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... do I form an habitual approach
... which assists you in opening your heart to me
... your very person.
To approach you in innumerable ways would not suit my purpose. It would, to the contrary, distract you, when I would bring new Truth to you ...
... for the sake of my Triumph for Jesus
... our Triumph, yours and mine
... The Triumph of all of my children
... The Triumph of The Universal Church.
This Triumph  which is to be proclaimed by The Eternal-father for all peoples, everywhere, to realise
..... (I have missed something here)
You may look forward with eagerness to this proclamation for it is coming ...
... how much longer can it be held back?
Be in Peace, child, my little one ...
... who is always in need
... afraid to take a step forward
... trembling at every corner of The Way.
Corner? Yes, child. While The Way of Christ is sure and direct, the way my children travel this Way, is not so direct and I have to bring them back, so often, so very often. How numerous are the times we have brought you back to The Way lighted by my Immaculate Conception!'
> 6-Dec-01. This Is What Faith Is - The Ability To Know A Truth Even Though You Do Not Understand It    'Son. Beloved one. Be at ease, son of mine ...
... son of The Immaculate Conception.
Who is able to comprehend the great Gift from God, this Gift of being the son of The Immaculate Conception? There is no one to explain this to you - for there is none able. Not only does the world lack the capacity of explaining the wonders of this Gift but there is none on earth capable of understanding the explanation, should it be given!
Yet, this is no concern is it?  Is it not so important that, somehow, you know this is true ...
... this sonship of yours?
Yes, it is most true. And is this not how all of the great Truths of God operate? Indeed it does. And herein, my son, is the answer to your query - this is Faith. This is what Faith is - the ability to know a Truth even though you do not understand it.'
> 10-Dec-01. So Much Does God Respect The Free-Will Of Man    'Son. Loved one. Loved one.
Yes, again I repeat myself ...
... just as lovers do.
How often do you indicate your love for me? Yet, you feel it repetitive when I return the compliment! It is that you think this repetition is not so good for these writings of mine!
Yes, these writings of mine.
It is you who writes, but it is my 'thought' to you that is written. True then - these are our writings, yours and mine.
Be at Peace, tiny son, little warrior, and you will all the more faithfully write what I 'say'. Today, let me thank you for your devotion to my Immaculate Conception which was obvious last Saturday - my Feastday. You can not even glimpse the joy I have in the sons and daughters of mine who delight in my Immaculate Conception and prove this by their actions and prayers. You can not glimpse the authority and strength my children give to me. Yes, I am she who has the sun for her mantle and I am The Woman who crushes the serpent's head, but my power, even though it be the very Power of God, can not prevail without the help of my Children. Just as this Power in the Hands of my adored Son, The Christ, can not prevail except that my children co-operate. So much does God respect the free-will of man.'
> 14-Dec-01. 'Son. Beloved. Assunta ...
... the Saint for you in Heaven
... your Princess of Heaven
... a great patron for you
... before God.
How you love the humble Saint of China, of Italy! How she loves you! Through Assunta did you receive The Prayer of The Signs of The Cross which gathers together your thoughts, actions and desires for the day ...
... which gathers the thoughts, actions and desires of the whole world together for the day! Yes, I say 'for the day' - I say 'the whole world', and here I mean all of the prayers of each person that are undirected. That is, prayers that are out of people who know little of prayer, consciously ...
... prayers of people who realise not that they pray
... prayers even, of the evil ones, which because of their evil, are lost to the world, if they were not gathered up by my children
... prayers of those in Limbo who are all but unrecognised by the world ......... 
(Interrupted here - I find it a bit difficult to understand the last sentence except that somehow, the prayers of those in Limbo can be lost if not gathered by Mary's children ...?)
> 15-Dec-01. For I Offered My Adored Son, Jesus, The Christ, To Him On Calvary    'Son. Beloved. I am truly The Immaculate Conception. The Immaculate Conception. How great God is! How wonderful! How full of Love is He for His creation! How He shares Himself with His creatures! What wonders and marvels does He do for us! And to His little handmaid, on behalf of all of His Children, He has given a full created perfection ...
... my Immaculate Conception.
In this wonderful Gift, He gave me His only Eternal-son ...
... to me first of all
... and then to all creation
... through me
... for I am the sole representative
... of creation.
Only to His handmaid did the Archangel come. Only to His handmaid did the question of co-operation come. Only from His handmaid, did the necessary reply come ...
... my 'yes'.
My Immaculate Conception - for He gave this to me forever - is the exquisite Altar which God used for The Sacrifice of Love offered to Him by creation ...
... for I offered my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ, to Him on Calvary
... together with myself
... and Jesus, The Son of Man, offered Himself to God on The Cross 
... ' (interrupted again!)
> 20-Dec-01. For Otherwise The Gift From The Father Would Be Empty And The Son Could Not Take The Gift To Himself    'Son. Beloved one ...
... of The Immaculate Conception.
The Immaculate Conception ...
... a Gift from God
... to creation.
I am this Gift ...
... I, the lowly handmaid
... brought forth from nothing
... exactly as are my children.
But God, in His monumental plans for His Children, did not hold back in His Divine-sharing and gave to me, for all time and forever, this Gift ...
... for all creation
... but first of all
... for His Eternal-son.
He is the supreme reason for The Immaculate Conception ...

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