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always be associated with The Woman of Scripture ...
... who conquered the red dragon
... the camel.
The Mother is The Queen of Heaven enjoying closeness to The Redeemer, her Son, and with her are her children.
Those who proclaim my Immaculate Conception in this era of deception, so quickly coming to its close, are my favourite children ...
... given to me by The Eternal-father
... through Jesus' Infinite Merits
... by The Love They have.
I do not forget my children and their sufferings.
I do not forget that they are the ones who carry The Cross of The Church ...
... and so become little Christs
... little redeemers
... apostles in the modern world.
Apostles of The Woman of Scripture, you are my favourites ...
... come to me
... be with me forever
... beside my Son
... for Whom we were created
... for Whom we have won The Triumph.
Do not now relax in your vigilance or grow weary in your perseverance or lose your enthusiasm for souls for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
For it is so soon that this Triumph is proclaimed.'
11-Mar-02. Yes, my children will read these words and the words will penetrate their hearts
'Son. So loved.
Yes, what you write - that which I 'say' - is to be made available to the world.
Do not, for this reason - or any other - be timid when you place your very person before me, to listen to Truth ...
... for this is what I teach you.
Who knows you, little son?
It is not you that is to be given to the world at this time - it is these lines of writing.
Yes, my children will read these words and the words will penetrate their hearts - while they will love the writer of these words, they will be conscious only of what they read ...
... and the Graces received.
It is the message, little, tiny warrior of mine - not the messenger.
It is The Woman of Scripture, The Immaculate Conception, about whom my children will think - not the messenger.
I would have you, for the moment, the little unknown writer - the little messenger who still seeks The Divine-will of The Father, in obscurity
This will please you. Yes.
Thus, you might be, in Peace, and open yourself, without the worry of a world-wide audience.
I share The Love of God with you, son.
We, together, look forward to this Love moulding the whole world and all creation ...
... already under way.'
18-Mar-02. I am The Mother by way of the very person of each of my children, for their persons issue directly from The Father
'Son. Beloved one.
St. Patrick - a Father of The Church.
St. Cyril - a Father of The Church.
In these Saints we perceive the power and the glory and the wisdom of God ...
... for our divine Creator shares His Divinity.
How great He is!
How wondrous He is!
How astounding He is!
God of Power - God of Glory - God of Wisdom.
Our Creator shares Himself - what else can He share? - most especially and most fully, with my children ...
... Children of The Immaculate Conception
... Children of The Woman
... of The Mother.
I, The Virgin, have become The Mother of all of The Father's Children ...
... first of all, Jesus, The Christ
... and then, through The Crucified Christ
... of all of His brothers and sisters.
I am The Mother by way of the very person of each of my children, for their persons issue directly from The Father ...
... directly
... for their persons are His thought of each of them
... and His thought of each
... includes my Motherhood of each.
My tiny warrior is especially my son and heir, for he is the 'apple of The Father's Eye', so to speak ...
... and so important for the world's imminent entry
... into The Era of Love
... now upon creation.
Be, at ease, little son, for you must remember that all that you have, has been given you ...
... except the way you use your freewill
... and your freewill must be used to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate The Holy Trinity and in Him, your neighbour.'
22-Mar-02.  for humility is based on Truth
'Little child. Be calm ...
... be cool, as some say
... be, in Peace.
We have considered the urgent need for Peace in all areas of the world, not excluding the wealthy nations and their family break-ups and all the evils and deceptions that issue from the contraceptive mentality.
A new power enters the world scene ...
... The Spirit of Love.
This Power will overcome all evil now found, everywhere, giving all the world's children a new Eden in which to raise themselves as true children of God.
The Spirit works through His little handmaid, using that great Gift to me ...
... my Immaculate Conception.
It is I, The Woman, who say so, even though I be The Immaculate Conception ...
... for humility is based on Truth
... and I must 'speak' to you of Truth
... even as I may 'sound' less then humble.
In 'speaking' of The Truth, that is to say of The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity, Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, we realise the greatness of God and the littleness of His creatures.
In realising more perfectly this greatness of God, I am the more brought to humility, being a creature fashioned by Him.
This great Gift to me brought me to the greatest possible realisation of Truth and Love and Goodness, which in turn brought me to the greatest possible realisation of the meanness of sinful man.
Thus, even if free from all sin, I am still of man and my humility was as great as possible.
Humility thus issues from Truth.
Face The Truth, little one, and embrace humility as you carry your tiny crosses.'
5-May-02. The Truth of my Immaculate Conception consoles my children
'Son. Child of Peace.
I say ' child of Peace' because you are disturbed and angry. Yes, perhaps because of the evil in the world, still, ...

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