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... my adored Son, Jesus The Christ
... the reason for the very existence of all creation.
The Eternal-father by His Love, brought forth all creation for His Son. His Son, by His Love, received all creation. Yet, creation is the profitable result - for mankind, in this Divine-gift, was given being and even the capacity to share The Godhead. Thus were my Children given the divine powers to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate their Creator ...
... for otherwise the Gift from The Father
... would be empty
... and The Son could not take the Gift
... to Himself.'
> 27-Dec-01. The Eternal-Father Reaches Out For You    'Son. Tiny one, beloved of God ...
... beloved of The Father.
The Eternal-father reaches out for you, my little warrior. In your insecurity and your lowliness and you pathetic situation ...
... in your spiritual dryness
... in your desperate situation
... in your realisation that what you do, means nothing
... unless The Spirit is with you
... unless The Will of God follows you
... unless it is for souls for Jesus, The Christ, Saviour of creation, my adored Son.
Be at ease - in Peace. The Holy-father allows these many little crosses, for you are not ready for crosses that are fatal ...
... no, they will come in the new Era of Love.
Be at ease, for your little crosses, if not fatal, are numerous and long-lasting and so, have wonderful effect, united to The Cross of Salvation. Be at Peace, for I remain loyal to your cause - my cause - as you follow the path along which I lead you. I continue to lay upon you my Immaculate Conception as I have with no other, ever. This sharing of my Immaculate Conception with my tiny warrior is unique just as is the special battle we, you and I, wage against the camel.
Thus, The Eternal-father 'watches' His Queen and her little servant fulfil His Will which is ...
... the final defeat of the camel
... so that his place in hell is never again unoccupied.'
> 4-Jan-02. Love Is The Destination Of Truth For Truth Is The Way    'Son. Beloved one.
Beloved ...
... God-with-us
... The Spirit moving in the world.
This is Love. Indeed, Love is all-important for creation ...
... just as it is for The Creator.
Love is the destination ...
... of Truth
... for Truth is The Way.
Love is the destination ...
... of Goodness
... for Goodness is being and doing well, before God.
Thus Love issues out of Truth and Goodness ...
... and so perfect Love
... issues out of perfect Truth
... and perfect Goodness
... and these can be found in man
... for God does share Himself
... with His children
... my children
... children of The Immaculate Conception.
Yes, son of mine, all who arrive at Eternal-life are children of mine ...
... no others enter!
But I have children everywhere and some even do not know of my Immaculate Conception and are not aware of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. But ignorance covers many things - 'Forgive them Father, they know not what they do' - and so many are saved through my children of The Rosary.'
> 5-Jan-02. ? It Will Surprise Very Many That My Children Around The World, Comprise The Majority    'Son. Beloved one. How many are my children around the earth? It will surprise very many that my children around the world, comprise the majority! Yes, the world is covered with children of The Woman of Scripture ...
.... of The Immaculate Conception
... of The Virgin Mother.
Though I be a virgin, my Motherhood comprises an enormous number of children, everywhere. How many children are saved by my most special children, the children of The Rosary? Again, the answer is the same :- the majority of people everywhere ...
... for my children of The Rosary are not numerous as compared to these other children.
But son, how powerful they are ...
... lodging as the do
... in my Immaculate Heart
... situated beside The Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
With their Mother, my Rosary children come before Jesus with His very Own Power, in Truth and Goodness and Love ...
... and His Inifinite Merits are enlivened, so to speak
... they are quickened and distributed everywhere
... by The Spirit of Love.
Jesus' Infinite Merits rests upon the very person of each of my children ...
... who are identified by my on embrace.
It is true that many are not of The Universal Church but they will become members of The Mystical Body when Heaven in fulfilled in God's Children.'
> 8-Jan-02. . I Store Away Your Treasure For You. I Join Them To My Own    'Son. Child of God. Yet again, let me 'say' ' be, in Peace'.
See to your soul. Consider your faults and offences - consider your sins and your failures to respond to divine impulses. You doubt the impulses you receive and so you should, but act upon impulses once you have re-consecrated yourself to my Immaculate Conception.
Having re-consecrated yourself, then proceed on the impulse if it is acceptable to you. Remember, however, that acting on impulse given you will bring Graces upon you and upon those you would help. You must ensure that any impulse is not sinful, if carried out.
You do receive so many impulses from the camel which you rightly set aside and feel tainted by them. You may not help feeling tainted but remember the priestly advice that temptations can be a source of great Grace. Bear with them and hold them as little crosses that you bear in following The Cross of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. Son of mine, bear all your little crosses well and cheerfully and with courage for they are small crosses on earth but they are magnified into mighty crosses in Heaven and it is in Heaven that your real treasure must be stored. I store away your treasure for you. I join them to my own.'
> 10-Jan-02. For In Embracing Your Crosses You Embrace The Very Will Of The Eternal-Father    'Son. My son, so loved ...
... and yet, it would seem, so unloved. This is an illusion that God allows to strengthen your faith and resolve and is a little cross to carry with Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ...
... Who carried the great Cross of Salvation.
The Cross of Salvation ...
... that opened for us
... entry to The God-head.
The Cross, embraced with so great a Love by Jesus for He knew Salvation existed there. How different from the wisdom of the world which flies off in terror at even the smallest agony! How different from your own ambition, my tiny son! You who seek great wealth to

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