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the warrior for me (that for which I prepare you) are virtually upon us - you and I. You have been my tiny warrior and you will always be my tiny warrior, but soon, in the eyes of the world, you will become a mighty warrior ...
... a new type of warrior 
... not with sword and pistol
(here I lost track of things - somehow I seemed to seize up)
No son, you will be a warrior of The Spirit. The Holy Spirit trains you in His army (my army), to be a new warrior of the new era. The new era is upon the world and it will rapidly advance towards its full blossoming. The new Adam and Eve, being the Children of The Church, will revel in the new Garden, in which the final temptation will take place ...
... not from the camel who, with his horde, will be in the dark kingdom
... but from a new evil that comes out of the very hearts of men
... a new evil, a new refusal to serve, a new hatred against me, my Immaculate Conception - against my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ.'
> 4-Aug-00 This Glory And Triumph Will Be For Jesus    'Son. Tiny warrior of The Immaculate Conception. Our day has arrived, my son. Already, The Eternal-father has heard your plea to proclaim my victory ...
... the Triumph of The Woman clothed with the sun.
Yes. Yes. My Immaculate Conception is to be made known to every man, woman and child, by a miracle of The Spirit of Love. This will be the final instant for the camel who will be dismissed from creation.
This will be to the glory of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, for Whom only, was I created ...
... for Whom only, was I made immaculate.
This will be to the Triumph of Jesus, for it is only through His Infinite Merits that Salvation was made possible ...
... that my Immaculate Conception was made possible.
This glory and triumph will be for Jesus which, because of His Presence in The Mystical Body, The Universal Church, will also be to the glory and triumph of The Church. Because this Triumph has been achieved by the co-operation of The Woman and her children, especially those children of The Rosary, especial reward awaits these children ...
... who will be associated with the miracle of The Father in his proclamation of our victory.'
> 10-Aug-00. . How Can I Emphasise Enough The Need For Peace In You    'Son. Beloved one. Be, in Peace. How can I emphasise enough the need for Peace in you - body, soul, person; that it reflect from you; that it motivate you ...
... that you live it
... that you become One
... in Peace
... for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son
... is Peace.
Peace is coming upon the world ...
... a new Peace
... Peace out of Love and Harmony
... Peace built upon Truth
... Peace built upon Goodness.
No, not even the new evil that is, even now, coming out of mans' heart, will upset this Peace ...
... for this Peace will be part of
... the new Adam and Eve: The Universal Church
... and will be as Peace is in The Angels and Saints in Heaven.
For, even though we in Heaven fight the conflict against the camel and his horde, we are never without true Peace. This is the new Peace, the same Peace (Jesus), but now, in this new era; in the new man ...
... the Mystical Body, The Church, resurrected.' 
(I realised that there was no mention of The Immaculate Conception in this message! Then came the following:  )
'Peace. Peace. Peace. In The Immaculate Conception, you will find the Centre of The Sacred Heart from which issues Peace.'
> 12-Aug-00. Warrior Of The New Era    'Son. Beloved. Be, at Peace. Be confident.
Be trusting towards your Heavenly Mother ...
... The Immaculate Conception ...
... (and yes, to your own mother on earth, too, for she is amongst my children.)
I bless you, little warrior. I confirm that the powers that I lay upon you are more then sufficient for the work that The Father would have you do ...
... work that you have begun
... work that you have carried out
... and work that you are to fulfil.
Do not be concerned about physical strength, nor about mental strength ...
... but look rather, to the strength of the person.
The person ...
... the person ...
... which is The Father's realisation of you
... the person
... which is that within you who says 'I' and 'me'
... that within you that has been given
... a body and a soul.
It is The Person of Jesus, The Christ, my adored  Son, That is God ...
... and it is the person of each individual
... that is 'the image' of God
... in His creation of man.
It is the person that is you,
who will be the warrior of the new era ...
... not the body`
... not the soul.'
> 31-Aug-00 Then There Is The Dead Creation    'Son. So loved ...
... by me
... by all of the Living Creation.
The Living Creation - The Children of God - all Angels, Saints, Holy Souls, and my children on earth. In Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, this is the Living Creation which is bathed in my Immaculate Conception!
Then there is the dead creation, consisting of the camel and his awful horde - filled with deception and lies, with hatred and with death. This death is opposed to Goodness, The Goodness of The Eternal-father; The Goodness that IS The Eternal-father.
In this death the evil horde, in hell, is thus deprived of any attachment to Goodness, also thought of as Purity or Purity-of-existence. This lack of Purity-of-existence is a form of death which the camel has embraced in his pride, in his disobedience.
Here we observe that hell consists of death - of hatred - of deception. Heaven, my son, is of another order of being, consisting of Life, beautiful, full, perfect! - consisting of Love, wondrous and astonishing! - consisting of Truth, most edifying and eternally gratifying.
Be, in Peace. Yes. Be, in Peace.'
> 9-Sep-00. Delight To Him Is Delight To All    'Son. Beloved. I thank you for this day - yes, you thank me but I also so warmly and caringly thank you for this day ...
... when you celebrated my birthday
... with many of my children
... at my beloved shrine: Marian Valley.
Yes, today you gave me joy and delight - so too, do all the Saints, Angels and Holy Souls share this delight, for joy and delight was given to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Delight to Him ...
... is delight to all.
Delight to us, His Mystical Body ...
... is delight to Him.

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