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... in The Father
... by The Spirit.
I confirm that ...
... The Spirit exists
... in The Father
... through The Son.
Thus it is in Eternity. Thus it is in creation.
Thus it is in The Church.
Thus it is in history and in time and in energy.
By this same reasoning we clearly realise that Love issues by the power of Truth.
I set out these Truths because, today, the world is trying to escape from Truth even as it would believe it is grasping Love. This is impossible.'
3-Oct-02 Look forward to this Era of The Spirit as it unravels its majesties and wonders and miracles
Little son. Be, in Peace.
Peace of heart - of soul - of person.
Peace of body.
The Era of Harmony is upon us where The Peace of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, will become a reality for the whole world.
The Peace of Christ that will merge as The Harmony of The Spirit ...
... where The Goodness of The Father will reign across the universe.
Such is the era into which the world has already entered.
Such is the era where The Eucharistic Presence of Christ will be the universal Blessing for all peoples ...
... The Wonder of the world
... The Wonder of all creation.
This Food from and of, Heaven, the envy of the Angels, available to every man, woman and child, will be realised for What It is ...
... by each person.
There will be no exceptions for this Truth will be undeniable and present to the mind of each.
So, it is rightfully called The Era of The Eucharist ...
... for The Spirit will complete The Work of The Son
... just as The Son fulfilled The Work of The Father
... for The Work of each divine Person is fulfilled and completed in, through or by the Others.
Such is eternity.
Such is creation ...
... for God is Master and Creator of all.
Look forward to this Era of The Spirit as it unravels its majesties and wonders and miracles ...
... as it regenerates the Garden of Eden.
Peace to you, little son, who thrives in my Immaculate Conception.'
14-Oct-02 This Peace will issue from The Eucharist of The Universal Church
'Son. Tiny beloved.
I speak, yet again, of Peace ...
... for Peace is so desperately need around the world.
But remember, the 'red dragon', in his full and final defeat, is making his final battle as fearful and destructive as possible. His final days on earth, not surprisingly, are filled with the greatest hatred and deception and with the worst possible attacks upon the souls of my children.
His final battle will be, as before, one that reaps total defeat - his greatest defeat ...
... for his influence in creation will be totally withdrawn and he will no longer know power outside his own place of death
... where he and his minions taste the living death, sharing the total hatred and reaping the fruits of deception and lies.
So remember, little son, Peace IS coming ...
... a Peace the world has never known before
... a paradise where mankind will regain its purity and power and dignity.
This Peace comes first to my children and then to all peoples, through them.
This Peace will issue from The Eucharist of The Universal Church...
... and will be the welcoming sign for The Era of The Spirit.
Look forward, son, to these times and ensure you persevere for Truth, at the side of The Woman of Scripture ...
... The Immaculate Conception
... for The Era of The Spirit issues
... from The Universal Church
... and from The Immaculate Conception.
As I have already explained, this is in accord with the Eternal-being ...
... where The Spirit issues from
... The Father and from The Son
... being The Love between Them.'
25-Oct-02 Knowledge and Truth will flood the earth - is flooding the  earth - and The Truth will set it free
'Little son ...
... of The Immaculate Conception:
... little champion of The Immaculate Conception.
Please, allow me to say - be, in Peace.
Let Peace fill you - soul, body, person.
Let Jesus Christ fill you - He is Peace.
I need you, little one, and I need you living in Peace.
Please remember we, you and I, have work to do, for the conflict with the camel remains to be concluded.
Great harm can still be done by him, even as he knows he is in defeat and his time is virtually over.
His final offences, as these are his last, will be more fierce then ever; but the more fierce, the shorter the time ...
... because inflicting harm and chaos upon the world only serves to wake up humanity from its trance and dreaming.

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