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Your eyes are blinded - your senses are defective - your mind is defiled by the camel and his evil horde - your soul is not perfected
your very person is affected and discoloured, so to speak, by your body and soul.
This is why I continue to urge you to persevere along the path I lead you.
I see the path most clearly, even as you move along it as would a blind man led by his friend.
Even in your blindness, you are aware that I am the one who leads you
I, The Immaculate Conception.
You are aware that I know the path we tread together and that its end is The very Will of The Eternal-father
just as is the path itself, His very Will.
I lead to The Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son
but again, the path is also His Sacred Heart.
This path is lighted by The Spirit of Light and leads to Divine Light.
Yes, The Spirit is coming - He has come.
It is only The Father's Will that allows the camel to remain, in his total defeat - for souls, for Jesus.'
29-May-03  Yes, this privilege in suffering is a gift in so far as you are able to join your suffering to Christ's
'Son. Beloved. My little friend. My tiny warrior.
Yes, I call you 'tiny' as my warrior, but I do expect great things from you.
Your tininess leads to great things. Your posture towards The Eternal-father pleases Him and He holds His Hand out to you in blessing.
Be not afraid of achieving great things as though you would have to suffer all the more in their achievement.
The suffering our God lays upon you is what you are capable of handling and suited to your personality.
So too, with every person.
The suffering of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, makes up for all suffering upon mankind. The Father however, allows your personal suffering - to join with Christ's - only as a special privilege to you
as you gain greater and greater eternal reward
as you delight Jesus more and more
as you assist in saving more and more souls for Him.
Yes, this privilege in suffering is a gift in so far as you are able to join your suffering to Christ's
and actually cause His Suffering to achieve a more perfect salvation for all creation.
Your fear of suffering is a suffering in itself and to conquer this fear and continue along the road I lead you, is a further cause for joy
being a Grace from God.
You must always be conscious of my presence at your side. It is not only in your mind that I am present beside you, but in actual fact.
I perceive you close to me - you are close to me - and my Immaculate Conception covers you
so close am I to you.
Indeed, little beloved, we are more then close
we are united
in Christ
in Goodness, Truth and Love
and in suffering.

Come with your Mother beneath The Cross of her adored Son and witness His Infinite-suffering and the suffering of The Mother, The Woman of Scripture.'
11-Jun-03  Creation is a gift to The Son from The Father by His Love
'Son of God. My son.
Son of God, in Jesus The Christ, my adored Son, Saviour of all creation
He for Whom only, were we created
you and I, and all creation.
Creation is a gift to The Son from The Father by His Love
by The Love between Them.
Yes, creation was brought forth for Jesus Christ, Son of Man.
But the camel, the father of deception, of death and of hatred, would snatch away this gift to Jesus, by bringing forth evil into God's pure creation.
The camel brought forth evil in himself and in Adam and Eve and obstructed God's Will for creation
for man
for the Angels.
This evil was disobedience to God - defiance by a creature to The Creator
his own creator!
The camel chose this evil
whereas our first parents were led and deceived into embracing  disobedience and defiance.
In this way the camel came to have tremendous influence (?) (
word missing) in creation and over mankind
even to interfering with the thoughts of man
in obtaining the capability of injecting ideas and images into the minds of man
even to darkening the spirit and the intellect of man.
Thus The Truth about Jesus finds difficulty in being accepted by man
the Truth about my Immaculate Conception finds the path to belief a most difficult one.
This sad situation for man nears its end as The new Era of Love pours out upon the world and its people.
Yes, I remind you, little son, that you are in this new Era of Harmony, in spite of the strife that appears around the world.
Have faith in what I 'say' - be patient - persevere.
Be, in Peace.'
26-Jun-03.  In this they did not acknowledge Truth which was given them.
'Son. Little child.
God is Love - God is our God.
There is only one God, one Creator
there is only One.
The Three Persons make up The One.
From The One all things issue
all things good.
He did not, however, create evil even if evil came out of His creation.

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