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Knowledge and Truth will flood the earth - is flooding the  earth - and The Truth will set it free ...
... for Jesus, The Christ, Saviour of the world, my adored Son, is Truth.
He is Truth and Wisdom ...
... and the father of lies
... is stunned by Truth.
For this very reason, over and above saving souls, I ensure that my special children walk in Truth.
They are protected by Truth ...
... for Truth vanquishes all evil.
The Cross is Jesus' Sign of Truth. His agony and crucifixion are signs of His Truth.
I, His Mother, whom He has made His Queen, am a sign of His Truth.
The Holy Spirit, Whose Era of Love and Harmony has begun, is The Sign of Truth ...
... and He will confirm my children in Truth.'
31-Oct-02.  Then well do you approach Him in the light of my Immaculate Conception
'Little son of mine - of The Eternal-father's.
Well do you cry out to The Father stating the Truth that you issue directly from Him ...
... in your very person
... and indirectly, from Him
... in your soul and body.
And truly do you state that you issue from The Father and in The Father ...
... and through The Son
... and for The Son
... and by The Holy Spirit.
Thus does our Creator operate, always.
All that God is and does, is carried out thus.
Well do you cry out to The Eternal-father, therefore ...
... through The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ
... and by the almighty Power of The Spirit of Love.
But, because you, as a creature, dare to address your Creator as son to father, as friend to friend ...
... then well do you approach Him
... in the light of my Immaculate Conception
... in the perfections of the Saints, Angels and Holy Souls.
Well do you approach The Creator, The Trinity, in the fear-of-The-Lord, for it is in great awe and great trepidation that a creature approaches his Creator ...
... for this is wisdom
... for this comes our of Truth
... for this issues from Love.
The creature must respect The Creator ...
... out of mere courtesy
... out of gratitude
... out of recognition.
Do not think to approach The Divine Persons as though you had this right of yourself ...
... out of your own worth
... out of your own goodness.
No, you approach The Three Persons out of Their Goodness and Truth and Love ...
... for God is The Source and The Giver ...
... and we are the receivers.'
7-Nov-02 Freewill is such a stupendous Gift that its use results in Heaven or in hell
''Son. Beloved little child of God.
What beauty and glory is given to each child of God, ...
... for each of my children
... are created for my adored Son, Jesus, The Christ.
The Eternal-father has brought forth for Jesus every one of my children.
By the Power of Love, The Father brings about issue from Himself ...
... children who will delight The Eternal-son.
So The Father gives great perfections to every child of mine and thus delighting His Son.
The Father raises children of glory and these children are given bodies and souls, placed in His creation with the supreme Gift of freewill.
Because the glory set aside for the children of The Immaculate Conception is so divine, these children must become, themselves, children of God ...
... sharing His Own Glory
... attaining eternal Life with Him
... exercising the very Powers of The Godhead.
Freewill, after all, is a God-like capability and by its exercise towards Goodness, Truth and Love ...
... the child of mine is able to be raised
... to share in the very Divinity
... of Jesus Christ.
Freewill is such a stupendous Gift that its use results in Heaven ...
... or in hell.
So that my children are enabled to gain this Share of Divinity, in my adored Son ...
... He Himself came upon earth
... taking a Body and Soul to Himself
... from my womb
... by The Love of The Spirit.
So important are my children to Jesus, Son of God, that He embraced The Cross ...
... suffered terribly
... and died.

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