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... SHARING The Godhead.
This is the design of God for He has no limits to His Generosity. He not only shares creation with us and the innumerable gifts bestowed upon us ...
... He would share even, His Divinity.
God would do nothing less.
Thus we, His creatures, are blest with our own entities and our own will to do as we will.
You understand that for a creature to share Godliness that creature must be AWARE of what he does and Who he deals with; that creature must be formed in his capacity to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate God's creation and The Creator, Himself.
Thus the saying 'you do not feed pears to pigs'.
Therefore the design of God revolves around these abilities of man - to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate.
Without these no one enters Heaven, and these ...
... are the reason for the Ten Commandments
... and for the teachings of The Universal Church
... and the reason for Jesus to bring Truth to the world.
A great Truth that He brings and which is so necessary for the world today, is this:- The Immaculate Conception of mine.'
4-Nov-03. -
Move through life in a cloud of Peace
'Son. Be, in Peace.
Let your attitude and personality be based on Peace; on Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son.
Move through life in a cloud of Peace ...
... where Peace shines in your behaviour
... in your actions
... in your life.
Yes, if you would influence those tainted with modernism, then proceed in all that you do ...
.... in Peace.
Peace will flow out of you and be absorbed by all who witness this Peace in your moment to moment actions. Even when a righteous anger should be forced upon you by the disobedience of the modernist people claiming to be Catholic, even then, this Peace of Christ will not be disturbed.
No, not at all.
For the Peace of Christ is a permanent foundation of all people who embrace It.
You have long embraced It but your embrace becomes loose from time to time.
I want you to take Jesus to your Heart and ensure this Peace is reflected in all that you do ...
... even in all that you contemplate.
I enwrap you in my Immaculate Conception .. (Interrupted).
12-Nov-03. -
While you do not have everything under control this does not mean that The Eternal-father is in the same position.
'Son. Most tiny one.
Try to embrace your crosses - and do so with your eyes fixed on The Eternal-father ...
... Who would raise you to the highest Heaven.
Fret over nothing. This is my request to you.
Be, in Peace.
All will eventuate as I have detailed to you ...
... yes, even those things you have forgotten.
Be at ease with all occurrences around you. Do not let The Peace of my adored Son, Jesus The Christ be snatched away from you by the camel.
His time has expired and so any final evil he can plant amongst my children will lessen his total failure ...
... he would think.
But his failure is complete and this additional time he has on earth will not lesson this defeat - it will all the more complete it.
Be patient therefore, and remember God has everything under control.
While you do not have everything under control this does not mean that The Eternal-father is in the same position.
The Holy Spirit is coming and as He comes evil is forced out ...
... everywhere
... beginning in the souls of my children of The Rosary
... beginning with my tiny son and beloved.
I desire that you walk upon the earth in calmness, conscious that my Immaculate Conception covers you like a great light.
This light can be seen by all Heaven ...
... and when the eyes of man are opened
... with the expulsion of the camel
... these same eyes will perceive my brilliant light
... so strong as to seem that I am clothed with the sun.
I share this light with you son, and with all of my children everywhere.
This light is even now, becoming perceivable.
Walk, during your day therefore, with supreme confidence in Jesus' Infinite Merits, for His Triumph is exploding upon the world.
Be sure of this.'
19-Nov-03 -
Did you expect a sudden, instant miracle of Peace?
'Son. Little one.
At ease - in Peace - let your soul be thus.
Are you not living in luxury, virtually?
Do not all things go well with you?
Really, are not the things that trouble you so greatly, mere trifles?
Continue a life of prayer. Be prayerful at every moment. Let Peace radiate from you for all to see.
This Peace - that is, Jesus Himself; my adored Son - is to radiate from my children, everywhere, for this is how Peace is to come upon earth.
Did you expect a sudden, instant miracle of Peace?
This too will happen, but the very foundation of this miracle will be laid by my children of The Holy Rosary.
They already have this Peace and it is for them to share this Peace.
There is no need to make great efforts or to display great things - just be in Peace.
Let Peace saturate you and overflow - those who see you will stop and wonder not realising, often enough, that what astounds them is The Peace of Christ that radiates to them.
Be aware that this Peace is most powerful when the avenue It uses is my Immaculate Conception.
Walk upon the earth bathed in this divine light that God lavishes upon me and my adored Son will use its brilliance as the

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