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It was in His Goodness that He gave us our persons, the reality of each of us which issues directly in His Goodness
The Goodness of The Father
The Goodness that is The Father.
Even though evil sprang from His issue - from His creatures - and even though these creatures issued directly from Him, the evil did not issue from Him.
In spite of His Goodness in sharing existence, His creatures betrayed His gifts as though they were not gifts
as though they possess their existence of themselves.
In this they did not acknowledge Truth which was given them.
In this they forfeited Love which also was given them.
I who received the greatest gifts from God - my Immaculate Conception and my Motherhood of Jesus, The Christ, Saviour of the world - recognised, acknowledged and appreciated all that God gave me
shared with me.
In this I realised His Greatness in His Love, and I adored The Truth that came to me as a Person
The Person of The Son.
In this way I realised great humility, for The Truth brings humility
as we see in the humility of Jesus, Who is Truth.'
3-Jul-03  Never will I desert you!
'Little son.
Be, in Peace.
Yet again, may I remind you ...
... I will never desert you.
Never will I desert you!
I did not desert my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, for Whom we were created - for Whom I was created - even when others deserted Him; even though it was dangerous to acknowledge Him ...
... especially during His Passion and Death.
At His Cross I remained, for I must be constant in the great gifts given me, particularly my Immaculate Conception.
Under intense pressure I stayed beside Him from His Birth to His Death ...
... and forever.
From Heaven, where I reside on the throne set up for me by our God, in, through and by Jesus' Infinite Merits, I have great authority in His Name.
With this authority and while on this wondrous throne, do you not think that I would continue to be constant with my other sons?
You are a son of mine - an especial son - and I have much work for you to complete, with me.
Will I then fail to be constant in my support for you, son of mine?
The Eternal-father looks upon my children with  great favour, not to your exclusion, and He would have me fulfil my mother's role for each.
My divine Son gave His Life for my children so that they may be One in Him ...
... The Holy Spirit works to bring the children of The Woman to eternal-joy ...
... should I then, ensure that I am constant in my mother's care and attention to each?
Of course you understand these things, yet I must remind you, in your sorry existence - all but overcome by the camel and the crosses he lays upon my children.
You are my little warrior struggling in the world ...
... be constant as your Mother is
... be ready and strong in accord with God's gifts to you.'
10-Jul-03. This capacity is greatest among the obedient but especially upon the humble ones, the little ones
'Little son. Beloved son - beloved.
It is so easy for me to express my love for you, for this love is really The Love of God Who allows me to share with you ...
... and with all of my children.
This Love of God, The Holy Spirit Himself, is available to all of God's children ...
... and indeed, showers upon all creation
... upon all creatures.
The Love of God fills all those who seek The Goodness of God and His Eternal-truth.
This Spirit of Love shares Himself to my children to the  capacity of each ...
... the capacity of Goodness
... the capacity of Wisdom and Truth.
This capacity is greater in those who follow the Ten Commandments of God, written upon the heart of each and everyone.
This capacity is greatest among the obedient but especially upon the humble ones, the little ones ...
... those who look to The Eternal-father
... through The Merits of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ
... by the almighty influence of The Spirit.
So, I come to you and my children, teaching them the privileges and the treasures found in the humble obedience of my little children.
Upon these privileged children of God, I lay my Immaculate Conception ...
... upon them the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls share their perfections
... for sharing is the Work of God and the work of His children.
Share what you have.
Share what you are.
Share The Truth I give you ...
... The Truth of The Universal Church
... The Truth that Jesus brought from Heaven.
Share the knowledge of The Spirit's coming; of His Era of Love that spreads surely across the earth ...
... already flourishing in my children
... already observed in my loved Vicar of Christ and His Bishops and Priests
... already written in the words of the Vatican Council.'
22-Jul-03 The Third Person of The Blessed Trinity will take up residence, so to speak,  in creation
'Little son. Beloved. My tiny warrior.
Love is what I would consider today.
Love. For The Love of God comes upon the world ...
... upon creation.
The Spirit of Love is coming and The Third Person of The Blessed Trinity will take up residence, so to speak,  in creation.
He will reside always in creation, leaving no room for the camel or the camel's evil horde.
The Spirit of Love will blossom in every heart of my children ...
... beginning with my children of the Rosary.

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