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He lays a strong foundation for his spiritual life and the spiritual life of all those who follow in his train ...
... and that might be a countless number.
But he who prays when all is well makes his prayer, when suffering comes upon him, so very, very powerful.
You are not able to imagine this 'power' of which I 'speak'. No. To understand the total power of prayer is so difficult as to be possible only in Heaven.
Thus your faith is so important when you pray. Your perseverance, when all seems impossible, is most necessary ...
... most necessary.
So I confirm the joy and delight of those who consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart, for this consecration, effective from one moment to another, makes them people of God in continuous prayer.
This consecration which brings my children into the full exposure of my Immaculate Conception, is the  reason I have given you that prayer ...
... of The Signs of The Cross.
This prayer typifies a continuous consecration to a share in the divine Life of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ, and points to a life of continuous prayer.
A life full of prayer.
That is to say, a life of continuous communication with our God ...
... Whose every attribute is so adorable.'
10-Sep-03. Love issues from Goodness and Wisdom
'Little son. Little issue.
Yes, you issue from The Eternal-father in your very person to whom was given a body and soul, but I your Mother, have raised you from your earliest age, teaching and guiding you; comforting and assisting you.
I have shaped you and moulded you and so ...
... you issue from me, too.
Does not a son issue from his Mother?
Does not the little warrior, in his love for her, issue from his Queen?
Does not the little follower of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son, issue from The Woman of Scripture?
Does not the son, consecrated to The Immaculate Conception, issue from her?
Of course, he does.
Just so, in like manner, you issue from the Saints, Angels and Holy Souls, especially those patrons given you by God, for they too, guide, assist and comfort you.
This is a fulfilment of God's plan of Salvation which is based on His command ...
... the command to share.
God Himself gives example to us, for He shares Himself with His Children and He commands us also, to share ourselves and what we have.
This is The Commandment of Love.
Share with God, His very Own Love ...
... and in God, share His Love with your neighbours.
But God also shares His Goodness and Wisdom, attributes of The Father and The Son.
Yet, The Spirit, Who is Love, issues from Father and Son; therefore we understand that ...
... Love issues from Goodness and Wisdom.
How important then, is Wisdom and Truth?
This is why our wonderful Pope requires that Truth be preserved totally, in all efforts of unity among Christians and all religions.
Cling to Truth my son. Share Truth - reach out for Truth ...
... for Truth is Jesus Himself.'
18-Sep-03 In the blessing of my own littleness before my Creator, I bless you in your littleness
'Little son of mine.
How little are my children!
How wonderful is their littleness ...
... for it is through their littleness
... that our Triumph for Jesus is accomplished.
Cling to your littleness son, for littleness is the avenue through which The Eternal-will always works ...
... littleness of soul
... littleness of self
... devoid of pride
... relying on God
... and His Servants.
Yes, embrace your littleness for this gift from God is of extraordinary importance for the sake of our victory. Littleness is like the sculptor's putty which he shapes and moulds and forms magnificent things that impress the world and shape fortunes of nations.
God is The Sculptor and we are his putty.
God desires to mould us into His own children ...
... children who are capable of becoming One
... in His Eternal-son, Jesus, The Christ, Saviour of all creation
... and so, to share His Divinity.
Be patient in your littleness.
Be trustful and confident in God's Will ...
... and so, in my actions and hopes for you
... for I am God's Servant
... His first Servant
... His Immaculate Conception.
In the blessing of my own littleness before my Creator, I bless you in your littleness ...
... I bless all of my children around the world
... including those who do not even know their Mother
... but especially those in The Universal Church
... most especially those who hold in their hands, my Rosary.
It is these latter children that the burden is laid upon; the burden of the final conflicts ...
... that are completing the war of good and evil in this time of the devil
... the camel.
Persevere, son. Please persevere.
In trust - in Peace.'
24-Sep-03 Your prayers, in humility and in suffering, reach the highest Heaven.
'Little son.

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