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In some He will not blossom, even though He is recognised by all.
Some will not acknowledge or appreciate God's Love in creation ...
... and rebel
... refusing His Presence
... just as people refuse The Presence of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Eucharist.
The Spirit of Love will be found in this Eucharist ...
... It will radiate from this Eucharist.
The Real Presence of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, will be the avenue by means of which The Love of God issues upon creation.
This issue will be my Triumph for Jesus ...
... The Triumph of The Immaculate Conception.
Even though this Triumph is achieved by The Woman and her children ...
... it is achieved through The Infinite Merits of Christ.
Thus The Eternal-will of The Heavenly Father is preserved intact and His Will is carried out and fulfilled by The Woman of Scripture and her children.
The children of The Woman do their part, great and small, according to divine Order and as specifically allotted to each.
My tiny son has his part and this part, for the moment, is found in his perseverance and patience.
This is so little to ask of him.
Be, in Peace.'
30-Jul-03. But ignorance only comes back upon these evil men
'Son. Tiny, tiny warrior of The Immaculate Conception.
I am she who shines this light upon you, the light of my Immaculate Conception, given me by The Eternal-father , for Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son ...
... by The Love, The Spirit of Love.
Be happy with your tinniness, son ...
... with your lowliness and hiddenness.
Embrace The Peace of your lowly state while you are able.
It is I, with your approval, who organises your life for you ...
... guides you along the road of humility
... the road of prayer and consecration
... the road of little crosses.
Remember that The Eternal-father has everything under control and His Will is showering up[on the world.
Yes, His Will is disregarded, it would seem, by the whole world ...
... but not so.
Many in power would bring the world to total defiance of our God, but not so, in reality. These men of evil use ignorance to gain their way with many ...
... but ignorance only comes back upon these evil men.
In ignorance, a person can not defy God ...
... only in knowledge of what he does, does a man defy God.
Those in ignorance call upon God's mercy by their very existence and God hears their plea.
This in turn, frustrates the men of evil who must work in deception and hatred - that is their chosen state.
But, bear up to this evil face that the world seems to take, for The Truth spreads across the world ...
... for The Love of God already showers upon creation
... for my Triumph for Jesus is accomplished.
The Eternal-father shapes the world and its peoples, preparing it for His proclamation of my Triumph.
He shapes and prepares His Universal Church in readiness for the splendour that already begins to blossom in Her.
Yes, tiny son, enjoy Peace in your littleness, for all is well.'
27-Aug-03. And truth obliges recognition of our littleness
'Child of God - my tiny child.
Be grateful that you are truly a child before God, for a child may approach all and any in its innocence and in its ignorance of things.
Thus can you approach The Eternal-father, even in your lowliness and sinfulness.
It is your tininess, in your child-like attitude, that entices The Father to look to you and listen to you and grant what you ask ...
... in due course
... as He arranges.
Be thankful that God's Salvation works in children and the lowly and ignorance...
... not ignorance of basic truths
... that God exists
... that God is loving and full of wisdom
... but ignorance in that all are virtually without comprehension before Him Who is The Source of all knowledge.
God sees the incentive and the intention of His little children and knows that sin has crippled His sons and daughters; that their minds and bodies are not in full control.
So God is merciful to His children.
But alas for those who claim adulthood and abuse His little children, not reaching for Paradise themselves and stopping others, also.
Woe to those.
I am God's tiniest child, even though sin did not deplete my soul or body. In spite of God's Gifts to me, in spite of my Immaculate Conception and divine Motherhood, He also allowed me innocence and lowliness ...
... which I embraced whole-heartedly
... knowing full well the glory and supremacy of God
... and my own creature-hood
... for wisdom ensures humility
... and truth obliges recognition of our littleness.
So we, you and I together, thank our God that we do recognise, acknowledge and appreciate the greatness of God.'
4-Sep-03 This consecration which brings my children into the full exposure of my Immaculate Conception
'Little, little son.
You begin to observe the wonder of suffering and prayer.
Together, suffering and prayer move mountains.
God is certainly most attentive to prayer carried out in suffering. The prayer reaches the highest Heaven.
This praying in suffering is greatly enhanced if the one who prays has also had the divine habit of praying when in delight.
How wonderful to pray at all times!
How great is the treasure of him who prays continuously, every moment of his day.

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