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... and feels satisfaction
... in His Queen and her tiny warrior.
Yes. Truly. The Eternal-father created you, my son. You are a work of His and He 'looks' always to perceive that His Work is perfect. The Eternal-father desires to perceive that every one of His creations comes out perfect. He has given the same desire to His Children Who also look to doing what they do, perfectly.
This is virtually impossible to children of Adam who are subjected to original sin and its consequences. The Eternal-father, however, has planned ahead for all consequences in His desire that every creature gains perfection in His Own Perfection - His Own Goodness. This He does THROUGH The Wisdom, The Truth of His Eternal-son, my adored Son, Jesus The Christ. This He does BY The Love and Harmony of The Holy Ghost.
This He has fully, most fully, achieved in my Immaculate Conception, which Gift reflects His Perfection, THROUGH Wisdom, BY Love. The Eternal-father, therefore, is constantly looking for signs of perfection in His children, everywhere. He does NOT limit the Gifts that He will provide to ANYONE who would gain perfection ...
... for He has created all things and all of his creatures
... only for His Son, The Christ
... only through His Son
... by The Spirit of Love.
Be confident in your littleness and your lowliness and in your weakness and frailty, son, for these are the very tools The Father uses to give you Perfection. His greatest avenue by which He shares Himself is in your little crosses when you gather them up like a little child and follow The Cross of Jesus Christ.'
> 7-Dec-00. I, Who Am The Immaculate Conception, Know The Fullness Of This Miracle! I Know The Truth Of What Is Said - Nothing Is Impossible To God    'Son. Beloved son and friend ...
... tiny warrior.
Be not concerned that I address you with words that indicate love and care and closeness ...
... how else should I address you?
'Sir'? 'Mister'? No. Not so, for in my 'words' to you I can not but 'speak' what is in my Heart and of the things I know you need and are capable of accepting. You are not able to accept some things that I am to relay to you. Your faith and your consecration need to be furthered, even yet! Yes, for I would raise you to the highest Heaven! Our Father in Heaven would have each of His children raised to the highest place in Heaven to which his capacity is able. For your part, you have dared to pray for greater and greater capacity ...
... and The Eternal-father can not resist such a prayer
... for nothing is impossible to God.
Yet, your very frailty in matters of Faith - your resistance to suffering and to death - restrict you in this exceptional prayer of yours. It is true that you look only for God's Eternal-will, yet there remains some resistance within your very soul. Still, little one, be not concerned for (I say it again) nothing is impossible to God ...
... and you are able to perceive the truth of this when you consider my Immaculate Conception
... how The Eternal-father raised forth, out of sinful humanity, which had locked itself up in pride and disobedience
... the Immaculate One.
Such a miracle! I, who am The Immaculate Conception, know the fullness of this miracle! I know the Truth of what is said ...
... nothing is impossible to God.'
> 12-Dec-00. - It Enters At The Hands Of My Beloved Pontiff    'Son. Beloved little child of mine. Relax in your Mother's arms, tiny warrior. Feel free to delight and rejoice in the Queen's embrace and to find The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Let the light of my Immaculate Conception fill you - cure your wounds - give you balance in your inner person, in your soul, in your body.
Be, at ease, for The Harmony of The Holy Ghost is consuming the world. The Harmony of The Holy Ghost is consuming the world - I repeat this, so that there is even less doubt as to what I say. If the Era of Love has begun, and it has, this Harmony will consume the universe as It was meant to, in The Father's Divine-will. The revelation of the entry into this Era is coming from The Eternal-father - it enters at the hands of my beloved Pontiff - it enters in the light of my Immaculate Conception.
I say 'enters', for indeed the revelation is happening, even now.
You do not perceive this? Be not concerned. I tell you so, so that all that I 'say' to you, will be confirmed in this prophecy. The revelation is being revealed through our Holy Pontiff - the revelation is like an explosion in which a crescendo builds up. The fuse has reached the explosive and the reaction has begun.
In a short time all will perceive the revelation - there will be no missing the Truth involved, which will begin with the Truth of my Immaculate Conception.'
> 16-Dec-00. The Huge Agony And The Despair That Sweeps The World, Side By Side And Following, Evil    'Son. Beloved. Will I not repeat 'be, in Peace'? Be, in Peace.
Love and Peace descends upon this stricken world - this world that has produced and created, even, so much vileness - so much evil. Evil has become so common and so widespread and approved by governments ...
... even by religious leaders!
... that it is taken for granted.
So badly is the world - so fully has it lost the sense of sin! But my little children - many, many millions of them - shine forth like magnificent roses in amongst a desert of weeds.
But also, the widespread suffering and loss - the huge agony and the despair that sweeps the world, side by side and following, evil. The world has had enough. The great woes it has brought upon itself has been like a great flood covering humanity.
The camel has placed a blackness and despair everywhere. All roads of the world and its vast production of evil, lead to disaster and decimation. God however, relents - The Eternal-father can not forget The Cross of His Eternal-son. He can not ignore my army of Catholics and their universal prayer for mercy - for Peace - for the Era of The Spirit. The immense suffering, everywhere, in each and every household, is enough - The Eternal-father has given mercy to mankind.
He will not allow this awful horror, the combination of massive evil and incredible suffering, to continue. This suffering is a prayer to Him - a great prayer, joined to The Cross of Salvation. This prayer is answered. Peace comes. Harmony comes upon the world. The Light of The Immaculate Conception replaces the darkness of the camel, whose time has come ...
... who sees with dread his imminent end
... who would take everyone with him
... but who has lost and his time is overtime!'
> 26-Dec-00. The Glorious Cross Of Christ - The Wondrous Cross Of Salvation - The Cross Borne By God    'Son. Beloved. I 'call' you 'son' and 'beloved' and other words indicating my care for you, to move you to serenity - to release you, so to speak, from the cares and concerns of the world - to bring your very person into a receptive attitude. With these words I seek to calm you; to encourage an openness in you; to entreat of you a full trust in your Mother and Queen ...
... and betrothed.
It is repetitive but be not concerned, for you should remember that thus does a mother speak to a little child, letting it know its mother is nearby and always ready to help and to reward - to caress and to express words of love. All these and much more, do I do for you, tiny son; for The Eternal-father has 'eyes' for you, His tiny Son (too). He has ambitions for my tiny son and I am totally delighted for you ...
... but also for me, who shapes and moulds you
... and also for your Friends in Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo
... particularly those closest to you - given to you - who give themselves to you.
We find joy and wonder; we find astonishment in God's Will for His creation ...
... for His tiny son
... and cry out our gratitude and adoration
... giving totally of ourselves to assist the fulfilment of God's Will.
We, your Friends before God, work in the light of my Immaculate Conception, so that The Cross of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, will become known to all creation ...
... The glorious Cross of Christ
... The wondrous Cross of Salvation
... The Cross borne by God.'
> 31-Dec-00. His Wisdom Is At Work. His Mercy And Justice Are At Work. His Goodness Works In The Universe. His Love And Harmony Descend Upon All Creation    'Son.  Beloved one. Believe in your Mother, who reflects The most Holy Trinity. Believe in what I 'say' to you. Persevere. Do not give up your patient waiting. Be, in Peace.
Remember this: even should your waiting continue for a century, you do well to wait rather then to cease in looking to The Eternal-father,

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