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Your prayers will never be ignored or lost in the ocean of prayers that pour forth from my children around the world.
Your prayers, in humility and in suffering, reach the highest Heaven.
Do not relent in your prayer-life.
Let your whole life be a prayer so that your conscious prayers becomes bonuses and give greater and greater emphasis on your pleas and demands.
How can your prayers be not answered if you pray for God's Will?
How can your prayers fail if they are directed to the saving of souls?
How can God not answer your prayers when you plead for the Triumph of The Universal Church ...
... the Triumph of your Mother and Queen
Yes, little son, be most assured that your prayers are heard ...
... are being answered.
Do not fret that you seldom perceive the results of your prayers.
Trust The Eternal-father. Keep your spiritual eyes always on Him like a faithful son who perfectly loves his father and king.
Do not let up in your prayers - be strong and enduring in your prayer-life - persevere in spite of the darkness you perceive around and the evil pressure that hangs upon your soul.
Your prayers pierce this darkness and this evil and ascend like lightening directly to The Eternal-father ...
... through The Infinite Merits of my adored Son,. Jesus The Christ
... by the Power of The Spirit of Love
... covered by my Immaculate Conception
... joined to those of the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls.
Feel your way through the darkness, step by step, holding my hand, like a little child, blinded, said-by-side with its Mother.'
2-Oct-03. I lead you and yours to a sanctuary where sin no longer holds sway
'Little son of God.
Recall always, the mercy of God. God is merciful to His creatures because He became a creature.
It is ONLY through Jesus The Christ, Saviour of all creation, that God is merciful.
Why would He be merciful otherwise? No Saviour - no salvation!
While I remind you to recall God's mercy when you ponder on your own sinfulness, I do so not to have you forgive yourself - let God do that - but to ensure you do not lose hope.
Recall the mercy of God so that your judgment of yourself is not too harsh.
The Sacraments of The Universal Church are of dire necessity for my children of The Rosary, not excepting Confession.
You must frequent Confession, little son.
In your examination of sin, of mortal sin, you will become aware of the frailty of human nature, including your own. Note this truth but do not lose hope.
Indeed, you should enkindle a renewed hope, a greater hope, in yourself as you glean the facts of sin and the sinner ...
... for you will be recalled often, to The Cross
... to The Carrier of The Cross
... to my own agonies
... and to the agonies of all The Saints.
Do not forget that, upon you I lay my Immaculate Conception, for I lead you away from sin - far away.
I lead you and yours away from sin.
I lead you and yours to a sanctuary where sin no longer holds sway ...
... where sin is unknown
... where Goodness resides
... where Wisdom prevails
... where Love invigorates.
This sanctuary has been prepared for you and yours and for a great many of my children ...
... and links to other sanctuaries around the world.'
10-Oct-03 We see here that God's action in creation and in His Universal Church is of simplicity
'Little son. Child of The Eternal-father.
It is a good thing to be aware that you issue directly from Our Father, for so He is called 'Father'; for we issue from Him in our individual person as I have previously taught you.
It is your very person that issues from The Father and, because The Holy Trinity always works as One, this issue is carried out through The Eternal-son and by The Holy Spirit.
This issue occurs for the sake of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
So it is that we are created for Jesus - only for Him.
That He gives Himself to all of us, makes us sharers of Hid Divinity and, being One in Him ...
... we become united as a family
... and so we are then created for one another.
So the great commandment ...
... love God with your whole being; adore Him
... and in this Love, love one another as Jesus has loved you.
We see here that God's action in creation and in His Universal Church is of simplicity ...
... even as you have great difficulty in understanding; of comprehending.
God's Simplicity is unending and in this we have difficulty. We perceive the treachery in ourselves and become astonished at the pure loyalty of The Trinity. We see our own failing love and are incredulous at the Love of God ...
... that He should die for us sinners (yes, I say 'us' for I am your Mother - I am the Mother of sinners)
... that He should suffer every indignity; yet remaining our God.
God created us. He did so because it is good, for God does everything that is good.
He created His Own Mother, giving her His Immaculate Conception and this part of His Goodness has never been tarnished ...
... thanks be to my adored Son, my Saviour and Lord.
Only through His Infinite Merits was I conceived immaculate and retained this perfection throughout my life, and forever.'
15-Oct-03 Yes, some of my little children are outside the physical boundaries of The Church
'Come little son of God, remember God loves a cheerful giver.
Be, in Peace.
Be, in Peace for the Peace that comes upon the world comes through The Universal Church; comes through my little children.
Yes, some of my little children are outside the physical boundaries of The Church, but they remain my children and they, too, contribute to this Peace of Jesus The Christ, my adored Son.
The Holy Spirit brings this Peace - He brings Harmony, The very Harmony of God.
Trust in your Mother, son. Trust in The Immaculate Conception.
Yes, you might well be concerned if you placed your trust in yourself but, placing your trust in The Woman of Scripture,

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