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of Love will be clearly observable by all peoples and this Era of Love will be announced by The Eternal-father when He makes clear The Truth of my Immaculate Conception. Be, in Peace.'
> 3-Nov-00 Indeed, This Is How Evil Began    'Son. My own little beloved one. You continue to be concerned that I may not be there, ready to 'speak' to you, or that you may be unprepared to 'hear' what I 'say'. This is because, to a large extent, you rely on yourself more then you should. You still need to realise that all things are given to you - of yourself, your very person, you issue from The Eternal-father, and this person that is you, has been given a body and a soul.
All other things that have made up your life have been given to you. Yes indeed, you have received these gifts and you have made use of them, even to producing new thoughts and actions by way of impulse, from what you have received. So, it is true, that you have been the instrument in creating newness to the universe ...
  ... and good creations, too.
This is indeed possible to a creature of God.
Indeed, this is how evil began. Evil did not issue from our Creator - it issued from a creature ...
... from satan
... from Adam and Eve
... in co-operating with the evil one
... the camel.
But, tiny son, even though you have been instrumental in new creations, you yet remain a creature, so limited, so prone to sin, so open to temptation, so hounded and deceived by the camel. Allow yourself, then, to rely on me, The Immaculate Conception, when you open a page and take up your pen. Be not concerned, just be, in Peace. Have confidence in me, The Mother of God, of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Yes, you do have confidence in me, yet you also cling to your own abilities.
Yes, your abilities do count before God, but only relax in The Peace I lay upon you and 'listen'.
> 4-Nov-00 But Its Light Has Not Been Perceived Except By Those Most Special Children    'Child. Beloved one. With true delight do I 'speak' to my tiny son. Most certainly. My Love for you is abounding - it is most powerful and most voluminous. It is The very Love of God - The Love that is God - that finds It's resting place in me ...
... that reflects upon me
... and outwards to all of my children.
Yet, it is also with my own will and desire that I cover you with The very Love of God and I also shower you with that Gift from The Eternal-father to me - my Immaculate Conception. This Gift is the very Reflection of The Father in Heaven and I reflect it upon the whole of creation, in His honour, for my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ, by The almighty power of The Holy Spirit. I reflect this Gift upon creation but its light has not been perceived ...
... except by those most special children
... set aside just for their Mother
... so that they would be her warriors
... in the great conflict with the camel
... and share, in a particular way with her victory for Christ.
This victory has been accomplished and now we enter the period when all men of goodwill will seek out these special children of mine. All of The Father's chosen ones in Jesus Christ will soon perceive my Immaculate Conception and will realise that The Universal Church is The Church of God. They will turn to The Church and to Christ, and they will do so through me and my tiny warriors. When this occurs, and this is imminent, we will have officially entered The Era of The Spirit - which, in reality, has already begun.'
> 9-Nov-00 How Great And Unconquerable Is This Army Of The Woman    'Son. Beloved one. Yes, again I 'say' to you - be, in Peace. Peace is coming upon the world.
Believe this, little son, in spite of what you hear and see. As I have often made clear to you, the camel, at his bitter end, will flash his awful tail in the greatest anguish and hatred, knowing he has had his time and that, no more, will he be able to vent his terrorism upon mankind. His fate is an awful one which he chose himself.
Yes, when he is letting forth his greatest hatred and lying tongue upon humanity, in his final battle, he lunges and cries in total frustration, for he knows full well, not only that he has been absolutely vanquished by The Woman of Scripture, The Handmaid of The Lord, but that he has the dark light and the dark suffering of hell before him and his evil horde. It is a time of rejoicing for my children, everywhere. Certainly for you, little son, to whom I convey this truth.
Be prepared. You are prepared by my own hand. Personally, have I taken you into my arms and taught you upon my lap, as a little, special child of mine. Yet, your own prayer is one that seeks to do God's Eternal-will in that He would bring you to perfection, for the sake of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, and then that you should do even more. Nothing is impossible to God and as the Epistle says today concerning the Angels, how they rejoice over a soul saved for Christ, so do we, you and I, in the perfect light of my Immaculate Conception ...
... go forth in the work of saving souls
... many, many, many souls.
This is the perfect opportunity, when the final skirmish is under way, to pray for souls. What an army have I, your Mother and Queen! How great and unconquerable is this Army of The Woman - The Woman Clothed-with-the-sun.'
> 11-Nov-00 Walk In The Holy Fear Of God And You Will Always Be Holy Before God    'Little child. Beloved son. Today, I give you many  Gifts from God, as I do every day. You sometimes perceive some of these Gifts but mostly, you are totally unaware.
Not to worry, for you always appreciate all things that come to you from God - from The Eternal-will. It is not necessary to know what you receive, only that you do receive great and wonderful and numerous Gifts from God. In Heaven, you will realise the fullness of God's Generosity, but now you can only glimpse this. Walk in the gratitude for God - in the  appreciation of God - and you can not be deceived.
Walk in the holy fear of God and you will always be holy before God.
Walk in The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ and you will be a true and mighty warrior for our Lord and Saviour - a warrior of eternal worth.
Walk in the Light of my Immaculate Conception and you know that, always, will you carry out the divine purpose for yourself and for all those you represent ...
... and these are most numerous.
Walk, my little son, in Peace. Can you yet perceive The Peace that comes upon the world? Can you yet glimpse The Harmony of The Holy Ghost as He takes hold of His Era and His Work, in the eyes of man? Son, so tiny - son, so fragile - son, so worried and so thoughtful about money and about the future. Remember, I am beside you - looking  after your interests. How often have I brought solace and how often have I given you space and time and support to carry on the work I give you ...
... the work that we share
... the work that is about to explode upon the entire world
... the work of The Woman of Scripture.'
> 18-Nov-00. Who Share The Victory Of The Woman Of Scripture    'Son. So loved.
So loved? On earth The Love of God can often escape human senses. Indeed, human senses can trick a person into thinking that no one loves him ...
... forgetting that reason demands the existence of a Creator, a God;
... that reason demands that God must be 'good'
... and therefore a God of Love.
The Commandments of Scripture are, as The Church teaches,  written on the hearts of everyone. This indicates that everyone knows what is good and what is evil ...
... even if they fool themselves into thinking otherwise
... or are fooled by others.
God allows for ignorance of all, and all do have a certain ignorance, even the most wise. In fact, before The very Wisdom of God, who can claim to be other then ignorant? Yes, The Holy Trinity shares will all and everyone, His Gifts of Goodness, Love and Wisdom, even though some refuse! None the less, God always lays upon everyone His Gifts and He never withdraws them. Never! The dark shields of evil do allow many to become out of reach of these Gifts and these shields are not of God and are CHOSEN by those who would prefer their own pride and the world of evil. It is to my children, those especially of my Immaculate Conception, who open themselves to God who receive the great Treasures that God offers ...
... who participate in The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son
... who share the victory of The Woman of Scripture.'
> 24-Nov-00. His Greatest Avenue By Which He Shares Himself Is In Your Little Crosses    'Son. Beloved little one of The Eternal-father ...
... He Who 'looks' your way

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