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move the world, yet you remain in a situation that is leading you to loss of what you have! Fear not. Hold on to Peace. Embrace your crosses for in embracing your crosses you embrace The very Will of The Eternal-father. Yes, indeed. Be, in Peace, son of mine, for I lead you on The Way of Christ and I travel every mile beside you, giving strength and will. Your great Guardian Angel wields The very Power of God and He too walks along The Way you travel ...
... as does our Friends in Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo.
The Way you walk, with Assunta, Princess of Heaven, is a delightful way - why not delight in it?'
> 31-Jan-02. Radiate This Peace By Your Constancy In Obedience To The Universal Church    'Son. Beloved one. Be, at Peace. Peace is the Gift I bring to you. Open your soul and body to Peace, but mostly embrace this Peace with your very person. Peace can not be taken from you. If you embrace Peace, it will never leave you - only you, yourself, can separate yourself from The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. Radiate this Peace, tiny son.
Radiate this Peace by your constancy in obedience to The Universal Church and in your unending quest for Truth. Truth and Peace are inseparable. Truth comes with Peace and Peace comes with Truth. Be constant but be not angry - carry your little crosses and feel the pleasure you gain in the knowledge that Jesus joins your crosses to His Cross of Salvation.
He needs your little crosses to complete His great Redemption of all creation. Feel the joy of the little crosses of suffering - feel the Grace of God - feel the power of the crosses ... ' (Interrupted - I am quite sure that the next line was to read: 'For the great proclamation of The Heavenly-father of my Immaculate Conception, please carry your little crosses with joy behind The Cross of The Christ.'
8-Feb-02. The World Is To Perceive, Clearly, The Great Work Of The Heavenly-Father And This Great Work Is:-  His Immaculate Conception    'Son. Beloved. Be, in Peace. Allow nothing to move you away from Peace - nothing. Let Peace reign in your very person and reflect in your soul and be evident in your body ...
... even in suffering
... even in darkness
... even in dryness
... even in your faults and failings and frailties!
Peace IS in you; part of you. Peace motivates you and is the reason for your life in the world ...
... for Peace is Christ the King
... and for Him only were you created.
The Eternal-father is bringing Peace to the world so that the fullness of The Spirit of Love can quickly envelop this new Era of Harmony. In this Peace, look to me, The Immaculate Conception, for by this Gift to all creation The Eternal-father will proclaim the new Era of Love. The world is to perceive, clearly, the great Work of The Heavenly-father and this great Work ...
... is His Immaculate Conception
... given to creation
... in His little Handmaid
... so that the Era of Truth
... would claim the world
... through and for The Eternal-word.
So too, is this new Era to be introduced ...
... in His little Handmaid
... for and through The Pillar and Ground of Truth.'
11-Feb-02 In Fact, Great And Wonderful Events Are Occurring
'Son. Beloved one.
We live, now, in the Era of The Holy Spirit ...
... in the Era of Love and Harmony.
The Era of Truth - that is, the Era of The Eternal-son - has merged into this new Era ...
... just as the Era of Goodness - that is, the Era of The Eternal-father - merged into the Era of Truth.
This is as The Eternal Trinity exists - The Son issues from The Father and The Spirit issues from Them Both.
As the Era of Love progresses from the Era of Truth and from the Era of Goodness, this progress will seem slow.
This progress seems slow already, you would confirm!
Yet, this is as it seems - in fact, great and wonderful events are occurring. It is only when one looks back in history, do events seem to occur quickly ...
... such as the fall of Communism
... when in fact much effort first took place over a long period.
The fullness of The Era of Love will likewise descend upon creation and this will seem a slow event, but in fact, it will occur quite rapidly.
The proclamation of my Victory over the red dragon, which will be the proclamation of my Immaculate Conception by The Heavenly-father, is before us.
This event draws rapidly near to this generation. We therefore - you and I - have much to do.'
27-Feb-02. I Did Not Have A Heavenly Mother
'Son, little child of Love ...
... little child of Truth
... little child of Goodness.
So, you see, you are a child of God.
Yes, a child still struggling towards sainthood, with a good way to go, but even in your lack of courage and lack of prudence - even in your failures to strictly do Our Father's Will ...
... you are a child of God.
How great it is, my son, to be a child of The Father as you and I are.
And you are my child, too - as I am The Heavenly Mother.
I did not have a Heavenly Mother, but The Eternal-father gave me another tremendous Gift ...
... His Immaculate Conception.
I say 'his' for it is a
Gift from Him.
Having given this to His little Handmaid, He gave it forever and completely, so that I can say that it is mine!
The Immaculate Conception is mine.
Yet, I am given to The Eternal-son, Jesus, my adored Son.
You see that the Gift is now given to Jesus but of course, He shares everything with The Children of The Father, Who make up His Mystical Body.
From His Sacred Heart, He gives me to His brothers and sisters ...
... did He give them me
... in my Motherhood
... in my Immaculate Conception
... in everything that I am.
I join my Son, my God, in giving and sharing all that I am.'
8-Mar-02.  A Poor Sign of Your Trust in Your Mother
'Little one - my son and betrothed.
Betrothed. You are shy to write down the word 'betrothed', but do not worry. I appreciate this little habit of yours - it is a humble one, even though it is also a poor sign of your trust in your Mother.
Why? Because I already explained our relationship to you and it is totally based on Goodness, on Truth and on Love ...
... it is based on your sharing of
... my Immaculate Conception.
Be, in Peace.
Be content and be patient.'
10-Mar-02. I do not forget that they are the ones who carry The Cross of The Church
'Son. Little, little son of mine.
Yes certainly, my betrothed!
Please be, in Peace - always ...
... for I will always be at your side
... on earth
... in Heaven.
Those who are in refuge in my Immaculate Heart, my children of The Holy Rosary, my army, are with me in Heaven forever. They will

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