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How often, too, have I asked you to be, in Peace? I have confirmed also that you are on the right direction and that you do well, with regard to the Divine-will of The Father. Yes, son, do not fear the world. Do not fear the cold of the night or the unwanted attention of men. Do not fear tomorrow or the day after. I am aware of your position in the world, of your finances, of your desires but mostly I am aware ...
... of God's hopes in you
... in what we do together, you and I
... and all of my children.
Be sure that your plight will not last a great deal longer. The pendulum swings your way ...
God's pendulum.'
> 7-Sep-01. Truth Is The Measure Of Things, Worldly And Spiritually    'Son. Beloved. Beloved - a word I love to use in regard to my children. A word that signifies The Love of God shared by Him with all of my children. This Love comes upon all creation and is freely given. Alas, how many of my proposed children have rejected The Love of God. These same children reject The Truth of God ...
... reject The Goodness of God.
Be assured, my tiny son, that where one of these divine Virtues is found, there also will be the other Two. Where One is rejected, all Three are rejected. Be assured, my tiny son, that all who reject Truth reject Goodness and Love.
Truth is the measure of things, worldly and spiritually. Truth proves the humility of God's children, for embracing Truth means embracing the fact that we are creatures and that we have a Creator.
In this reality we find humility. In Truth comes Love. Yes, Love is found in my children all over the world, even where Truth is hidden, but The Truth which underlies the ten Commandments is always to be found in such children, who act upon them ...
... and so find Love and Goodness.
The Truth of my Immaculate Conception is the key to the new Era of Love and this Truth will be spread across the world.'
> 13-Sep-01. You Belong To Me, Do You Not? Of Course Then, I Belong To You    'Son. Beloved. I am your Mother ... your Queen ... your beloved. Yes, that is to say, I belong to you. You are still surprised that I should 'tell' you this, true as it is and as is evident? You belong to me, do you not? Of course then, I belong to you. We are One in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. I come to you - truly - and I share all that I have with you, for we both, you and I, seek absolutely The Eternal-will of The Heavenly-father. 
We seek His Will. We adore His Will. We align our wills with His ...
... for His Will is for our Salvation (yes, mine too)
... for His Will is sure and is of pure destiny
... while our wills are so miserable, weak and ignorant.
I am in Heaven, indeed, and I have found the glorification and the perfection of Heaven, but I see your humanity and I see my humanity before Jesus' Infinite Merits carried me to His Home. In 'telling' you these many insights I do so with some reluctance - not that I do not long to communicate with my tiny warrior - but because I must tell you of my glories ...
... when I would choose otherwise.
Here, you see The Divine-will and so, my compliance, to confirm the great things done to me. The
great things done to me - your very own Immaculate Conception.'
> 22-Sep-01. For The Will Of The Father Unfolds So Wonderfully And So Precisely    'Son.  Beloved one. Today, this beautiful day, I bless you ...
... in The Name
... of The Father
... of The Son
... of The Holy Spirit,
... for The Era of The Spirit is to be confirmed as upon the world, so very shortly.
Yes, son, 'very shortly' can mean months and yes, even years, but do not fret for The Will of The Father unfolds so wonderfully and so precisely ...
... saving so large a number of souls
... and raising good souls to tremendous heights.
Remember that my Immaculate Conception is the key to the confirmation of my Triumph for Jesus, The Christ, Saviour of creation ...
... and of the new Era of Love.
My Immaculate Conception is to be made known to all - every one. This will be done by a miracle - a great miracle you think? - yes, a great miracle but it will seem to be so small a miracle. Persevere, son. Cling to The Peace of Christ, my Son adored by all ...
... but mostly by me
... the little handmaid
... The Woman of Scripture
... your Mother, Queen and beloved.
I hold your hand as you follow this dark path I lead you along ...
... dark in the eyes of man
... but filled with Eternal light
... seen by the inner person.'
> 27-Sep-01. The Love Between Us Is The Spirit Who Issues From The Father And The Son And Is The Love They Have    'Son. So loved. So loved - you are thinking of these two words and well you should, for who can depth the full meaning and reality of Love ...
... The Holy Spirit Himself.
The Person Who is The Spirit, IS Love. The Love between us is The Spirit Who issues from The Father and The Son and is The Love They have. Love is God working in the world, in creation. Love is recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation. So wonderful is this love that even now pours out upon all creation, that it is also the very Harmony, in the full sense of this word, not only in The Godhead but also in creation. Thus, when the New Era of Love fully covers the world, Love and Harmony will reign ...
... in that mankind is free of the camel
... free to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate his Creator
... in a perfect way.
Free also, unfortunately for those involved, to rebel in a new pride, a left-over from the days of the camel, but so offensive to our God Who gives everything to us ...
... including Himself
... including His Son; His Eternal-son, and mine
... including my Immaculate Conception.
Yes, the Era of Love is upon the world and will appear in all its splendour as the new heavens and the new earth, but also as the new Adam, The Universal Church. Praise The Lord.'
> 12-Oct-01. Because His Great Love For Mankind Brought Forth My Immaculate Conception    'Son. So dear to me - to Heaven. Yet, you still become surprised when I 'say' such words of endearment.
But as soon as you recall The Truth of God, that He is Love, you realise that in spite of your littleness and failures, His Love still pours out upon you, like a great waterfall. It is only when you refuse His Love that you are truly barren and like dead wood, ready for the fire. Yes, then you can see that I, even though I be raised so high before God ...
... as His very Queen of Heaven
... which follows His Graciousness in making me The Mother of His Son
... and this because His great Love for mankind brought forth my Immaculate Conception
... you perceive that indeed I do love you so dearly
... that Heaven does love you so dearly.
Yes, my son, my tiny warrior, you recall that The Love of God is a shared Thing ...
... as is The Truth of God
... as is The Goodness of God.
For sharing is what creation is all about ...
... it being so, that creation issues from God
... that creation receives - it shares
... and has nothing to give back that is not given to it
... except its use of freewill.'
> 20-Oct-01. Will Experience Continual Ecstasy And Will Perceive Jesus So Fully And Wonderfully In The Eucharist    'Son. Beloved one. Be, in Peace. Do not judge yourself so severely but be, in Peace, with what God has given you. Yes, strive for the greatest

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