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earnestly recalling the great power and majesty of God, while ever mindful that he must yet come before Him to answer for the investment he has made with the talents given him.
How delighted is The Holy Trinity with my child when he comes close to The Divinity in love and astonishment but yet retains a humble heart!
This is done quite easily when my child comes before his Creator covered in my Immaculate Conception.
My child knows that he may dare present himself to his Creator when clothed in my own glory.'
13-Jun-02.  The Image of Goodness
'Son. Beloved one.
Love is indeed the greatest Virtue of The Godhead.
Yes, but so also are Wisdom and Goodness.
These Divine-virtues constitute The Godhead. Without One, There is no Godhead.
As I have already explained ...
... Wisdom issues from Goodness
... Love issues from Wisdom and Goodness.
This is true for The Godhead.
It is true for creation.
Love, in creation, does not manifest Itself, if Wisdom is absent.
This Truth applies to all of The Divine-virtues in creation.
The formula also applies to created spiritual and to created physical spheres ...
... for creation reflects The Godhead
... It is fashioned on The Godhead.
Just as my children are fashioned, but my children reflect The Godhead in the most perfect manner ...
... just as do I
... in my Immaculate Conception.
God gave creation, through Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, a most wonderful Gift ...
... and this Gift came through me
... and this Gift is my Immaculate Conception
... through which came The Christ
... through which came The Church.
The Immaculate Conception is a thing of creation which The Father brought forth in His Image - The Image of Goodness - - because He desires to raise creation to Divinity.
This too is the purpose of The Eternal-son's taking to Himself a body and soul ...
... to raise man to Divinity.'
22-Jun-02.   How wonderful to be little on earth
'Little son. Beloved little one.
How wonderful to be little on earth, for of such is The Kingdom of Heaven.
How wonderful to be small and unknown and neglected, for God's Graces flow so much easier to these children of mine.
How difficult, on the other hand, for Grace to flow into the souls of the great and mighty who are unable to perceive their lowliness, thinking instead that they are high in all good things.
The Grace of God flows throughout creation and flows easily into the souls of my tiny children of The Rosary who are devoted to this simple, child-like prayer.
The Grace of God flows towards all of His Children and how distressful it is to observe His Grace halted at the soul's entry because of the pride of that person.
Pride is that which goes hand in hand with defiance and disobedience and becomes a bar to the Graces of God.
How our Creator would fill to overflowing the souls of each and every person! But His Gifts are so often rejected.
And the time allotted to each person is so small ...
... the time of his life on earth.
How should each person be consumed with the most ardent desire to gain every Grace while he lives upon the earth!
For on death the limitless possibilities and potentials for Sainthood no longer exist!
While you are on earth, my tiny son, leave no stone unturned in your search for God's Graces ...
... not for your own glory
... but for the glory of God
... so that you will perfectly delight my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
Embrace my Immaculate Conception which I freely give to you and open your very person to The Virtues of The Creator and to The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ ...
... and perfectly fulfil The Eternal-will of The Father
... and perfectly assist is saving many, many souls.'
27-Jun-02.   You are expected to assist in carrying The Cross of The Universal Church
'Son. Little one beloved.
I 'see' you, son ...
... all of you
... body, soul, person.
There is nothing about you that I do not 'see', for you have consecrated yourself to me ...
... totally, body, soul, person.
Therefore I am at liberty to study your whole being with the view to making you a perfect gift ...
... from The Eternal-father
... to Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son
... The second Person of The Holy Trinity.
This I do because of God's Love for you ...
... that is, by the power of Love
... The Holy Spirit.
If you enter the secure refuge of my Immaculate Conception - my Immaculate Heart - you look to me to protect you, body, soul, person ...
... in accord to The Eternal-will of Our Father in Heaven.
In this protection, you become a most dear son of mine and you co-operate with the work I do for our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
In this co-operation you are expected to assist in carrying The Cross of The Universal Church by remaining obedient to Christ's Vicar, John Paul II; by you continued devotion to me and by you ever-greater adoration of Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in The Sacrament of Love.
Other crosses are also laid upon you, in accord to Our Father's desire to raise you to high Heaven and in accord to your capacity and your desire for souls for my adored Son.
In all this I remain at your side, indeed in your heart, to give you strength and perseverance and patience.
Walk forward upon the earth, little warrior, with the greatest of confidence ...
... but always in the greatest humility
... which you secure by embracing The Truth
... for The Truth not only sets you free
... but places The Creator and all creation in perfect perspective.'
02-Jul-02. heralds His Era of Love.
'Son. Beloved little warrior of my Immaculate Conception.
This gift given to you, that is to be a tiny warrior of my Immaculate Conception is a most precious one, given to you by The Eternal-father ...
... given to you with loving approval by my adored Son, Jesus The Christ
... given through His Infinite Merits
... given by the Power of The Spirit of Love.
The Holy Spirit is most pleased that you are a little warrior of His Spouse, for that very reason, but also because this gift to you heralds His Era of Love.
In that way, you are also a tiny warrior for The Spirit of Love.
Therefore, embrace this gift from The Blessed Trinity - it is a gift of Goodness, of Truth and of Love.

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