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... but I desire for you
... Peace.
Peace is what you must reach for - pray for - live for ...
... for Peace must first come to my children
... and then to the world.
If you are to radiate Peace, you must first be filled with The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
How often, you think, have I mentioned Peace to you?
It is true that I must remind you, again and again, that Peace is your quest ...
... that Peace is the quest of the world
... that Peace is Christ
... The Truth for the world.
How we love Truth, you and I! How marvellous and glorious is Truth!
The Truth of God!
The Meaning of all things!
Truth is Reality - It is sanity.
And the Truth of my Immaculate Conception is a great balm for the many ravages laid upon my little children.
The Truth of my Immaculate Conception consoles my children ...
... gives them delight
... gives them security
... gives them balance and fortitude
... gives them great strength
... for they need these qualities as the venture and pass into the new Era of Harmony.
You, my child, need these qualities and I invite you to clasp, again and with more vigour, my Immaculate Heart.'
9-April-02. God belongs to us.
'Son. Dear son of mine.
'Belonging' is a word that suits Heaven.
We belong to God. In Him we are one ...
... we are fulfilled.
God belongs to us. He has shared all that He is and has, with my children.
All of the children of God share what they are and have with one another - each belongs to the other.
I too belong to all of God's Children and I share all that I am and have, with each one ...
... particularly my Immaculate Conception.
This belonging that so well describes Heaven, is a pure wonder of delight and of supreme happiness, satiated in the fulfilment for which God created us.
Son, be at ease - 'listen' to my 'voice' - for I 'speak' of great Truth which I desire for you.
This belonging in no way destroys the person of each or any or any of us, in Heaven, but fulfils it ...
... consolidates each of us in our unique person
... secures our uniqueness forever
... joining The Three Divine-persons in The Godhead.
It could be said that, where Three Persons occupied The Godhead, in due course, there will be a multitude of God's Children, the persons of whom will occupy The Godhead.
So, belonging to God is of such amazing importance.
But too, God grave me to His Children ...
... and so, His Children to me
... and here, we have an extension of the eternal-belonging
... where I and my Children are they who have thrones in Heaven.
No one enters God's belonging unless he is a child of mine.
That is to say that some children of mine do not belong to The Catholic Church, due to personal circumstances.
They still remain my children because, had they the opportunity to so choose, they would have ran to my embrace.
They lead their lives in Goodness, Truth and Love, in their circumstances.
My son, prayer is needed for any child of mine who enters my embrace and great prayer is needed from those to whom God has granted great gifts.'
14-Apr-02. The Love will be found in the New Jerusalem that is descending, even now, upon creation
'Son. Child of mine ...
... child of The Mother.
It is a glorious Gift of God to me, that I am Mother to all of His Children ...
... and it is a great responsibility which I carry out through The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
For Him do I labour as Mother ...
... yet how many children are lost to Him!
How many choose the way of the camel, even now, in his final days on earth!
But, little child, my adored Son claims the greatest number of souls for Heaven ...
... for His Mystical Body
... which is becoming complete
... in His Universal Church.
This completion is being effected by my Immaculate Conception ...
... and through Truth
... leading to Love and Harmony.
The Love will be found in the New Jerusalem that is descending, even now, upon creation ...
... for it is The Era of Love.
The New Jerusalem is the fruit of The Spirit of Love, and issues from the fruit of The Father - my Immaculate Conception - and of The Son - The Universal Church.
The New Jerusalem is the new Garden of Eden in which mankind will prove itself as obedient to its Creator.
The new Adam, The Church, will overcome all temptations and obstacles and will give glory to God. The Church will find splendour in its ...
... recognition
... acknowledgment and
... appreciation
... of The Holy Trinity and of The Works of The Three Persons, and will be faithful and true.
Little son, write what I 'say' in Peace and Truth ...
... as a member of Jesus' Mystical Body
... and be patient.'
19-Apr-02. In acknowledging His Work - my Immaculate Conception - the whole world will immediately perceive the one, true Church of Jesus Christ
'Little one. Beloved son ...
... friend.
My friend in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
You are this friend - of course, you are. We work as a team, I and my children, and you especially. Working together, people get to know the companions who share their work and, with some exceptions, generally form friendships.
You and I, the tiny warrior and The Queen, the little handmaid, work together for the proclamation to the world, of my Immaculate Conception ...
... which will be made by The Eternal-father, Himself. He will issue the proclamation, for The Immaculate Conception is His very Own Work in creation ...
... and so reflects His Goodness and Eternal-purity.
It reflects His Eternal-existence.
Being The Mother of His Son, this reflection is brought to completion.
You note that my Immaculate Conception has been at the forefront of Catholic activity for many decades, since it became a Dogma of The Church.

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