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as you rest in my arms.
Be not concerned; you will not be waiting for a century, for I merely wish to  make it plain to you that your eternity rests with me, The Immaculate Conception, and that you need to remain absolutely positive in your Faith in The Universal Church and in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. To whom else can you turn? Be confirmed in the truth that God's Will is being carried out.
His Wisdom is at work. His Mercy and Justice are at work. His Goodness works in the universe. His Love and Harmony descend upon all creation. You may, in your curiosity and eagerness, look from day to day for the confirmation of the new Era of Love which is already under way.
But always, always, be patient and content to await God's pleasure, for He uses you and all of my children, so that no soul, not one, is lost. He would put the movement of the universe on hold, to save a soul. He, our God, our Creator, makes use of The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Son of God and the virtues and perfections of all the Angels, Saints, Holy Souls and of all of my children on earth, to thwart the evil one, the camel, so that many souls are brought back to Jesus, He for Whom we were all created.
For the rescue of many souls, little son, be in Peace. Await in total trust.'
> 5.1.01. One Should Not Presume On The Power Of His Guardian Angel    'Son. Most beloved. It is sufficient to celebrate and even to consume alcohol on especial Feastdays of The Church, but one must always remain sober and in control of his body and mind. The true disciple of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, does not find excuses for excessive drinking or of excessive eating - indeed, of any excess.
To allow oneself to indulge in an excess where his control is reduced, that person hampers the work of his Guardian Angel and of all of his Friends in Christ. He hampers my motherly assistance. He hampers the Graces due to him from The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ.
To allow oneself an excess that deprives him of control of his body and mind, places him in an awful position where God's Graces are curtailed and even cut off, which in turn allows the camel and his evil servants more access to him ...
... allows more access of evil thoughts
... allows more access of evil temptations.
One should not presume on the power of his Guardian Angel or his Friends in Christ, nor of his Heavenly Mother - not of God and His Saviour. Always avoid excess of physical activities that reduce control of mind and body, for this reduces control of the soul ...
... it separates, so to speak, the person from his body and soul, leaving them adrift in the ocean of the world, where hungry sharks roam. Raise your body and soul towards The Creator and more towards your person. Do this by prayer and your consecration to my Immaculate Heart ...
... which is a consecration to my Immaculate Conception.'
> 17.1.01. Scripture And Tradition, When Viewed In The Light Of My Immaculate Conception, Becomes Clearer; More Understandable    'Little son. Beloved son. Concern not yourself that opportunities for communications between us, in this manner, are becoming less. You must be conscious that I am always there for you, together with the whole hosts of Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo.
Yes, indeed. If there is a special need for me to 'tell' you something, I will ensure that the opportunity becomes available. In the meantime, we shall continue to pray together - we shall continue to walk hand in hand on this planet - we shall continue to work for The Eternal-will of God The Father.
Thank you for your intentions to promote Truth, Love and Goodness, through my Immaculate Conception. You do know that my Immaculate Conception is an opening for mankind through which Truth is most clearly visible. Scripture and Tradition, when viewed in the light of my Immaculate Conception, becomes clearer; more understandable. This is so because this great Gift to me, whereby I perfectly reflect The Eternal-father, is also a wonderful Gift to creation, but it is a most important Work of God, on behalf  of the children of God. This precious Gift to The Church, because it reflects The Eternal-father, makes me suitable to be The Mother ...
... indeed, The Mother of all of God's creation.
This Gift is most necessary with regard to The Work of The Holy Spirit, in conceiving The Son in my virginal womb, but also in all of The Spirit's activities; in this era especially with regard to the blossoming of His Era of Love and Harmony.'
> 25-Jan-01. Hold Fast To Your Patience And Perseverance, For The  New Era Of Love Is Upon You    'Son. Most beloved one - my child. I address you as 'son' and 'child' but, more and more, you become my friend and companion. As you reach out more firmly for The Will of The Eternal-father and as you mature in your knowledge of The Truth, I perceive you more as an associate.
Still, you remain a little child, for even as you mature, you continue to be stunted by the power of the senses and the attractions of the world, but also by the fact that you remain in the world, a world which has not rid itself of the camel ...
... in spite of my victory over him.
My victory over the camel must shortly be confirmed by The Eternal-father, for the time given for the salvation of souls can not, on and on, be repeated. The time has passed for the camel to be dismissed to his realm. Hold fast to your patience and perseverance, for the  new Era of Love is upon you. Remain firm and sure in your Mother's embrace and continue to open your heart  to my Immaculate Conception.
The Eucharistic reign of Christ is upon the world - this coincides with the Era of The Holy Spirit. Be not afraid. Fear nothing but believe that for every cross you have, Jesus, my adored Son, will give you strength ...
... indeed He will share His very Own Strength with you
... this Strength which you are now becoming aware of in its fullness and immenseness. Be, in Peace.'
> 31-Jan-01. My Immaculate Conception 2,000 Years Ago Led To The Annunciation And To Jesus, The Christ, My Adored Son    'Son of mine. Son of The Immaculate Conception. Thank you, little one, for your intention to tell the world about my Immaculate Conception. This revelation to the world is well under way, lead by the great man, Pope John Paul II. Continue, little one, for your involvement in proclaiming the great Truth for all creation, is needed. I will bless your work, in this, and the work of all who help proclaim this avenue to the new era of Love - my Immaculate Conception. You have proclaimed of your own initiative guided by Heaven, that my Immaculate Conception is the sign of the times.
Allow me to 'say' to you: THIS IS TRUE. Yes, true, for my Immaculate Conception 2,000 years ago led to the Annunciation and to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
It will do so again. It is doing so, even now. The Pope is aware of this sign of the times as are his Bishops. Be confident then, in all that you do in this intention - do not sway from your intention which must attract great opposition and which may seem, for a time, to have gained no result. No, every little thought of my children, has results. You are a special little child of mine and in a most special way, you have been matured in the light of my Immaculate Conception ...
... which I share with the whole world
... with all creation.'
> 10-Feb-01. Thus Does He Make All Of His Children, My Children    'Child of God. Little one of mine. You are a child of The Eternal-father, issuing directly from Him, in your person, in the same way as does Jesus The Christ, my adored Son, issue from Him. Thus does The Father make you brother to His Eternal-son.
Thus does He make His Eternal-son Brother to all of The Father's Children; my Children. Thus does He make all of His Children, my Children. Yet, you are an especial son of The Father for He looks upon you in this special way ...
... as you realise that you issue from Him. 
In this realisation, and in your delight and astonishment of this, He finds a special appeal for you. I am pleased then, as I too delight in The Father's Fatherhood, to bring you to His Eternal-son in my arms and in the light of my Immaculate Conception. In the Depths of The Sacred Heart then, does The Father 'see' you. And yes, He 'sees' your agonising cry for The Church and the world and the souls - for Jesus; for His Mystical Body. Yes, He listens especially to your cry; to your prayer. And I, of course, who delight in your great devotion to my Immaculate Conception and (in your perception of) the depths of this great Gift to me and to creation ...
... mostly, this great Gift to me for Jesus.
Jesus, having given me from The Cross to every single child of The Father, gives also my Immaculate Conception which perfectly reflects The Eternal-goodness of The Father.'
> 13-Feb-01. I Am The Woman Of Scripture Through Whom The Creator Would Use To Become A Creature    'Son. Child. Issue of The Eternal-father. Yes. Issue. This is what I would 'speak' to you about, today.
I, The Immaculate Conception, issue from The Eternal-father and I reflect Him perfectly. In my Motherhood of His Eternal-son, I reflect The Father totally. Of all creation, The Father reflects Himself perfectly in me. This is a Gift to me, and to all creation, for I represent all creation.
I am The Woman of Scripture through whom The Creator would use to become a creature. I am she. Yet, although I am this Woman of Scripture, I am also your own Mother, your own Woman of Scripture, for isn't it you, little son, who has proclaimed that I am she - The Woman of Scripture. Indeed, it is to very few people that you have so proclaimed, but believe it, this Truth must be spread throughout the world. It will be spread throughout the world, for I must become known to all of my children, everywhere. What is a Mother but one who is known, trusted and beloved by her children. Yet I have so many, many, many children around the world, in every nation, who do not know me. My little son, THEY DO NOT KNOW ME. Yet, The Eternal-father is their Father and I am their Mother and Jesus, The Christ, Our adored Son, is their Brother. The Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Love and Harmony, comes upon Our children but how can The Spirit come if they do not know their Mother ...

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