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means you may walk the earth in Peace.
You are unable to some extent, to do this perfectly for your sinfulness makes you weak and even foolish.
You may gauge your trust in me by the measurement of your lack of Peace ...
... the more you are concerned and worried the less you trust your Mother in Heaven
... and so also, for your trust in God and His Christ.
Do all you are able. Pray all you can ...
... and be, in Peace.
Trust The Eternal-will of our Father in Heaven and remember we, you and I - and all of my children - have won over the 'red dragon'.
Yes, his time has definitely come.
While the serpent remains however, he is pleased to see my children worried and concerned for he knows that he may exploit this weakness ...
... and he will not lessen his evil activity at all, even to his final, bitter second on earth.
Indeed, he will do all that is possible to gain another soul for his kingdom of hatred, deception and death.'
16-Oct-03.  The Cross was for Jesus - not for you.
'My tiny son, beloved of Heaven.
Yes, you may be sinful but Heaven sees the whole picture - knows the whole story.
You may fail but you do so under threatening circumstances and during a period of great difficulty. You may be weak but your many little crosses weigh heavily on your shoulders which lack strength such as my adored Son had when He carried The Cross.
So, even as you might fail and stumble, your spiritual eyes remain on The Eternal-father ...
... and you clasp tightly the supporting hand of your Mother
... The Immaculate Conception.
Yes, you are accountable for these failings and between us, you and I and all of our Friends, we will ensure that God's Will will always be the star that you follow ...
... the Way of Christ
... the Truth of Christ
... the Life of Christ.
Persevere in prayer and penance building, at the same time, you capacity for Peace ...
... for whatever is your capacity
... Jesus will fill to the brim
... and overflowing.
Perfection for almost all of my children remains to be achieved after death. However, you should strive for perfection from one moment to the next.
So I often request you - persevere; be, in Peace.
Trust in God's almighty Will.
You do realise that His Will will be achieved in every way, at every moment.
You pray for His Will even as you tremble in awe before It, knowing His Will for my adored Son ...
... The Cross.
The Cross was for Jesus - not for you.
Your capacity to carry crosses lies in another direction and there lie the crosses God needs you to carry ...
... for He will ever respect your free-will
... not so much as to decide which cross to carry or not (for everyone has his crosses)
... but to decide how you will carry them
... with love and gratitude or with anger and selfishness.'
22-Oct-03.  The Church comes forth from the twentieth century renewed, refreshed
'Little son. My son.
Be, in Peace.
Yes, I love to speak of Peace ...
... for Peace is Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son
... and Peace will transform the world
... soon.
Look to the future with hope and excitement for great and wonderful things are in store for my children around the world, not excluding my little son of my Immaculate Conception.
Yes my children, now marginalised everywhere; now suffering under their many crosses - for it is they that bear The Cross of The Church - will be astonished in their delight and joy ...
... and Peace.
Not so for the enemies of my children, those who hate them and would murder them all. These are the children of the camel and their future looms as disastrous as hell beckons them ever more demandingly each day.
The day that the camel is removed from the earth is close and God knows that particular date. Yet we perceive its closeness as our Creator shares His designs with His heavenly family.
Already it may be said, that day is here, for my Triumph for Jesus is already a fact - The Triumph for Jesus of my children, especially those children in The Universal Church of John Paul.
In their hearts my children know this truth, as the new century opens up and the old one closes.
The old century where the greatest evils, in the greatest number ever laid upon peoples of earth, is a matter of history and Christ's Church, His Bride, has survived and even flourished amidst a multitude of true martyrs and other saints.
The Church comes forth from the twentieth century renewed, refreshed - one might say 'born again'.
This renewal will blossom - is flourishing already - and the new Church will become the light for the world ...
... and this light is even now, alight in my children.'
30-Oct-03. -
Therefore the design of God revolves around these abilities of man - to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate.
'Little son. Son of God. Son of man.
Yes, Jesus is Son of God and Son of Man but you too, in imitation, are the same.
Jesus is The Son of God and you are a son of God, but your sonship is fully valid and so designed by God.
Your sonship is therefore a permanent one ...
... an eternal one.
As a son you are meant to share the Possessions of The Eternal-father ...
... His Goodness and Eternal-purity
... while remaining yourself, as an entity.
Because you are One in Jesus The Christ, my adored Son, you therefore also possess His Divinity ...
... Eternal-wisdom.
In possessing Goodness and Wisdom, you have the access to Eternal-love ...
... The Holy Spirit, Who issues from The Father and The Son.
This is the destiny for my children ...

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