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'Son. Beloved of The Immaculate Conception.
You really must come to me in this way, in Peace ...
... at ease.
Have absolute confidence in me ...
... that I will always be there.
Read again, my son, the last locution - now.
You read my 'words' and you are delighted, yet how hesitant you were then - how distracted! Even then, in spite of the distance you retreated, I was still able to use your pen for the love and the glory and the gratitude of God.
Be confident then, as you approach your Mother, who is so gentle and loving and so meek with her children.
Yes, as The Woman of Scripture, who defeats the serpent, I am strong, victorious ...
... I am supreme
... because of The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
But this strength of mine should also give you confidence and peace of mind.
Indeed, each of the attributes given me by The Heavenly-father will instil in you greater trust in me and in the work I do ...
... through you.
It is your own lowliness that causes you to be distant and which dampens your desire to take up your pen. It is your own lack of confidence, even in God, that holds back your enthusiasm.
But unfortunately, it is also your attitude of mind whereby you have begun to take for granted, these communications between us ...
... The Queen and her little warrior.
Still, my son, even though you are dry and withdrawn in your enthusiasm and in your trust ...
... be most aware
... that your Mother and Queen
... will always, always be there for you
... for I follow in the footsteps of my adored Son, Who never fails a single soul.'
24-May-02 Every day is a gift to creation
'Son. Beloved son of The Immaculate Conception.
Today, I 'tell' you, little one, is of such importance to you, and therefore to me ...
... for I do rely on you so greatly.
Today we, you and I, will move yet another step forward towards the day The Lord announces my victory ...
... my Triumph for Jesus
... our Triumph for Jesus.
Today will see this Triumph become more of a reality ...
... for its reality involves The Lord's proclamation.
I desire therefore that you remain calm, in Peace, prayerful and expectant ...
... hopeful.
This is the day that The Lord has made.
Yes, every day is the day that The Lord has made and so every day is to be honoured as the Work of His Hands.
Every day is a gift to creation ...
... to humanity
... but particularly to my Children.
Every day is an opportunity for my children to bring the world to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Let us, you and I, and all of my children, bring the world to our Saviour; to our God ...
... my Son.
But today is more special for today brings that event much closer, for today is like no other day in the world's history of salvation.
It is fitting that it is my feastday as 'Our Lady Help of Christians'.
This is truly what I am ...
... help for Christians.
In helping Christians to perfection, I help the world towards perfection ...
... and it is my Children of The Rosary who are my assistants in this Work for Jesus Christ.
Go through this day, little warrior, with these thoughts in mind and with my blessing.'
30-May-02.  Marvellous events will take place in this Era but the greatest will relate to The Holy Eucharist
'Son of mine. Beloved.
I bring you Peace ...
... Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Peace comes upon the world for Jesus comes upon the world.
As The Era of The Son merges into The Era of The Spirit of Love ...
... Peace enters history in a new exciting way
... and this Peace becomes Harmony
... The Harmony of The Holy Spirit.
This Harmony will consume the world opening all peoples to The Universal Church and Her Doctrines.
All peoples will turn to these Doctrines for they are the source of Harmony ...
... out of the Word of God
... comes Harmony
... comes Love.
This Harmony will enable and encourage all peoples to attain the greatest dignity given to man ...
... the same as given to Adam and Eve
... except in this Era of The Spirit
... the knowledge of good and evil
... already is a fact of life.
Marvellous events will take place in this Era but the greatest will relate to The Holy Eucharist ...
... for in It, The Son of God, Jesus Christ
... will be easily and surely discerned by all.
This discernment will be a marvel to the nations and will draw all nations to Christ ...
... to The Blessed Sacrament.
The pure Wonder and Beauty of The Sacrament - of The Divine Person therein - will bring all peoples to their knees ...
... drawing upon themselves the fullness
... of The Spirit of Love
... and Truth will envelop them
... which Truth will include my Immaculate Conception.'
8-Jun-02.  My child knows that he may dare present himself to his Creator when clothed in my own glory.'
'Son. Beloved ...
... so needy.
You are aware, so clearly, of your great need of our God, especially as you find sickness and age leaving you so very helpless.
In such cases my children are forced to realise their incapabilities and their reliability on God.
How much do we need The Creator!
Even though he has given us a permanent existence, in body, soul and person ...
... we become aware that our immortality
... in Heaven
... is yet to be confirmed.
You must persevere to the very end when you come to face your judgment.
It is well, then, to bear in mind that you WILL face your judgment ...
... and so, never take for granted
... God's great Mercy.
Even though He gives freely, His Mercy, it is not for anyone to presume that his entry into Heaven is a foregone conclusion.
This, together with the great awe that we must have before God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, makes up our 'fear of The Lord'.
How wise is my child who is so grateful for the Mercy of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, while at the same time, walks the earth

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