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... I merely desired to 'say' to you ...
... I love you!'
13-Sep-02. The new Adam and the new Eve will come forth in The Universal Church
'Son. Beloved.
Be not troubled that you appear to have lost enthusiasm in our communications.
This appearance is a false one, for the camel would undermine your devotion to The Woman of Scripture who has triumphed over him.
In these final days of the camel, he will do as much damage as possible not only to my children but to all peoples and to all things ...
...for hatred has respect for nothing.
Yet, his advanced insanity and hatred for God's creation and his heightened attack upon humanity will come back upon him - as it always has.
Although he appears to do greater and greater damage and to hold greater and greater power ...
... the reverse is the case.
You see, little son, I really have triumphed for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
The anger and hatred in his defeat means his final attacks will seem all the worst, but so much more complete will his defeat be.
Do not be concerned about this or about any temptation upon you. Expect these things ...
...but also expect to see, all the sooner
... the confirmation of my victory
... of our victory, yours and mine
... and of all of God's Children.
Br joyful that the end of the camel has come and men and women will once again be true carers of God's creation.
Once again will man be free of evil oppression, able to use all his facilities perfectly and totally ...
... for God
... for his neighbour.
The new Adam and the new Eve will come forth in The Universal Church, coming forward as the New Jerusalem for the light of the world.
The new heaven and the new earth will feature my Immaculate Conception in perceiving clearly The Real Presence and the Holy Spirit of Love and Harmony.
19-Sep-02In the light of my Immaculate Conception and of my Motherhood of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, I bring you to Him.
'Little son - beloved child.
Yes, it is good to pray always.
You do this by your consecration to my Immaculate Heart. I take every part of every second of every day of yours and, in the light of my Immaculate Conception and of my Motherhood of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, I bring you to Him.
Glowing with the perfections of all Angels, Saints and Holy Souls, who share their glories with you, I bring you before my Son, Saviour of all creation.
But it is also good to pray in words. In times of difficulty, such as temptation, you may find relief in praying with words.
Calling on me, by name, or on your Friends, is a means of relief for you from the cares which assail you.
Sufferings can be relieved by prayer.
When you are tempted to sin, to anger or impatience, pray, and if possible, be active even if only walking.
However, when you are joyful and happy, then too, you should pray.
When things go well, pray in your gratitude, for prayer is communication with The Creator.
What better way to pray then in the company of your heavenly Mother and Friends. In this way of praying you join your prayer to The Universal Church for we, in Heaven, Purgatory and Limbo, are part of The Communion of Saints.
God, The Just, The Merciful, hears all and every prayer of my children. He hears the prayer of each one with greater delight when that child joins his prayer to The Church.
The Delight of God is to observe that my children are fulfilling their existence in that they recognise, acknowledge and appreciate their Creator and the good things that He has created.
Often in your prayer, there is a need to pray aloud so that your words are heard by yourself and some relief is found.'
27-Sep-02. Love issues by the power of Truth
'Son. Beloved.
Love is, indeed, a beautiful song.
Yet, Love comes from Truth.
Love comes from Goodness ...
... for Love is The Spirit of God
... Who issues from The Father and from The Son.
Just as The Spirit issues from The Father and The Son, and as Love issues from Goodness and Truth ...
... so will The new Era of Love
... issues from The Era of The Father
... and the Era of The Son.
Thus it is that the new Era issues from Goodness and Truth, represented on earth as The Immaculate Conception and The Universal Church.
Yes, these Truths I have stated before, but need to be stated yet again ...
... as you seek to enter further into Truth
... to gain recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of The Eternal-spirit.
For this reason I, The Immaculate Conception, confirm ...
... that The Father exists
... through The Son
... by The Spirit.
I confirm that ...
... The Son exists

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