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Be patient in this gift.
Be persevering in this gift.
Be, at Peace, in this Gift.
For the love and the gratitude and the glory of God.'
22-Jul-02.   The Church of Christ will be steadfast and sure and obedient and co-operative in this Eucharistic Era of Love!
'Son. Beloved tiny child of Heaven.
You are not able to judge the state of your soul by the emotions of your body. In fact, God's Graces may flow upon you most when your feel furthest away from Him.
When you despise yourself the most, it is possible that at that time, God loves you all the more.
I use the word 'loves' in the sense that God is more pleased with you and so His Love has a more penetrating power.
Indeed, God's Love is unchanging and reins down upon all creation with perfect and continuous power.
It is the human with freewill who is able to shield himself from The Love of God.
He does this by sin - by his offences against His Creator.
It is opportune, after a century given over to the camel, that God's Love should be revealed to all peoples.
No longer will His Love be ignored out of ignorance or of sinfulness. No, His Love will be truly apparent to all peoples.
No person will be unaware that God shares His Love with him.
That does not mean that man will embrace The Spirit of Love. No. It means that any man who refuses divine Love will do so in total consciousness of what he does.
That is to say - the evil people will know their evil. That being so, the children of mine, of my Immaculate Conception - those who embrace The Spirit of Love - will also be fully aware of each and every person who embraces evil.
This will be so, because man will be given a second chance and will be like Adam and Eve in a new heaven and a new earth.
My children will not fail. The Church of Christ will be steadfast and sure and obedient and co-operative in this Eucharistic Era of Love!'
29-Jul-02.  This is why I am The Mother of all of God's Children, beginning with Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son
'Son. Beloved son of God, of Heaven.
I 'speak' to you of my Immaculate Conception ...
... not for my own glory
... but for the glory of God.
I 'speak' to you of this wondrous Gift to me ...
... not for my own benefits
... but for the benefits of my children.
This great Gift comes from God and came out of Him as a Gift to creation ...
... and so creation must be eternally grateful to God
... that He should raise and preserve His perfect creature
... His perfect reflection.
My Immaculate Conception is a Gift first of all, from The Father to The Son, by The Love of The Spirit.
The Son, in delighting in His Father's Gift, going so far as to take Flesh and Blood from her and issuing out of her into His creation, followed The Father's Will and gave me to all creation. This He did from The Cross.
The Son, in giving me to creation, knew that this Gift was a sure and definite part of His Salvation for all of my children.
The Salvation of my Son, for creation, first of all was for His Mother, The Woman of Scripture, for I was without sin, by the Grace of God.
In giving me to The Father's children, He thus brought the divine vision to encompass me, The Immaculate Conception, in the framework of His creation.
In perceiving The Immaculate Conception as an intricate part of His creation - an inseparable part - so much more fuller was His Salvation for all.
This is why I am The Mother of all of God's Children, beginning with Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ..
... so that I may be one with them
... and with them, in The Mystical Body
... The Church.
This is why I shower the light of my Immaculate Conception upon all creation finding rest in my children everywhere ...
... but particularly in my tiny warrior
... who with me, so worships The Eternal-will of God.'
13-Aug-02. Expect great things to happen.
'Child. Little one. Beloved.
Believe that I love you.
Believe that I share all that I have with you ...
... myself
... body, soul, person.
Yes son, in Heaven, the children of The Father have no secrets and share all with one another ...
... yet retaining their own beings
... their particular personalities
... their own glories and beauties.
Heaven is a place of perfection where each person, in his body and soul, is raised to his particular throne prepared in Eternity for him.
Be at Peace, my son, for there is a sure and particular message here for you and for my children.
I 'speak' to you about Love ...
... about The Spirit of Love
... about The Era of Love.
Listen to my voice. Open you soul, your heart, your intellect, to my voice ...
... follow my call
... follow my calling.
Child of mine ...
... child of The Immaculate Conception
... expect great things to happen
... and to happen shortly and swiftly.
Be not concerned about organisation and buildings and protections and readiness ...
... all will be done in serenity
... in due process
... with every care and preparedness.
Come, son. Be not displeased ...

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