creation. The privilege of being His perfect reflection, is His means to further salvation for all. I am His tiny instrument ...
... His door to the New Era of Love
... the door that has been opened
... with that little key
... that little warrior of mine.
The Father has raised His handmaid on high for the benefit of His Son, and my Son, but also for the benefit of creation ...
... for creation becomes a part of this perfection given me.
The Son has given me to my children to be Mother to them, as to Him. I give myself to The Father's Children ...
... so that, in Jesus, The Christ, we may be One
... and come before The Father as One
... to share The Divinity.
We are held together ...
... we are formed to be One
... we are united in The Infinite Merits
... by The Spirit of Love.'
> 3-Aug-00. To Be A New Warrior Of The New Era    'Son. My own beloved. You are aware of the time of day and the time of the year, but yet you are to become aware of the time in the eras of salvation.
I have 'said' we are in the Era of Love, The Era of The Spirit, The Era of The Holy Eucharist, but the times in which you are to become

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