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Today is a marvellous day, believe me. Today was a wonderful contribution towards the day when my Triumph for Jesus is announced. Yes. Indeed. This is so because the numbered days depend on the Grace given by God to His Children in His Church and without the boundaries of The Church ...
... and Grace is given by God in accordance with the good actions of man.
His Grace is always available to man from one moment to the next, but being available is not the same as being embraced, by man. Man must reach for and embrace God's Graces. Today, the world did so reach for and so embrace, and my little children at Marian Valley contributed so wonderfully to this.
The light of my Immaculate Conception came upon man, especially upon the Valley today,  in super-abundance. Come son, lift up your head to our Father in Heaven, for today has been a delight to Him.'
> 12-Sep-00 The Wonderful, Marvellous Gifts Of God To Man    'Son. Beloved. What you use to write the 'words' that you 'hear' is of no consequence. You use a special pen and this has been important to you, by way of realising the overall importance of our communication.
And, it IS communication i.e. two ways - from me, The Immaculate Conception, to you, the tiny Straw-of-The-Father (my little Straw), but also from you to me. I am always beside you. I always hold your hand. I always lead you directly to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son - always.
Because I am so close to you - so intimate with you - because you have consecrated yourself to me and I, to you, then I am aware of your every thought and of every action, even every impulse. This is your communication to me.
Yes of Course, you do pray to me and I ALWAYS hear you. You have instant contact with me. You have instant contact with every Angel and every Saint; with every Holy Soul in Purgatory and Limbo. Very soon, your communication will take a new meaning and a new vibrancy. When your intellect and body are opened up to their full potential, you will begin to see and perceive all that The Church teaches - all that I have said to you. Your very person will become conscious of what The Holy Trinity has given you - the wonderful, marvellous gifts of God to man:
... the power to recognise, to acknowledge and to appreciate
... not only the wonders of creation
... but the Wonder of God.
You will be raised to a new perfection, even greater than that of Adam and Eve, in that you have passed through the eras of the knowledge of good and evil, brought upon man by the sin in Eden. Man has been tried by fire. He has been purified by suffering and death - by work and by child-bearing. Man has been raised to the highest perfection in Jesus Christ, God made Man.
Man has been bathed in the Light of my Immaculate Conception and now, after the purification, is to emerge again in the Garden of Eden.'
> 16-Sep-00 . Only Because He Shares, Do You Exist     'Son. Beloved. Truly do I communicate to you, my child. As surely as any communication at all - more surely, do I 'speak' to you. I communicate to you not only by this locution which is a communication to your very person. But more then that, I communicate with you in sharing The Goodness of God with you; in sharing The Wisdom of God with you; in sharing The Love of God with you.
With you do I share my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ, Saviour of the universe. And of course, I share my very self with you and this is indicated by my sharing my Immaculate Conception with you. With you, do I share my army, the Saints, Angels, Holy Souls and my children on earth. I share you with this army of mine and I share you with Jesus Himself - with The Holy Trinity do I share you. Yes, indeed, it is truly God Who shares me with you and you with me ...
... in Him, does He do so.
And of course, it is Jesus Himself Who has shared His Mother with all of the redeemed. Be at ease with this truth. It is vitally important to realise that sharing is what God is all about. Only because He shares, do you exist ...
... do you have abilities
... do you possess freewill
... are you capable of reaching Heaven
... and sharing The Divinity, in Christ.
This sharing by God must not end there, for it is true that God requires each of His Children to share ALL that they have with one another. You can then see why I can truthfully say to you that I share everything I have and am and do, with you, and why you do likewise with me. Do likewise with all of your 'neighbours', my son. Do so, in the way that opens up for you from one moment to the next.'
> 21-Sep-00 'Son. Beloved one. Be, at Peace - in Peace. When you take up your pen, please be calm and open and relaxed. There is nothing to fear. I can only 'say' again: it is I, The Immaculate Conception who 'speaks' to you. Always, I will be there to 'speak' to you. Indeed, I look forward to communicating with you in Heaven, always.
Is it you to look forward to coming before your Mother and Queen in Heaven, and that she would not be of the same mind? Truly, I too am delighted to welcome you in Heaven and to experience the miracle of the moment and of every moment thereafter. But I would 'speak' to you of Love ...
... The Love that is The Spirit of Harmony
... The Harmony that is The Spirit of Love.
The Spirit IS coming upon the earth. He is pouring out over all souls and joining with each one who opens his heart to Him. The Holy Spirit has begun His Era of Love and Harmony. Yes. Yes. The world did not succumb to the Coming of Christ on the instant of His appearance. Indeed, even centuries passed before His Name spread afar. Even to this day, there are unfortunate people who have not heard of my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ.
The Coming of The Spirit will not be immediately felt by all humanity, but His Coming will, quick enough, be made known across the planet. Events are in place and are moving forward by which the world will become aware of my Immaculate Conception; of The Triumph of The Christ and His Truth and His Cross; of the beginning of the Era of The Spirit. These events involve my little Straw and his Friends around me in Heaven, Purgatory, Limbo and on earth. But these events are not pin pointed to this location or that, but will come to fruition around the planet. Even now the signs are there to be observed.'
> 24-Sep-00. These Are The Divine Energies Behind Creation  'Son. Beloved. Peace is filling you. Be, at ease.
Be, in The Eternal-father, through The Son, by The Spirit.
In The Eternal-father, for all things have their existence in Him, only.
Yet, it is in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, that we reach perfection, for we were created only for Him.
Thus we are created in Him, for Him and through Him.
All things however, were created by the power of The Spirit of Love and Harmony.
These are the divine energies behind creation.
In Jesus, do the divine energies have their meaning and purpose.
All creation has its meaning and purpose only for and in, Jesus.
The Father, by His Love for His Son, brought forth creation for Him. In this creation of Love, we creatures find our own purpose and meaning ...
... only in Jesus Christ
... only for Jesus Christ
... only through Jesus Christ.
To these ends The Father worked, and then The Son worked and now, The Spirit works ...
... yet all things are done in The Father, through The Son, by The Spirit.
The Father worked, through The Son, by The Spirit ...
... The Son worked in The Father, by The Spirit
... and now, The Spirit works in The Father, through The Son.
By the Divine-work, carried out in the three phases typified by the Virtues of The Three Divine-persons, and so shared with The Children of God ...
... by way of Goodness
... by way of Truth
... by way of Love
... and it is my Immaculate Conception which perfectly reflects all three upon creation.'
> 30-Sep-00. So Very Shortly, Will The Heavenly-Father Announce My Triumph    'Son. Beloved. I 'see' you anger; your impatience.
Yes, it is from a physical plane, but also from a spiritual plane.
Do you think to remain calm and peaceful when The Church of Christ Jesus, my adored Son, is being mauled without mercy?
Do you think to remain perfectly in control of your emotions when, everywhere, from all corners of the world, you are aware of the treacheries of the camel and his horde?

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