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throne in Heaven out of pure Love for The Eternal-father and dedication to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. But be content from day to day, knowing that I lead you towards the proclamation of my Triumph for Jesus ...
... and so to The Era of Love and Harmony.
It will indeed be 'Harmony', in spite of the new evil that will erupt, for those children of mine who bathe in my Immaculate Conception and in the perfections of the Saints, Angels and Holy Souls, will experience continual ecstasy and will perceive Jesus so fully and wonderfully in The Eucharist. The Holy Mass will become the pinnacle of the lives of my children from day to day. Yes, I know this is already so, but in The Harmony of The New Era, this bliss and this perception will be the same as your Mother felt and perceived at her Son's Presence.
Evil in these days will be different - it will be of the soul and the mind - it will be of the freewill ...
... for pride is thus
... for rebellion is thus
... for hatred is thus.
The evil of these days will be awful to behold, for man will have his full natural prowess in every way.'
> 25-Oct-01. This Is So, For It Is So With Jesus, Himself - My Adored Son    'Little one - little issue from The Eternal-father. Yes, it is true that the person of each issues direct from The Heavenly Father. It is the person in a human being that says 'my' and 'I' as in - 'I have a body and a soul'. This is so, for it is so with Jesus, Himself - my adored Son. It is His Person Who can say 'I assumed to Myself a human body and a human soul'. This is so with Jesus. It is so with each human ...
... created in the image of God
... children and heirs of God
... brothers and sisters to The Lord Jesus
... my children.
You have perceived this, for I have 'told' you of this marvel more then once. Yes - the glory of God! The wonder of God! How He loves us, His creatures! He shows His Love when He gives us Himself ...
... His Goodness
... His Wisdom
... His Love
... His Infinite Merits.
God, The Sharer. God, Who shares all.
So, son, it is in your very person where you 'hear' my 'voice', the 'voice' of your Mother ...
... the 'voice' of The Immaculate Conception.
Rejoice with me, in praising God ...
... Father, Son, Spirit. Rejoice with me, in adoring our Creator, Who shares all.'
> 6-Nov-01. How Necessary For Mankind - Which Hungers For Love That Never Fails - For Truth That Lasts Forever - For Goodness, Pure And Eternal.    'Son. Beloved one. Beloved one - what words! How wonderful are these simple words! Words of Love, that convey so very much ...
... my loving you
... your loving me
... God's Love in us
... God's Will fulfilled in His creatures.
How necessary are these words of Love! How necessary for mankind ...
... which hungers for Love that never fails
... for Truth that lasts forever
... for Goodness, pure and eternal.
The world cries out for these Divine Gifts but looks the other way - deceived - lost - betrayed. The world cries out for Peace even as it murders the unborn and carries on wars at all points of the compass. The world cries out for justice while children receive no justice from parents; students, none from their teachers; citizens, none from their governments; laity, none from their Priests and ministers. But Peace is coming - Truth and Goodness are coming - Love is coming ...
... God is upon the earth.
The earth is His and the children of earth are His issue ...
... and my children.
God is moving evil off His sacred planet - He is moving the evil one, the camel, to the lake of sulphur, never to return ...
... doing so by using His Gift to me ...
... my Immaculate Conception.'
> 22-Nov-01 When You Are Lowest In Your Self-Esteem, I Am Closest To You - When Down And Out, I Hold You Closer To My Heart    'Son. My child. Thank-you. Yes, tiny one, thank-you ...
... for your perseverance
... your patience (yes, your patience)
... your long suffering (yes, this too)
... your loyalty
... the little crosses you bear.
In your alone-ness, you have not succumbed to depression or despair ...
... indeed, you have been strengthened
... refined like gold
... readied for what lies ahead.
When you are lowest in your self-esteem, I am closest to you ...
... when down and out, I hold you closer to my Heart
... draw you deeper INTO my Heart
... when you are deserted, rejected and marginalised, how very close do I come to you.
My Mother's Heart truly beats for her children, especially those who suffer most; especially those who persevere towards The Father's Will ..
... especially you, my tiny warrior, who would save the whole world for my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ! I draw so close to those who delight in my Immaculate Conception, the very Reflection of Our Father!
This is no surprise, is it? No, for I am human, yet I am filled with The Divine-virtues: Goodness, Truth, Love ...
... for I am filled with the created virtues: The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ.
Therefore, my Mother's Heart demands - draws me to - that I embrace my little children, whispering to them of my great love and devotion for them.'
> 24-Nov-01. In This Salvation My Adored Son Opens The Way Of Truth    'Dearest son of The Woman ...
... of The Immaculate Conception.
Yes, it is important that you write the things I 'say' to you. You need this privilege to help you in your feebleness and incapacity. I know that I have expanded your capacity and strengthened you in your feebleness, but with the camel, the world, the worries, the insecurity that lays upon you, you remain in great need of help.
As you well know! But it is needful that you write thus for other reasons that will become obvious in a short while. On the other hand, I am ALWAYS there for you and the line of communication is ALWAYS open between us, the tiny Straw and The Queen.
You have a direct line to me ...
... a line that never closes.
As you take up your pen, your very person turns to me in a special way ...
... not only because I perfectly reflect The Father in Heaven, to Whom you always turn to
... but because of the special Grace given you by The Spirit of Love.
This is needed then, for the saving of souls. What else? Even Christ's great sufferings were meant for this - to save souls - and so we call it 'Redemption' and 'Salvation' and in this Salvation my adored Son opens the Way of Truth ...
... and this Way of Truth is the way I lead you.'
> 30-Nov-01 . How Numerous Are The Times We Have Brought You Back To The Way Lighted By My Immaculate Conception     'Son. Loved one of The Church of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Yes, I am able to vary the way I begin my important messages to you. Indeed, my approach could be varied without limit, but for your sake, do I keep a pattern ..

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