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The Truth is The Way to accomplish this ...
... and Goodness is the impetus towards Truth
... while both Goodness and Truth bring forth Love-eternal.
So does God work.
Thus does He work in His Immaculate Conception which reflects The Goodness and Fatherhood of God and was created especially for Jesus, The Christ, by the overshadowing of The Holy Spirit.
Thus does He work in you, little one, and in all of my children.
To these great actions of God, in His Divinity, He adds The Infinite Merits of Christ, in His Humanity.
It is in this way that God shares His Divinity and in sharing our humanity, He raises us to the Heights of Heaven.
14-Dec-02  This is the New Pentecost and The Spirit's Work is already obvious, everywhere
'Son. Little one.
What do I have for you today?
I have my Immaculate Conception - this exquisite Gift to me from The Heavenly-father - and to you do I lay the greatest share, in this Era of Love ...
... The Era of The Spirit.
This is the New Pentecost and The Spirit's Work is already obvious, everywhere ...
... to my especial children
... of the Holy Rosary.
The supreme Vicar of Christ - Jesus, my adored Son - the great Pope John Paul II, has indicated the presence of The Era of Love ...
... in his urgent appeal to The Church
... to re-discover my prayer, The Rosary.
In this indication, which was a true response to The Spirit, the courage of our Pope is apparent ...
... as is his authority and power
... for he has written to a world of consumerism
... tainted by the modernist era
... and he has pointed the way to Peace.
The way to Peace is through The Mother who brought forth Peace ...
... who carried Peace in her virginal womb
... who succoured Peace at her breasts
... who is the first and supreme Apostle of Peace.
The Holy Rosary is an indication of devotion to The Mother and to her Immaculate Conception ...
... as an extra Grace associated with the
... contemplation of Jesus, The Peace.
The Church's contemplation of The Mother, of The Woman of Scripture, as She enters The Era of Peace, is a divine call, an urgent call ...
... to The Spirit of The Father
... to The Spirit of The Son.
Come Holy Spirit, come through The Bride of Christ - come through The Immaculate Conception.
Come New Jerusalem.'
3-Jan-03  Only in Jesus Christ can anyone attain the Glory of Heaven.
'Son of God, my son.
This sonship is a sure gift from God, from The Eternal-father and re-enlivened through His Eternal-son.
It is by The Spirit of Love that this sonship is resurrected, when it was as if dead through the sin of Adam and confirmed by every offspring of his.
It was only until my Immaculate Conception that the spiritual death of mankind continued, for in my conception, by the planning of God from the beginning, I was given being in a sinless state.
So, my Immaculate Conception, in turn, gave the predestined impulse to The Holy Trinity; the impulse of The Spirit Who overshadowed me, forming in my womb of a virgin, The Saviour of creation.
This Saviour is The Son, The Eternal-issue in The Godhead. Only in this Son can man regain the sonship of God.
For The Son, being God, was able to bridge the unbridgeable gap between sinful humanity and The Creator - He being also the Bridge.
Thus it is through Him and by Him and in Him that we are saved.
Even in my Immaculate Conception and whole sinlessness through life on earth, I was quite unable to bridge this gap of my own power or authority or right.
Only in my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, was I able to be assumed into the Glory of Heaven.
Even though I was the sole representative of mankind in God's dealings as regarding Christ's Birth and His Mother and the redemption of all, only Jesus Christ could overcome the unbridgeable gap caused by sin.
Only in Jesus Christ can anyone attain the Glory of Heaven.
Only in The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ can anyone attain the Glory of Heaven.
Bless you, little son.'
8-Jan-03.  As a brother to my Son, I lead you to intimacy with Him Who is Peace.
'My son. My dear son.
Always be, in Peace.
Yes, how many times have I 'said' this?
How necessary for you it is, to be in Peace!
How necessary for all of my children!
How necessary for the world!
I speak of the inner peace that comes from my adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
From this inner peace will come world peace.
Peace always comes first in the individual and then to the community.
Yet, how difficult to be in Peace with the many problems that beset every individual. How very difficult, indeed.
Yet, if you are holding my hand, the hand of The Mother, as you travel the roads of life, you are enabled to be, in Peace.
I lay upon my children my Immaculate Conception which is the perfect reflection of The Heavenly-father in His Goodness and His Fatherhood - for my conception reflects His Goodness and my Motherhood reflects His Fatherhood.

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