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Even close by, so near, do you become acquainted with this treachery to Truth and Love and Goodness! But this attack upon Truth, as unsettling and as treacherous as it may be, it will never ...
... it will never
... never, never, never
... upset the Peace within you
... The Peace that is Jesus, Himself.
No, son, you may be rattled in what you perceive around our planet, but this is you mental and physical reaction. Your inner reaction, from your very person, remains unaffected.
There, is the Peace of Christ ...
... there, you find my Immaculate Conception reflected.
Do not let your mental and physical eruption overcome or take the place of your inner Peace ...
... given you by The Spirit of Love and Harmony.
No. No. Remember, that I have conquered ...
... that we, you and I, have conquered
... that we, my army and I, have conquered
... for our Lord and Saviour
... The Son.
Remember, that so very shortly, will the Heavenly-father announce my Triumph.'
> 4-Oct-00. By The Almighty Power Of The Holy Ghost    'Son. Beloved. I welcome your new thoughts to prepare yourself for these important communications between us. I love you, little one, and I thank you and I repeat, yet again, be, in Peace.
It is Peace that the earth needs - The Peace that is Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ...
... it is Peace
... that The Spirit of Love and Harmony will bring
... in this, His Era of Love.
Peace is the one thing that all people seek, for the many reasons on their minds, but this is a peace that is often not of God, but one that allows people to live reasonably well. Still, that desire for peace is a step towards The Peace that The Holy Trinity is bringing to humanity.
That desire is a prayer, for even peace in the physical sence, can only be achieved by God and can only be sought from God. The camel is quite unable to bring any type of true peace - for even those who, in his power, think they have peace, in reality, are not only at war with themselves, but with creation and with The Creator.
So, I encourage the call for peace, for this is but a sign, a symbol, of The Peace of God, now coming down upon the world ...
... by the almighty Power of The Holy Ghost.
Yes, The Holy Ghost. You have become attached to the old name given to The Spirit of The Father and The Son, and this is as I would have it. The Holy Ghost is an especial Name and as we proceed into His era, we should be more aware of Him and of all about Him - of His Personage in The Holy Trinity ...
... of His especial glory for He issues from The Son and The Father, in Their mutual Love
... of His express availability to all mankind in that He comes to each one of us
... whereby we become the temple of The Holy Ghost.'
> 6-Oct-00 The Realisation That The Catholic Church Of John Paul II, Is THE Church In Creation    'Son. So loved. Please, I would say again 'be, in Peace'. Who can repeat this greeting 'be, in Peace', too many times? ...
... for Peace is Christ Jesus, my adored Son
... for Peace is that which, even now, comes upon the world
... for Peace, being of Jesus, The Christ, is to be fulfilled in
... The Harmony of The Holy Spirit.
We are in this Era of The Spirit. We have begun ...
... and this era will start, in an official way, so to speak
... by the announcement of my Triumph for Jesus
... already accomplished.
This announcement BEGINS in days, when the good Pope, John Paul II, asks his Mother to take care of the world and the new era. This initiative will lead to another and greater one, and so soon after, The Heavenly-father, again through the Vicar of Christ, will proclaim this Triumph for Jesus ...
... which will be fulfilled in a particular way
... (but not the only way)
... by the realisation of every one
... of the Truth
... of my Immaculate Conception.
As you already know. At the same time, this realisation to everyone will parallel the realisation that The Catholic Church of John Paul II, is THE Church in creation, and its honour and glory and acceptance amongst all peoples will take place.
Not with some individuals, who will defy God and His Church, realising, as they so defy, that that they will conclude their existence in hell!'
> 12-Oct-00. My Immaculate Conception Will Be The Catalyst For The World    'Son. Beloved one. Yes, time is upon us, my children and I. Time passes quickly towards the new Era of Love, the new Era of The Holy Spirit.
Time is now with us, my children and I.
Time is against the camel. Indeed, his time has run out. His time has really passed. It is only that The Eternal-father prolonged the camel's time to save yet more souls for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, that he has not been disposed of into his dark kingdom, the lake of fire and sulphur - the lake of dark fire and light.
The time is over for the camel and how swiftly it passes; yet we still claim souls and more souls from the clutches of evil. Prepare yourself, little one. Remain in Peace and continue in prayer - continual prayer. Be, in Peace, regardless of what transpires. All that needed preparation, has been prepared. My Immaculate Conception will be the catalyst for the world and its official transition into The Spirit's Era of Harmony. Be not concerned. I have led you along the path set for you by The Eternal-father. We, you and I, have travelled that path which leads directly to the door of the new era. We have opened that door and we have passed through. That door will accommodate huge numbers of persons to the new era. Yes, even a remnant in today's population will be enormous.
Heaven awaits many of my children, too.'
> 19-Oct-00. The More Perfect This Consecration .... The More I Am Able To Lead Them Into The Depths Of The Sacred Heart 'Son.     Most beloved. I am moved by your sweet prayer.
I am moved by your intimate movements of soul and person. Yes, true.
I am The Immaculate Conception and in this purity, which reflects The Eternal-father, I am able to perceive everything about those who consecrate themselves to me. The more perfect this consecration ...
... the more perfect I am able to perceive my children
... the more I can assist them
... the more I am able to lead them into the depths of The Sacred Heart of my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ.
Yes, those who shape their will to The Eternal-will, and The Eternal-will calls for all, each and every human being, to consecrate himself to me, these become open and clear to my vision. Those who turn away from God's Will, preferring their own and the camel's will, are no longer open nor are they clear.
The darkness and ugliness that builds up in them are not able to be penetrated by my Gifts. Indeed, my Gifts are not even perceived by such and are like the sun's rays on a black cover - beneath the cover, the sun is unseen and unfelt. Because the time draws ever closer to the proclamation of my Triumph, it is all the more important that my children remain secure in my Immaculate Heart, which is the strong castle into which the camel is unable to enter, or even make his presence felt.'
> 25-Oct-00 . Like Dark And Ominous Clouds Clearing In The Sky, Leaving The Radiance Of The Sun And The Rainbow     'Son. Most beloved. Remember my constant request: Be, in Peace. These are excellent words and convey so much in their meaning and denote a sure connection and communication of the world with Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Peace is Jesus - He IS Peace. The world constantly needs to be reminded just how sorely it needs Jesus - Peace. Just as do you, little one. Be, in Peace - might be your motto. I give this to you. Peace is flowing upon creation, like the rays of a huge sun. Peace is flowing from The Godhead and is like an ever-increasing panorama of light. This is as it appears, but in fact, The Peace that is Jesus Christ, has always poured out upon creation in its total capacity. The flow of Peace has rarely been detected because of the evil that has covered the world. But now, with my Triumph for Jesus and the conquest of the camel, this covering of evil is being swept away. Like dark and ominous clouds clearing in the sky, leaving the radiance of the sun and the rainbow. When this cloud of evil is fully discarded the new Era

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