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Look forward to new times ...
... the new earth
... the new heavens
... The New Era of The Spirit.'
11-Feb-03     Even then, I was conscious of my children of the Holy Rosary
'Little child.
Yes, today The Church recalls my communications at Lourdes.
You know that, at Lourdes, I confirmed to the world my Immaculate Conception.
Even then, as I recalled to my most dear daughter, Bernadette, this singular Gift to me by which The Spirit was given impulse to overshadow me and place in my womb of a virgin, the Body and Blood of The Person of Jesus Christ, even then, I had in mind these days of The Woman of Scripture.
Even then, I viewed The Triumph for Jesus, of the Woman-clothed-with-the-sun.
Even then, I was conscious of my children of the Holy Rosary ...
... those consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.
I had them in my view, so to speak ...
... and I had you in view, too, tiny one.
Indeed, all these wonderful events in the great Plan of God and much, much more, were part of my consciousness.
Even then, therefore, I loved you, son of mine and I loved all of my children around the world ...
... all those who were to assist The Woman
... in her great victory over the red dragon.
Now that the red dragon is defeated and we await the proclamation of The Eternal-father ...
... when the horde of evil will be despatched to their place
... we await in joy and peace
... we await in bliss and gratitude
... we salute The Holy Trinity for giving to His little servants the power to defeat the ancient serpent
... we salute Michael, the great Archangel, who lead the battle forces to this victory
... we salute The Infinite Merits of Jesus, The Christ, Saviour of creation
... and we salute The Spirit of Love into Whose Era we have entered. Amen. Amen. Amen.'
20-Feb-03.   Try to be conscious of this Real Presence.
'Child of God.
Peace. Peace. Peace.
Do everything in Jesus, The Christ ...
... He is Peace.
Jesus comes, even now. He comes in The Holy Eucharist; He is here on earth in Catholic Tabernacles.
Soon, He will be observed there, by all.
Prepare yourself for this event.
Learn, now, how to approach Him in His Real Presence.
Try to be conscious of this Real Presence.
This consciousness will grow, first of all, in my children ...
... those consecrated to my Immaculate Heart
... to my Immaculate Conception.
My children will be first to realise that their bodies and minds and spirits are growing more and more aware that Jesus is present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.
He is there in an even greater way then when He trod the earth ...
... for there He is resurrected.
Approach His Presence with supernatural awe, conscious that there is Man ...
... there is God
... there is The Lamb of Suffering
... there is The Crucified
... there is The Saviour
... there is The Judge.
This awe comes from your greater and greater ability to recognise Him, to acknowledge Him, to appreciate Him.
This awe is to be tempered with the realisation that there also, is our Brother in the flesh and in the Spirit; there also, is our Friend.
This consciousness of The Real Presence, perfected in the flesh so to speak, will not be that perfect realisation gained forever in Heaven.'
27-Feb-03. For this reason have I impressed upon your very person a great love for Truth
'Son. Little son of Heaven.
Yes, all Heaven 'look' to my children on earth in this final stage of the conflict, which we have won ...
... we, The Woman and her children, those who bear The Truth concerning Jesus.
The Eternal-father has required that my children consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart and in the declaration of our Triumph for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, The Father will confirm my Immaculate Conception.
His declaration will be perceived by all peoples everywhere and at that moment The Era of Love and Harmony will have been confirmed.
You may look forward to this declaration, son of Heaven. You need not fear any disappointment.
Indeed, your joy will be complete.
Your 'Queen of Delight' will be satisfied that she brings so much delight to her tiny son ...
... and to all of my children
... so numerous around the world
... so engrossed in their hope of the great victory.
What joy for the world when the absolute truth of God and His Doctrine are found thus - absolute!
The Truth that is Christ, The Son of God, is this Truth that every person must realise; will realise. The Truth will set the world free.
For this reason have I impressed upon your very person a great love for Truth ...
... unchanging Truth
... Divine-truth

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