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As a brother to my Son, I lead you to intimacy with Him Who is Peace.
Embrace this intimacy with Jesus Christ for from Him flows every delight, every happiness, every glory, every power. From this intimacy comes Peace. Come before Him in His Tabernacle and just be with Him. There, on your knees, recognise Him.
Acknowledge Him.
Appreciate Him.
Although God, His Humanity urges Him to be in longing for my children's presence - that they remain aware of Him in the Tabernacle - aware of Him at every second of their day.
Do not lose any second which you may rightfully use to be with Him in His little Tabernacle space.'
Feel, in your heart, each of you, my gratitude
'Son. Tiny one of God.
Yes son, embrace this tininess before God, for this tininess is that which makes up the greatness of Heaven.
Greatness in the eyes of the world, leaves only tininess in Heaven - if that.
Embrace and delight in what you have got, for the future unfolds upon The Era of Love.
The future is unfolding in The Holy Spirit of Love and Harmony.
In embracing your littleness, you reach out for this new Era which you and I have assisted in bringing forth ...
... which all of those consecrated to my Immaculate Heart - and so to my Immaculate Conception - have assisted in the blossoming of The Third Era.
The littleness of my children around the world has an irresistible impulse upon The Divine-will and draws upon the earth the fullness of Peace and Truth and Goodness ...
... out of Which issues Love.
My children are the children of the Holy Rosary ...
... those who everyday say this miraculous prayer
... with those who would say it, if they had the opportunity.
These children are the same that frequent the area of the Tabernacle in which my adored Son awaits them.
These children can be found at Holy Mass, daily, and they are champions of our wonderful Pope, John Paul II.
My children, everywhere, I thank you. This 'thank-you' is real and true and comes from my Heart to yours - all of you.
Feel, in your heart, each of you, my gratitude.'
04-Feb-03   Now again, it is The Mother's time, just as it is The Church's time
'Child of God ...
... pray.
Pray more.
Pray in Peace.
Your Mother's time has arrived. The time of The Woman of Scripture is upon the world.
This time is like the time when Jesus came upon the earth. Then it was The Mother's time to bring The Prince of Peace into the world.
Now again, it is The Mother's time, just as it is The Church's time ...
... for The Mother and The Church introduce, to the world
... The Spirit of Love.
Of course, The Spirit comes 'through' the authority of Jesus Christ, my adored Son, Saviour of all creation. Of course, it is in The Eternal-will of The Heavenly-father, that The Spirit comes.
And of course, it is by His Own Power, that The Spirit comes.
It is God's infinite Wisdom that decrees that His Will, will be accomplished through the co-operation of mankind ...
... so that man's freewill remains totally intact
... for it is this freewill, so precious, that draws man to share Divinity.
So, the co-operation of my children is totally necessary to achieve God's Will,
... Who works through The Immaculate Conception ...
... Who works through The Church, The Mystical Body of Jesus, The Christ.
Yes, son, look forward to the announcement of my Triumph for Jesus ...
... our Triumph for Jesus, you and I
... and all of my children.
Until then, be in Peace and revel in your  littleness.'
06-Feb-03   Be at ease with your station in the world.
'Little one; O child of mine.
Be at ease with your station in the world.
Be, in Peace.
All is well with the Salvation of mankind.
My victory - that which opens the door to The Era of Love and Harmony - is achieved and The Eternal-father makes the announcement, even now.
Through The Universal Church, will this announcement come and events will then proceed with great haste and the world will find itself in Peace ...
... peaceful.
Clarity of spirit will suddenly fall upon mankind and peoples will look around the world with open eyes, amazed.
There will be a cleanness about the world for the father of lies will be absent.
Truth will prevail. Beauty will prevail. Love and Goodness will prevail.
And Truth will have set the world free, for Truth is God's Wisdom given to man ...
... for the sake of man's freewill
... so that he is able to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate
... The Godhead
... and God's creation.
The Truth is Jesus Christ, my adored Son and the Truth is in the custody of His Mystical Body on earth, The Church of John Paul II.
The Truth is also about God's great Gift to me and to creation ...
... my Immaculate Conception.
This Immaculate Conception is complete in my Motherhood of The Christ.

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