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... if they do not know their Brother
... if they do not know their Father.'
> 15-Feb-01. The Battle Of Knowledge, Which Involves The Truth Of My Immaculate Conception    'Son. Beloved one. Yes. Today is an important day ...
... every day is.
Today we, you and I venture forth with our Friends, including those on earth. Today, we must plant new seeds that will bear much beautiful fruit ...
... souls for my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ.
Today is to be a day of revelation for you, little one ...
... a day of joy and delight
... a day of accomplishment.
What you will observe will be wonderful but what will be the fullness of this day will only be realised by you in Heaven. My Immaculate Conception, from hereon in, is to become known ...
... is to be made known
... not only by you
... but by many, many children of mine around the world
... for today I complete my call for my great army, my beautiful, wondrous army, to move forward into this battle
... the battle of knowledge
... the battle of knowledge, which involves The Truth of my Immaculate Conception.
Yes, today my army, already in battle around the world, will move in a new direction ...
... a new manoeuvre so to speak
... and the final hour for the camel will suddenly be in his view.
Be at ease, son, for today also, you are to adopt this new manoeuvre to which I will lead you. This is a day for rejoicing. Patience. Perseverance. Peace.'
> 2-Mar-01. My Children Stand Before Me, Astonished And Delighted At The Beauty God Has Given Me    'Little son. Little brother of Peace. Do we not seek the era of Peace, you and I? You and I and all of my children around the world ...
... all of my children in Heaven
... all of my children in Purgatory and Limbo.
Yes, little son of Peace. Yes. I have promised an era of peace. Do you not realise, then, that the world will have an era of peace? Of course you do. This era of peace will come, as you have already been taught, through my Immaculate Conception ...
... through my Immaculate Heart
... through the Immaculate One.
It is The Immaculate Conception that the world desperately needs to know about, because this Gift of God to me is also a Gift to all of my children. This Gift, because it reflects the Perfection of The Eternal-father, is so necessary to all creation. Knowledge of the truth of this is of paramount importance, for this knowledge purifies and expands and perfects adoration of my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ. As I have already explained, my children stand before me, astonished and delighted at the beauty God has given me. When this astonishment and delight is confirmed in my children, they raise their eyes to Jesus Christ, Saviour of all creation, and suddenly realise the true meaning of adoration ...
... which is the recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God
... for in their astonishment at my perfection, their absolute bewilderment of Jesus then, being so far above me and for Whom I am created, reaches the capacity of the human being! I am the way to Jesus, The Christ. I am the way to His Spirit, Who has made me His Spouse. I am the way to the era of Peace and that era has begun. Be sure of this.'
> 15-Mar-01. The Church Is The Tree Of Life - The Tree Of Truth - The Tree Of Love    'Son. Beloved. Be, at ease. Be, in Peace. Peace, little son. How the world needs Peace - that is, Jesus Christ amongst the nations ...
... Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Peace is coming. It is The Spirit of Love and Harmony that will draw The Peace, which is Christ, upon the world. This Peace will be Christ-in-The-Eucharist ...
... that is, Christ present in the world.
Yes, The Eucharist is upon the world and found in every true Catholic Tabernacle ...
... and totally ignored
... but for my children
... the children of The Immaculate Conception.
The Holy Spirit will make Christ's Eucharistic-presence known to all ...
... and He will do so through His Spouse.
I am His Spouse. The Church is His Spouse ...
... The Spouse of Christ.
At the hands of my little children everywhere, will The Holy Spirit bring this Peace. And this Peace is already upon the world. It will burst forth as a tree from the ground, out of the little seed, and will become ...
... a great tree with majestic branches
... the tree of life
... the tree of eternal-life
... for The Universal Church is this Tree.
The Church is The Tree of Life ...
... The Tree of Truth
... The Tree of Love.
Little son
... there
... you have it.
Remain firmly in this Tree of Life. Remain firmly in my Immaculate Conception.'
> 22-Mar-01. The Heights Of True Communication With The Holy Trinity And With One Another    "Little son. Be, in Peace. Peace comes. Peace is on the world. Peace showers upon the world. Peace is being directed to every heart in the world. Peace is blossoming in the heart of every one of my children.
Peace has been given to the world 2,000 years ago when Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, came upon the world. He is Peace. Peace at this time, reaches its fulfilment amongst men. In this fulfilment The Holy Spirit emerges to His Era of Love and Harmony.
In The Universal Church the blossoming of Peace and Love occurs and from It, to all the world. From The Universal Church flows Goodness, The very Goodness of God, which The Church reflects and which The Mother reflects.
This reflection from The Mother is my Immaculate Conception. Thus, in this era of The Spirit the Three Virtues of God will reach perfection in the created universe - Goodness, Peace (Truth and Wisdom) and Love. These Virtues are indivisible from The Three Persons of The Godhead, Who are Their Virtues ...
... One Being
... Three Virtues
... Three Persons
... One Will.
In this era, creation will perceive the fullness of God and in this recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation, will reach the heights of true communication with The Holy Trinity ...
... and with one another.'
> 24-Mar-01 This Is The Source Of Our Astonishment In Our Delight    'Son. Beloved tiny child of mine. Yes, you do belong to me ...
... and I, to you
... and we to Jesus, The Christ my adored Son.
Yet, always do we retain our individual character and freewill. In the Eternal-presence of The Holy Trinity, we find our permanent home and our decision for God is absolute. However, that decision for God is ongoing. It is not as though we forfeit our persons or will ...
... what would be the point of creating us in the first place?
No, God raises us up to a capacity to share in His Divinity. He does not raise us up to swallow us into Himself, but to eternally be aware of His Goodness, Wisdom and Love and to partake of these. We partake of these Wonders always; and at each moment (so to speak), the

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