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Musings 2001/152

This first opinion must be classified, therefore,  as satanic.
The second opinion, it being based on retaining the healthy members and curing the unhealthy, MUST be expected to come from The God of Truth and Love, The Creator Himself.
He, Who can cure the whole body.
Therefore, if we have reached the pinnacle of deception,

then we have reached the end
of the apostasy!

Isn't that so? Once the enemy uses his last and final thrust, that either means he wins or he loses. Right?
Yes, right!
That final thrust will of course cause more harm to The Mystical Body; to Her members, but the operative word is
The Carpenter Works
The whole universe knows that the red dragon is to be defeated by The Woman - this defeat was prepared and guaranteed by The Carpenter 2,000 years ago.
At that time He laid the formwork, calculated precisely the mix of concrete, gave precise direction to His labourers and recruited Supervisors for His Work, then,
and until the Job was completed.
All that was needed was to pour the mix, vibrate it throughout the framework and the rock foundations, and trowel the surface. 


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