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... to the Pope
... to The Woman of Scripture.'
> 23-May-01. Fear Not Then That You Pay Tribute To A Momento Of Me    'Son. Beloved. You honour me when you pay respect to the things that represent me - my statues, Rosary beads, medals, and so on. Like pictures of loved ones that are cherished, so do I appreciate those who cherish me by respecting momentos of me ...
... especially of my Immaculate Conception.
When I am cherished by my children in this way, I repay them a 'hundred fold'. Cherishing loved ones can bring some reward, but not always. In my case, reward is guaranteed. Not only do I personally provide rewards, but my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, also appreciates those who honour His Mother.
The Eternal-father, Whose perfect reflection I am, also rewards my children. And of course, so does The Spirit of Love, Whose spouse I am.
Fear not then that you pay tribute to a momento of me - or that someone might see you paying this tribute. In the latter case the reward can be multiplied for that may bring you an extra cross and/or may be of great help to the person who sees you.
You do not adore these momentos. No, it is a simple and humble mark of honour to your Mother and Queen. Remember too that I am always ready to call down a miracle from our God as part of the reward of which I 'speak'.'
> 7-Jun-01. My Will Is Always In Agreement As If The Holy Trinity Caresses The Mother To Desire Everything That The Three Persons Desire    'Son. Beloved. Do not be concerned that you do not find time to take up your pen. I am not going away. I will always be beside you. Always. Your hand in mine - your will and mine as one in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son - our will One in The Eternal-father - The Spirit of Love and Harmony abiding in us - in my Immaculate Heart.
Opportunities come and go, but your Mother, The Immaculate Conception, is always steadfast. From The Sacred Heart of her Son, she dispenses The Infinite Merits of Him for Whom all creation exists. From The Sacred Heart I dispense The Virtues of The Creator: Goodness, Truth, Love. Through The Power of The Spirit do I do all that The Eternal-father wills ...
... and His Will is my own will.
Not that I obey Him once His Will is made known, so much, as that my will is always in agreement as if The Holy Trinity caresses The Mother to desire everything that The Three Persons desire. As if by some miracle my desire is always in accord with The divine Will ...
... and thus it is with all of my children
... even though each has his own will and person and being.
This wonderful fulfilment of God and His Servants in absolute and exquisite agreement and harmony is found in its fullness only in Heaven.'
> 21-Jun-01. Do Not Be Concerned Then, That I Repeat Many Things To You    'Son. Beloved. How often I repeat myself ... Is this your thought? You must recall what I have said already - when one speaks to a child one must repeat oneself.
When a child has to learn, repetition is useful - done correctly. So, little child, do I repeat myself to you. Indeed, my communication with you consists of continual repetition, for I always, from moment to moment (so to speak) renew my loving and caring attitude for you. Forever, I shower my Immaculate Conception upon you, sharing this great joy and glory with my little child - from moment to moment in a continuous decision of mine, renewed and renewed ...
... and even shared with greater and greater intensity.
Do not be concerned then, that I repeat many things to you.
I know your needs far better then do you ...
... and I know, far better then do you, The Will of The Eternal-father for you.
Do I not? Walk the world in Peace, little son, as I have so very often said.
Trust me, your Mother ...
... who leads you along The Way
... of her adored Son, Jesus The Christ
... Saviour of the universe.
Persevere and continue to strive for your day to day needs, improving in the virtue of prudence, but ensuring that ...
... you walk in Peace.'
> 24-Jun-01. The Children Of The Rosary Will Spread This Peace Everywhere    'Son. Little one, beloved. Peace. Let Peace fill your soul. Peace of soul is what you need. Be, in Peace - regardless of what tomorrow brings. Do not let the thoughts of what may or may not happen in the future take The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, from you.
He is my adored Son ...
... adored by all creation. Yes, indeed.
Even the camel must acknowledge that Jesus is The Eternal-son made Man ...
... and in the camel's very person
... he must adore my Son.
All creation is made for my Son. All creation comes by the power of The Spirit Who is Love Itself ...
... The Love between Father and Son.
All creation is given from The Father to The Son ...
... for Jesus, The Christ
... for our sakes
... we, the children of God.
And to the children of God, is given Peace and this Peace is to be spread throughout the world. The children of The Rosary will spread this Peace everywhere ...
... and so it is vital
... that my children always, always
... live in Peace.
This Peace is of the mind and of the body. It is of the soul, but mostly it is of your very person. It is for this reason too, that I fill you with my Immaculate Conception.'
> 4-Jul-01. All Is Well For God's Plan For Mankind    'Son. Little child. Be prepared, son. Soon, The Father's Will must be accomplished in the New Era of Love. The Holy Spirit already showers His Love upon creation in a new dynamic way and the world can not proceed in hatred ...
... this hatred must stop.
The deaths and tortures of the innocents and the lowly and humble, must be stopped. The hurts against God and neighbour have peaked and must now subside. The era of Peace which I promised at Fatima is overdue for the world. Only for the sake of souls, have I not fully completed my promise and my victory ...
... for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
My Immaculate Conception must become known in every heart in every land. The Universal Church must be seen as The Church of Jesus Christ. And the camel must be sent to his deathly place. These seemingly impossible requirements will take place and will be accomplished very quickly, once The Eternal-father directs.
Be prepared. Be, in Peace. When you are enabled to move, you must move with great haste and accomplish all you must, with the greatest speed. All is well for God's Plan for mankind. I love you, my tiny warrior.'
> 11-Jul-01. Each Person Is Given The Impetus To Embrace These Virtues By The Infinite Merits Of Jesus    'Son so loved. Loved by Heaven - by Purgatory - by Limbo.
Love comes upon all creation, upon each person, each thing. Love however, may be turned away, leaving the person devoid of The Holy Spirit ...
  ... and so likely to find damnation if he fails to turn to God.
Truth too may be rejected; even Goodness. It is the destiny of my children to be filled with Love and Truth and Goodness, for these are the Virtues of The Godhead. Each person is given the impetus to embrace these Virtues by The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. These Infinite Merits are the virtues of the created person, perfected in Jesus. Each person is also given or offered a share of my Immaculate Conception as well as a share of the perfections of the Angels and Saints, and we in turn, desire a share in each person's perfections ...
... for we are One in Christ
... for we share all in Christ
... for we share The Godhead.
We are One - One Body - One in will - one in Love and Truth and Goodness.
So can I 'say' that all the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls love you. Be, in Peace.'

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