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> 27-Jul-01. The Harmony Of The New Era Will Be The Same Harmony Of The Garden Of Eden    'Son. Beloved one. Peace, I bring to you. 
Peace, is the place to which I take you ...
... and Peace is Jesus Himself.
Peace He is and Peace He gives. Prince of Peace is Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
This Peace which comes to the hearts of my children will become ...
... The Harmony of The New Era of Love.
The Spirit of God is Harmony, Itself. The Spirit gives harmony to all creation - to movement - to materials - to energy - to space ...
... to the spirit
... to the mind.
The Harmony of The New Era will be the same Harmony of the Garden of Eden ...
... the same Harmony is found
... in my Immaculate Conception
... in The Universal Church, in Its true Oneness and Unity.
This Harmony comes upon the world, now. This Harmony drives the camel and his minions from the face of the earth ...
... even if this driving force becomes something of an explosive event.
Cling to The Peace of Christ and reach out to The Harmony of The Spirit. I bless you, son, my betrothed.'
> 3-Aug-01. How Difficult It Is To Share The Gifts Given To Me By The Eternal-Father When My Child Is Impatient And Angry     'Son. Beloved one. Be, in Peace. Yes, once more do I 'say' to you 'be, in Peace', for, once more, do I need to 'say' this. My very tiny child, how often do I need to repeat many things to you, as to a little child! Be, in Peace. Embrace The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son that is within you ...
... perceive It
... live It
... radiate It.
I need you to do this, for the sake of my Triumph for Jesus ...
... and so I need your calmness
... and your freedom from anger
... and your freedom from sin.
Do not allow the little mishaps that come your way to shatter The Peace that fills you. No, instead, let this Peace envelop you, saturate you to overflowing ...
... so that it does overflow
... so that it radiates from you
... and reaches all around you.
Be conscious of this Peace in you. Be conscious of my Immaculate Conception, the beauty and magnificence of which I share with you ...
... and with all of my children.
How difficult it is to share the Gifts given to me by The Eternal-father when my child is impatient and angry! The chance to gain Grace is lost in this impatience and anger. Save your powerful emotions for good ...
... for my Triumph's announcement.'
> 8-Aug-01. And So I Must Remind You To Be Patient And Submissive To God's Will     Son. Beloved. That I repeat my teachings to you, is a fine thing, I would have you know. It is not that you do not accept what I say, but that you are human and subject to original sin and to personal sin. It is your frailties and failings that necessitate my repetition of important points. You do absorb what I say, but so often your memory betrays you, not so much that you forget what I teach, but that you file what I teach away and sometimes without resurfacing, so to speak.
Your failings also cause you to allow your weaknesses to dominate your strength - your impatience over your submissiveness - your depression over your hope. And so I must remind you to be patient and submissive to God's Will. I must remind you about The Peace of Christ, my adored Son - about my Immaculate Conception and I must give you every Grace to continue to be my little warrior ...
... my little Radiator-of-Peace
... my little Straw 
... for my Love for you is so great.
This Love and caring for you brings a yearning from my Mother's Heart for your every desire and your every prayer.
My beloved's arms reach for you to embrace you with every tenderness ...
... in offering all that I am and do and have, to you. Love. Truth. Goodness - be yours.'
> 16-Aug-01. These Gifts From Heaven Are There In The Depths Of Your Being    'Son. Beloved one. Be not surprised at the various changing emotions that well up within you, particularly that which seems to indicate that you are withdrawing from me, your Mother and Queen ...
... your Immaculate Conception.
That you seem reluctant and even wary of taking up your pen to write my 'words' for you, is to be expected. Do you think that you will continue to experience the joy and delight that you have when I 'speak' to you ...
... when it is by this little Straw-of-God that the evil empire is being destroyed?
... when this little Straw is breaking the camel's back?
... when the awful eternity of hell awaits the camel and his horde of repulsive sinners?
No, my son. No. No. Indeed, is it not surprising that you are even now writing, when The Father uses you to complete my Triumph for Jesus? It is surprising that you even live! But, as you know, Heaven especially protects you for the Work that you and I accomplish.
Yet, even your body and mind seem to rebel against taking up your humble pen. True, for the world and its attractions; the body and its passions, are also there to thwart you and me and our Work. Be, at ease. Be, in Peace, for even though you do not consciously feel the joy and delight of normal communications between us, nevertheless, these Gifts from Heaven are there in the depths of your being.'
> 23-Aug-01. . The Resurrection Follows The Death    '.Son. Beloved one. Today I 'speak' to you of Love ...
... of The Holy Spirit
... Who is Love.
The Person of The Spirit of Love ...
... The Third Person of The Trinity. He it is Who is now coming upon the earth. He it is Whose Era of Love is upon creation. The Era that naturally follows The Era of The Son and The Era of The Father ...
... The Era of Goodness
... The Era of Truth
... The Era of Love.
Now important is this Era of Love, when God renews creation and man finds himself again in Paradise ...
... again put to the test
... but this time supremely confident
... of total faithfulness to God
... for it is The New Adam Who is to be tested
... and The New Adam is The Mystical Body of Christ
... The Universal Church on earth
... supported by The Church Suffering
... and The Church Triumphant.
Be, in Peace, my son. Hold out in Faith, in perseverance, in patience, in Truth ...
... in my Immaculate Conception'
... in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Cling to me, little one, for the great event will come when all seems the most lost. The Resurrection follows The Death.'
> 31-Aug-01. The Pendulum Swings Your Way - God's Pendulum    'Son. Beloved. Persevere, little one. I know you are being tempted in your patience and perseverance; in your trust and in your hope, in me ...
... The Immaculate Conception.
The problems of the world, the finances, the debts ... yes, I am aware of them. Had you forgotten? I have often 'said' to you that I lead you along 'the way' to my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ, and that you are following me.

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