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Wonders are further opened to us. This is the source of our astonishment in our delight. To reach the capacity God desires, is the beginning of our fulfilled being in Heaven where we continually exercise our will for God's Will and where we continually participate in His Life. Just as my Immaculate Conception reflects His Life, continually, so will the perfections of the Saints reflect His Life, through Christ's Infinite Merits.'
> 29-Mar-01 It Only Remains For The Eternal-Father To Proclaim My Triumph For Jesus    'Child. Little one. Be, at ease. Be, in Peace. Yes, this is again my greeting to you, for I desire Peace for you and for all of my children ...
... and for all of the world.
Peace is saturating the world ...
... yes, yes.
No, you do not perceive this fact, for it is so difficult to observe Peace when evil, strife and chaos seem to reign everywhere. This is the final struggle of the camel and his evil horde who are defeated and who only await the final second when they will be removed to their place ...
... off the earth
... out of the way of my children.
It only remains for The Eternal-father to proclaim my Triumph for Jesus ...
... the Triumph of my children
... the Triumph of The Universal Church
... the Triumph of my Immaculate Conception.
You are not able to guess how and the precise timing of the wonderful event, but you are able to bring it closer ...
... by prayer
... by action
... by following your Mother; your beloved.'
> 11-Apr-01. We Are IMPORTANT To Him    'Son. Tiny child - beloved. It is true that we, you and I, share The very Love of God - as do all of my Children. We share The very Wisdom of God. We share The very Goodness of God ...
... for we share The Three Persons of The Godhead.
This is what we were born for, as a result of our becoming One in Jesus Christ, my adored Son ...
... He for Whom we were created
... ONLY for Whom.
In co-operating with The Father's Will we become One in The Christ and being One in Him, we share ALL that He is, has and does.
It is important to The Holy Trinity that every child of mine participates ...
... because God so made us.
God made us ...
... we issue from The Father
... by The Spirit
... through The Son
... for Jesus, The Christ.
Because we issue from The Father, indirectly in our bodies and souls, and directly, in our persons, and because He has sought to draw us to share His Perfection ...
... we are IMPORTANT to Him.
Yes. My Immaculate Conception highlights this importance, for everything involves sharing.'
> 26-Apr-01. So That I Make Take You To Jesus, The Christ, My Adored Son For His Delight    'Son. Beloved one ...
... of mine
... of The Immaculate Conception.
You have consecrated yourself to me, all that you do and have and are, past present and always. I do take you. I do accept you and I accept you for the very reasons you consecrate yourself ...
... that is, so that I make take you to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son
... for His delight;
... so that The Eternal-will of The Father will be perfectly fulfilled;
... by The Power of Love
... that is, by The Power of The Spirit.
This is a perfect method of consecration to your Mother and Queen. The fact that you do so, also because of your great love for me, is also most important, but this reason is one that follows and is subject to the others. The fact that you consecrate yourself into the company of The Living Creation is also important, but likewise follows on from the prime reasons stated. There are other reasons also, that are secondary ones, such as the desire to gain eternal life and the desire to avoid hell, as well as the desire for help while on earth. These also are healthy reasons for your consecration, but remember always the prime reasons.'
> 2-May-01. The Holy Trinity Gave Existence To Man Because This Was Something That Could Be Done    'Son. So beloved. Love is of God. Love is God. God is Good and Love comes from Him to His creation. In His Goodness and His Love, He shares Truth to His creation. How marvellous is His Love ...
... His Goodness
... His Wisdom.
Although absolute in The Godhead, needing nothing, The Holy Trinity gave existence to man because this was something that could be done. God is absolute and all He does is absolute. The Cross of Jesus, The Christ, is sure example of this.
My adored Son merely had to die to return to His Eternal-father and send His Spirit. He could have died in a peaceful way, even a joyful and happy way. But it was able to be done, that He show His Love so totally, that He embraced His Cross - The Cross that was beyond mankind to carry. So too, The Holy Trinity shares all the virtues of The Godhead to creation. This is something that can be done by God, even though not necessary to God's Absoluteness - so, it was done. Something else done by The Godhead - that was to His little handmaid ...
... her Immaculate Conception
... shared with all of my children.'
> 10-May-01. I Did Do, As The Woman Of Scripture, Clothed-With-The-Sun    'Son. Beloved. I, The Immaculate Conception, call you 'son' and 'beloved' and many other names that express my love for you.
I do this from my heavenly throne provided for me by The Holy Trinity and through The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ. Yet, too, I am at your side, very close to you. This I am able to do for the spirit has this power. In my assumption, where I have my glorified body, as does my adored Son, I am able to do great things for I have reached the perfection that The Father desired for me.
Yet too, I am with my children on earth, helping them, sharing their difficulties, giving them strength. I do these acts with the full support of all the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls. My strength is actually increased and my efforts multiplied by the support of my children on earth. By this support, was I able to gain my Triumph for Jesus over the red dragon, the camel. I did do, as The Woman of Scripture, Clothed-with-the-sun.'
> 18-May-01. Graces In Abundance Shower Upon The Remnant Who Cling To Christ And His Church - To Truth - To The Pope - To The Woman Of Scripture    'Son. Beloved. Peace comes, my son. Do not despair that my Triumph for Jesus The Christ, my adored Son, has not yet been proclaimed. Yet, more and more, individuals around the world realise the fact of my Triumph ...
... the Triumph of my children.
Yes, tiny son of mine, of Heaven, the Triumph can not be held back much longer - its proclamation by The Eternal-father comes soon enough ...
... when every soul of a child of mine
... is rescued.
My Triumph is all about saving souls ...
... about taking them out of the clutches of the camel
... and so the Triumph can not be finalised when even one soul remains to be saved.
Be patient and persevere. Continue along the path you tread ...
... the path lit by my Immaculate Conception.
Embrace the crosses of this period for they reap great rewards by way of souls saved for Jesus. In this era of great apostasy and treachery, Graces in abundance shower upon the remnant who cling to Christ and His Church ...
... to Truth

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